How To Quit A Job Over Text

The decision to quit your job can be a difficult one, and there are many different reasons an individual may make such a decision.

Of course, the best way to leave a job will typically be in person, but sometimes quitting over text is the only option.

However, even if this is the case, the worst thing you could do is drop a casual, 1 sentence message with no thought put into it. You still want to show your employer that you cared about the role and the company.

If you’re planning on resigning over text, we think there are a few things you should know first. Read on to find out why people quit their jobs over text, working your notice period, and examples of resignation texts that may prove useful to you. 

Why Do People Quit Their Jobs Over Text?

There are many reasons why people choose to quit their jobs over text. Here are a few examples! 

Working Remotely 

Those who work remotely do not see their bosses regularly and therefore mainly communicate with them via text, email, or online management tools.

In this case, it makes more sense to leave a job over text, since written communication is the form of communication the company expects and is used to. 

Absent Boss

Sometimes, things are too important to leave for a long time. For example, if an emergency happens that means you need to quit your job as soon as possible, or if an exciting opportunity crosses your path that you cannot turn down.

If your boss is away, or quite distant from the business, then you may be better off sending them resignation via text. In this case, texting is far more reliable than emailing or handing your notice in in-person because it is direct, and therefore more reliable. 


Sometimes. it’s a little awkward to quit a job. This is especially true if you’re new to the role, or if you’re one false step away from being fired.

Some people just cannot face the awkwardness of having that discussion in person, and this is a totally understandable reason for wanting to quit over text! 

Is It Acceptable To Quit Your Job Over Text?

Quitting your job over text is not ideal, but in some situations, it is the best option. And while some bosses may not appreciate you doing so, it is not actually illegal to quit your job over text. 

Do You Have To Give A Notice If Quitting Over Text?

Notice periods in the U.S. are not usually legally binding, and you are not required to work it should you choose not to.

However, you should always check your contract as it could be a requirement of the job based on the company’s own policies. If you break a contractual agreement, you may be penalized. 

Sometimes, some situations make it difficult to work your notice period, and this is understandable. However, it is considered a courtesy to give a notice period when you decide to leave a job, even if you choose to leave over text.

 This shows your employer respect and shows that you value your position in the company. It also allows the company time to find a replacement, and train them for your job, to ensure a smooth transition between employees. 

The notice period will vary between companies, but it is usually two weeks. Some companies will require a longer notice period than others, and will typically be detailed in your contract.

 How To Quit Your Job Over Text

Struggling with how to phrase your resignation? Here are a few examples! 

Polite And Professional 

You can never go wrong with being professional and polite in your resignation text. Try something like this: 

  • Greet your boss
  • Notify them of your formal resignation, ensuring you clearly name your role at the company 
  • Inform them of your last day 
  • Thank them for the opportunity to work at the company and speak highly of the responsibilities you had 
  • Sign off with your name 

Short And Sweet 

Sometimes, we just want to rip the bandaid off and say what we need to say. You should still be professional in these situations. Try something like this:

  • Greet boss 
  • Notify them of your formal resignation and give a date 
  • Ask them to let you know if there is anything else you should do 
  • Sign off with your name 

Casual And Friendly

This one is acceptable if you are on great terms with your boss, and you know they would appreciate something more lighthearted. 

  • Greet boss in a friendly manner 
  • Inform them of your resignation 
  • Wish them well
  • Sign off in a friendly manner 

What Should You Do If Your Boss Reacts Badly?

We hope that our employers will always take the news of resignation well. Sadly, this is not always the case. If your boss is freaking out over your resignation text, then you should go to the department of human resources (HR) if your company has one. 

Although it is not always possible, you should try and leave your job on good terms. 

Final Thoughts 

Wherever you can, you should try to quit your job in person. However, some situations will necessitate resigning over text, and this is perfectly legal and acceptable.

If you have decided to leave your job over a text message, then there are a few ways to phrase that message to ensure you maintain professionalism or good standing with your boss. 

If you’re on friendly terms with your employer, then you can make your resignation text casual and friendly. If you want to be professional, but not overdo it, then you can keep the text short and sweet.

Finally, if you want to be as professional as possible, then your resignation text should be formal and polite.

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  1. Jessica Carlson says:

    Send your resignation text to your immediate supervisor or HR representative, as appropriate, and follow up with any necessary paperwork or formal documentation as per your company’s policies.

  2. Robyn Koffman says:

    Avoid sharing negative feedback or criticisms in your text message. Keep it focused on your decision to resign.

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