How Much Does a Medical Billing Training Cost?

The healthcare system has been constantly evolving along with new developments and new technology.

These have not only been focused on medicine but also on how the system can improve to provide patients a better and more adequate treatment even after their medical care has been completed.

An important part of this stage is the billing of the treatments, procedures, or tests the patient had to take, which ensures that the healthcare professional is compensated for their work.

In the next few sections, we’ll discuss what medical billing is, how to become a Medical Biller, and the cost of medical billing Training.

What Is Medical Billing?

Medical billing can be defined as the process of collecting information about the services provided by a healthcare professional to a patient and submitting that information in order to assure payment for the services offered.

Usually, billing claims are submitted to health insurance companies.

What Does a Medical Biller Do?

A Medical Biller has different responsibilities in the medical billing process.

They must check all the available information about a patient’s health insurance as well as the medical procedures that were provided.

Once those services have been properly transformed into codes -which can be done by a Medical Coder or by the same Medical Biller if they have adequate training-, a billing claim is created, submitted, and then followed to ensure payment.

Medical Billers can be described as an intermediary between patients, healthcare providers, and health insurance companies.

What Is the Difference Between a Medical Biller and a Medical Coder?

Medical Billers and Medical Coders are both parts of the medical billing process.

Medical Coders, as previously mentioned, are in charge of assigning codes to the medical services that were provided to a patient.

Once this has been done, the Medical Biller can gather all the pertinent information and create a medical bill.

However, with training, the same person can perform these two jobs.

Medical Billing Training

You can get medical billing training by enrolling in a medical billing training course or an associate’s degree program.

Training Course

These courses are found mostly in community colleges as well as in private associations that offer medical billing training online or in person.

Besides providing relevant information about the medical billing process, most of them also include certification.

Medical billing training courses usually take one year to complete.

Associate’s Degree Program

These programs are usually directed to those who aspire to have a more profound comprehension of the medical billing sector.

They generally include medical coding and medical insurance training as part of the degree.

An associate’s degree can last from two to three years to complete, and it can be online or in person.

Do I Need Certification As a Medical Biller?

Yes, you’ll need to apply for a test and pass it to obtain certification as a Medical Biller.

One of the most common certification tests is the Certified Professional Billing (CPB) exam, which is administered by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC).

Another test, is the Certified Billing and Coding Specialist (CBCS), especially directed to those who have prior education as both Medical Billers and Medical Coders.

The test is offered by the National Healthcareer Association (NHA).

What Do I Need to Enroll in a Medical Billing Training Program?

You’ll need a high school diploma or have obtained an equivalent diploma after passing the GED (General Educational Development) test.

If you select an online program, you’ll also need to meet specific hardware and software requirements, depending on the program and institution.

How Much Does Medical Billing Training Cost?

The cost of medical billing training is going to depend mostly on the type of program you choose, the institution, and the city where you want to study.

On average, you could pay from $900 to $4,500 for a medical billing course.

If you decide to obtain an associate’s degree that includes coding, the cost could be between $15,000 and $30,000.

The CPB fees can be from $260 to $300, if you are a member or not of AAPC.

The CBCS fees are $117.

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