How To Get An Internship With No Experience

If you are a student, or fresh out of college, you might be thinking about applying for an internship. They are a great way to become employed, and can give you an idea of what work is really like without full-time commitment.

You may find yourself in situations that do not come up in school, yet they also let you put the stuff you have learnt into practice. As you can see, it is really useful to experience an internship, so it is no wonder it is something you are thinking about.

Whilst you might not have any experience to fill out your resume with, there are some simple ways to get an internship without it – after all, technically you are getting the internship for experience. So, let us take a look.

Why Get An Internship?

Making use of an internship should be the first step into finding a career. As a college student, it may even be what gives you the experience to realize what to major in or where to focus your attention.

It allows for you to see how the business is run, what you need to succeed in that particular industry, as well as gain insights into working life. An internship helps you to gain a qualification that will take you through to entering that field of work.

It might also show you that the job is not for you, or you might find elements of it interesting, so you can change direction. An internship is such a valuable thing to experience, that even if you do not have the credentials to apply, it is always worth trying.

Finding The Right Internship

Before you can look at ways to build up your resume, you will want to think about the career you would like, and what kind of internship will benefit you.

This may also affect the kind of things you might want to do prior to applying, such as choosing a particular club to join that relates to the field of work.

Once you have that figured out, then the next step will be time and location. If you are travelling home for spring break for example, you can always apply for an internship there. If it is during school time, then it will be best to seek out an internship closer to campus.

Ways To Get An Internship With No Experience


An internship is solely to help a person acquire experience, so it should be looked at this way. If you are a student or graduate who is seeking out an internship but has no real experience, then here are ways to build up that resume.

Join A Club

Joining a club has many advantages when it comes to applying for an internship.

The first one is to do with it being related to the career choice you are hoping to go in, so not only will you meet like-minded people, but the employer will see that you have a keen interest and have been actively learning.

Secondly, it can put it into perspective whether it is the industry that you want to be a part of.

Whilst the actual internship will make you realize this more, if you find that you are enjoying the club and that you gain a positive outlook from it, then you are much more likely to want to get an internship in this field.

Make sure the club can benefit you in some way, whether that is actively doing stuff within the club that you can put on your resume, or it looks great on your resume.

You may even find that the club does not relate specifically, but it gives you skills that you may need, and this too is very helpful.


Volunteering is one of the best things you can do, and it always looks great on a resume. It shows that you have the motivation to want to build up your skills, as well as be a part of the community.

You can also learn a lot from volunteering, whether that is finding a position that helps you to hone some skills, or you might experience a situation where you are helping those less fortunate than yourself.

It can also help you to grow, and realize what you would like to do with your time in the future. Perhaps you want to help in the community more, or want to be a part of an organization? Volunteering is great for that.

Build On Skills

You can use both volunteering and joining a club as a way to build on your skills too. Whilst it may not seem like a real world situation compared to an internship, it actually is.

You can put skills to the test that you have learnt in school, and can use this to your advantage when you are writing a cover letter or resume.

That is why doing these things can be really helpful, especially when you have no other experience. They show that you are committed, and want to learn and try new things that are out there in the world – even if it is just on campus.

Some skills to think about are leadership, tutoring, team building and public speaking. All of these are transferable skills, and employers will look out for them when they are choosing candidates.

Do Well At School

If you are still a student, then you will want to keep your GPA high. Coursework can make a big difference, especially when the company reviews how well you are doing.

Despite the lack of professional experience, they will be able to see that you are committed to producing a high level of work.

Showcase Those Skills

When you apply for the internship, you will want to make yourself stand out from the competition. This can be difficult to do if you have no experience, but it is not impossible.

When you begin to write your resume and cover letter to apply for a particular internship, emphasize skills and why they are a benefit to the company. Even though it is tempting to tell them everything, only discuss skills that make sense to the position you are applying for.

Tell them how your knowledge and experience can improve an area of their work, and why you are the person for the job.

If you want to showcase your work, then make a portfolio, but make sure it is not just a link to everything you have ever done. Keep it simple and narrowed down, so if it is photography, just link to a page of photos that you have specially picked out.

Final Words

If you have no experience, then finding an internship can seem like a difficult thing to do. Whilst it might at first come across as impossible, you can actually still apply and become successful at getting an internship despite being late to the game.

Building on your own skills, as well as finding experience through volunteering and clubs, these are great ways to create a good resume ready to start applying for an internship.

Also, instead of talking about anything professional you have done, you can emphasize skills on your resume and cover letter, and how that will benefit the company.

Never think you cannot get an internship, they are there to provide you with real work experience, just you may have to work a little harder for it. Good luck!

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