How to Become a Middle School Teacher

When you become a middle school teacher your task will be to look after the educational needs of students between the schooling years of 5 and 9.

During middle school, students will develop their literacy and math skills while being introduced to new topics like history and geography.

Middle school is also an important time for social development.

The role of a middle school teacher can be challenging.

One part of your job is to help students achieve academic success, but there are many other aspects that you must focus on.

For instance, keep in contact with parents, attend staff meetings, plan curriculums, and even discipline students when required.

Ultimately, making a difference in the lives of your students can be very rewarding.

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If you are passionate about a school-taught subject, and think you would enjoy working with children in the education sector, then you might like to become a middle school teacher.

Education Requirements to Become a Middle School Teacher

If you have decided that becoming a middle school teacher is the career you would like to pursue, then you will need a four year bachelors degree from college.

When you first start out, complete you major in the subject you wish to teach at middle school.

It could be English or math, for example.

When you reach sophomore year, you will be able to take elective subjects in education.

You will also complete professional experience which you will require for your accreditation.

In every state, the requirements to work as a middle school teacher in a public school are different.

Usually it is a requirement to enroll in a four year accredited course including, supervised professional practice, and exams in basic numeracy and literacy.

If you already have a degree in the subject area you wish to teach, but without the education portion of your college degree, you can still become a middle school teacher.

In many states there are bridging programs, which allow you to complete teaching methodology subjects and work experience as a teacher so you can become licensed.

It usually takes about a year to complete these courses.

Middle School Teacher Job Description

When you become a middle school teacher you can expect to divide you time between teaching classes, grading papers, completing administrative work, and attending faculty meetings.

You may also need to spend some time developing new curriculum.

Some of the tasks of a middle school teacher include:

  • Planning lessons in advance
  • Taking classes
  • Working with students
  • Marking and report writing
  • Enforcing discipline where required
  • Staff meetings

Middle School Teacher Salary and Career Path

When you have a few years of experience as a middle school teacher you could expect to earn close to the median salary of between $47,000 and $51,000 a year.

New teachers in the public school system usually start out their careers around $35,000 to $40,000 per year depending on location.

The top 10% of earners make $75,000 and over per year.

This kind of salary would be awarded to someone who had a lot of responsibility in their role, for instance a school’s principal.

As you progress as a teacher, you might move on to specialized roles.

Many middle school teachers work with special education students, are leading teachers, or become a head of school.

There are many options for career development when you become a middle school teacher.

Some other jobs that are similar to that of middle school teacher might interest you:

  • Elementary teacher
  • High School Teacher
  • Kindergarten Teacher
  • College Professor
  • Librarian

When you become a middle school teacher, you will have the opportunity to work in a challenging and stimulating environment that will always leave room for personal and professional development.

If you’re looking for a place where you’re able to make a real difference in the lives of children, and like helping kids achieve their full potential, then you should become a middle school teacher.

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