How to Become a Maid

Maids and housekeeping cleaners are professionals who are experienced in the upkeep of a variety of locations and establishments.

Maids may work for individual homes or larger establishments such as hospitals or hotels.

Individuals who want to become become a Maid or a housekeeper will need a combination of personal characteristics and basic training in order to enter this profession.

This career requires individuals to use their physical stamina in order to perform well in this profession.

Education Requirements to Become a Maid

Individuals who want to become a Maid do not need any formal education in order to enter this profession.

However, entry level Maids will need to gain on the job experience in order to perform their job duties.

In addition, individuals who want to become a Maid will benefit from having some innate personal characteristics to help them succeed in this profession.

Individuals who want to become a Maid do not need a formal education in order to enter this field.

However, they will need to learn their job and important aspects of this profession on the job.

Individuals can begin their career in this field by applying for an entry level position at a hotel, hospital or a business.

Once an individual gets hired by a company such as a hotel or hospital, they will be partnered up with a more experienced Maid or housekeeper.

They will receive hands on training through this pairing and as an individual gains experience and progresses in this trade, they will begin to receive more difficult work and responsibilities.

Some personal characteristics that will help individuals pursue opportunities in this field include being detail oriented to be able to provide a thorough service to their clients.

In addition, individuals must also have strong communication skills in order interact with their clients whether they work in an individual’s home or in a large building such as a hospital or hotels.

Maid Job Description

Maids may work in a variety of industries such as the hospitality industry, the healthcare industry or the client services industry.

A Maid’s specific job duties will depend on the type of establishment they provide upkeep for.

Typical establishments that hire Maids and housekeepers include the following:

  • Private homes
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Commercial establishments

As a whole, Maids will complete general cleaning tasks including vacuuming or sweeping floors and waxing, mopping and polishing floors using brooms, vacuums, mops and other cleaning supplies.

They are also responsible for cleaning rooms and living and work areas and empty the trash and properly dispose of it.

They will also clean and polish windows, dust and polish furniture and perform other light cleaning duties.
Maids who work in a personal home will also perform cleaning duties for bedrooms and living areas including making beds, cleaning bathrooms and clean kitchens including refrigerators, ovens and floors.

Individuals who work for hospitals or hotels will be delegated different duties to cover main areas such as the lobbies, public bathrooms and entrances.

Maids working in hotels will also be responsible for cleaning lodging areas where guests stay.

Maid Salary and Career Path

In 2012, the median salary for Maids was approximately $19,570 per year.

Exact wages will depend on a variety of things including the industry an individual works in.

For example, individuals who work for private, state or local hospitals can expect a median salary of approximately $22,840 per year while individuals who work in the accommodation and food services field can expect a median annual salary of approximately $19,010 per year.

The job outlook for Maids is projected to grow by 13 percent through the year 2022.

This growth is considered faster than average and is attributed to the demand for the services these professionals provide.

Much of this growth will also come from the demand coming from the health care industry which is expected to grow at a rapid pace.

Individuals who are interested in beginning a profession as a maid can expect the best job outlook in the healthcare industry.

It is also an industry that is easy to get into as the educational requirements are flexible.

Individuals who have some work experience have the best job opportunities although individuals who find an employer willing to train them will help them enter this profession.

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