How To Get A Plumbing Apprenticeship

If you prefer practical work and are a hands-on learner, then plumbing could be the right career path for you.

If you’re interested in becoming a plumber, you might be curious to know how to get a plumbing apprenticeship.

In this article, I will cover some key information about becoming a plumber, including how to get a plumbing apprenticeship. Keep reading to find out more. 

How To Get A Plumbing Apprenticeship

There are a variety of different ways to get a plumbing apprenticeship.

Typically speaking, most apprenticeships are provided or sponsored by local unions, associations, and plumbing contracting companies, as well as by non-union contractors.

For instance, the United Association Union of Plumbers, Fitters, Welders, and HVAC Service Techs regularly offers apprenticeships.

Alternatively, you can contact local residential service companies in your area and ask if they’re hiring apprentices or know of any opportunities near to where you live. 

The majority of apprenticeships last from four to five years and combine on-the-job with classroom instruction. 

However, it’s also important to note that how you obtain a plumbing apprenticeship largely depends on the opportunities that are around you. 

The opportunities and requirements tend to vary depending on the state that you live in.

That being said, the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors (PHCC) Association has a State-by-State directory that is a super useful tool to see what’s out there.

This allows you to select your state and then link to the PHCC Chapter in your state to discover more information about the various apprenticeship opportunities available to your local area.

What You Need To Get Started 

Typically speaking, you need a high school diploma or equivalent to get started as an apprentice.

While some aspiring plumbers get a plumbing apprenticeship shortly after graduating from high school, this isn’t the only way to get started.

In fact, many aspiring plumbers begin learning the trade by enrolling in a diploma program at a trade school, then complete a plumber apprenticeship following this.

You may also be required to pass a drug test and/or a background check. That being said, the specific requirements can vary depending on the program that you are applying for.

Reasons To Begin A Plumbing Apprenticeship

There are a variety of different reasons why a plumbing apprenticeship is a rewarding job.These reasons include but are not limited to:

Offers You Variety 

If you’re someone that gets bored by the monotony of doing the same thing every day, then starting a plumbing apprenticeship could be rewarding for you, as it offers you variety.

From changing radiators, to replacing taps, to installing hot and cold-water systems, no day is the same!

This means that if you like doing various jobs, and working on the fly not knowing what the day could bring, you could enjoy the variety of becoming a plumber.

Pays You A Wage Whilst You’re Learning

One of the best factors about a plumbing apprenticeship is that you can earn a wage whilst gaining the important knowledge, skills, and experience to become a plumber.

These are skills that you will be able to use for life, and you’re still getting paid at the same time. It’s a win-win and huge investment in your future.

Provides You With Skills In A Secure Industry

There’s no two ways to do it, people are always going to need plumbers! In this economy, it’s nice to know that you’ll be training in something that you are not only passionate about, but that you will always be able to find jobs in.

Economic change rarely impacts trade, and the work still needs to be done throughout the good times and the hard times.

As the demand for plumbing services has always remained high and the work is therefore regular, this means that it is a very reliable and safe career to invest your time into.

It is also a highly lucrative industry and trade, meaning that once you are fully qualified, you could be earning a salary of around $50,000 a year. 

It’s An Exciting Job 

If you enjoy problem solving and making a difference, becoming a plumber might be the ideal job for you.

You never know when you’re going to be faced with a serious problem that you’ve got to fix, which keeps you on your toes and is great for your problem-solving skills. 

Not only are you truly making a difference in people’s lives when a crisis arises, but you’re also living a career that is both rewarding and lucrative.

It’s An Interactive Job 

Becoming a plumber is a highly interactive job. You get to meet all sorts of people from all kinds of backgrounds in all kinds of different locations, and get to interact with them on a daily basis.

If you’re a social person and like meeting new people, then becoming a plumber could be the ideal job for you!

You’ll Never Have To Call A Plumber Again

When you become a plumber, a huge benefit is that you can do the odd jobs around your house yourself! 

This means that by investing in your future by doing a plumbing apprenticeship, you’ll not only make money, but could save yourself thousands of dollars down the line if something goes wrong in your own home.

What’s more satisfying than people able to solve a problem in your own home without having to spend money on calling in help?

Not only this, but you’ll also be able to help your friends and family out whenever they have an emergency, such as a burst pipe, without having to rely on another tradesperson. 

In Summary 

Most apprenticeships are provided or sponsored by local unions. In addition to this, you can also try contacting local residential service companies in your area to find out what kind of opportunities are available to you.

Hopefully this article has been informative and you now have a better understanding of how you can get yourself a plumbing apprenticeship.

Good luck in your endeavors!

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