How Much Does an MFA in Graphic Design Cost?

Graphic design has become one of the most popular careers in the last few decades.

With the Internet and social media platforms’ continuous evolution, there is a high demand for these professionals.

There are now numerous postgraduate degrees that focus on updating knowledge and practices in this field, as well as allowing graphic designers to specialize in a specific area of their interest.

In the next sections, we’ll discuss some of the basic information about one of these postgraduate degrees, an MFA in Graphic Design, and how much it can cost.

What is an MFA?

An MFA is an acronym that means Master of Fine Arts.

This type of degree is only awarded in the Creative Arts field, as opposed to an MA, or Master of Arts, which usually covers a large variety of disciplines.

Since MFAs are centered in the Creative Arts, these degrees are typically more practical and collaborative than an MA.

MFAs are what is called a terminal degree because it tends to be the highest level of specialization you can achieve in the Creative Arts.

However, in Graphic Design you can obtain a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) degree, which in this case, would be the highest in this area.

Professionals who want to pursue a career in academia, are usually the ones that acquire a PhD in Graphic Design.

What is an MFA in Graphic Design?

MFAs in Graphic Design focus on developing and enhancing the student’s unique artistic perspective, method, creativity, as well as ability to communicate ideas through design.

Each university has its own teaching and practice approach, but in general, they are centered on improving the designers’ skills and adaptability to new mediums and resources.

Why Study an MFA in Graphic Design?

Pursuing an MFA in Graphic Design could have several benefits for your development as a professional.

It could be a great way to revitalize your career and transform your artistic point of view by exchanging ideas and creating projects with other designers and artists.

It’s also an opportunity to make connections with others who could help you advance in the job market.

An MFA in Graphic Design can be obtained by professionals from other related disciplines who want to gain knowledge in this area.

If you’re thinking about staying in the academic world, an MFA could be the first step to getting the proper credentials and teaching experience you will need.

How Long Does It Take to Get an MFA in Graphic Design?

The duration of an MFA in Graphic Design can mostly vary depending on the university you choose, the type of program, and your academic background.

Most MFAs last one or two years, but if you come from another discipline and you don’t have any previous knowledge of Graphic Design, you can take a three-year program that will provide you with the basic skills to continue studying the MFA.

Online programs have also become popular, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic started, offering a large range of programs to choose from.

How to Choose an MFA in Graphic Design?

Choosing the right MFA in Graphic Design is usually connected with the reasons why you wish to pursue this degree.

That will help you to decide which university and program fit better for you and the career path you want to take.

It’s important to consider the type of program you want and can take.

If you want to continue working while you study, a part-time or online program might be the best option for you.

You must think about your budget as well, the city where you live or if you have to move to attend the university you want.

However, most universities have scholarships or financial aid to help students who can’t afford to pay for their studies.

How Much Does an MFA in Graphic Design Cost?

The cost of an MFA in Graphic Design is going to vary according to the program you choose, the type of program, and the university you want to attend.

On-campus programs tend to be more expensive because you must pay for mandatory fees and health insurance costs.

Mandatory fees can cost between $700 and $900, while health insurance can cost from $3,000 to $4,000, on average.

Tuition could cost between $18,000 and $40,000 on average, per year.

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