How To Get A Piercing Apprenticeship

When finding an apprenticeship, you need to ascertain which skills you are looking to acquire in the process of completing your apprenticeship in order to immerse yourself in a rich tapestry of experience.

An apprenticeship usually lasts for a while and this should be considered if you are going to be requiring work that pays a substantial wage as apprenticeships do not usually pay a large amount of money.

If you’ve obtained any formal training at a beauty school, you should showcase this to any potential mentor.

However, if you have the raw talent and the dedication to learn how to safely and efficiently pierce human skin, then the possibilities are endless. 

What Are The Requirements?

The requirements for gaining a piercing apprenticeship is different to a tattoo apprenticeship as you will not be required to demonstrate any creative ability or showcase a portfolio of work.

However, if you want to stand out from the crowd then you should demonstrate something unique about yourself whilst highlighting your interpersonal skills.

Those who own a responsible shop will value those who are kind and dedicated but they will also want to be sure that you are dedicated to the craft of piercing itself.  

Do not worry, your potential mentors will not expect you to know how to infiltrate all of your skills at first.

However, educating yourself on blood-borne infections, sterilizing and cross-contamination is the best way to get ahead of the competition and showcase that you’re dedicated to becoming a professional piercer.

Studying human anatomy is the first step to understanding which parts of the body are commonly pierced and why.

You do not need a medical degree in order to obtain this knowledge and can gain imperative insight by reading articles online.

If you want to set yourself above the rest, then you should consider attending a training course on blood-borne pathogens.

As this will showcase your utmost level of dedication and ensure that you are ready to start piercing professionally at an earlier stage of your apprenticeship. 

Demonstrating your enthusiasm for all things piercing-related will also impress any potential mentor and you may have a number of piercings yourself that you can reference.

You should use this opportunity to demonstrate your skill-set and knowledge and to showcase why this career is appealing to you.

If you want to engage with the artist and gain further insight before approaching them, then getting a piercing with them and making the relevant inquiries is the best way to proceed prior to making any commitments. 

The most crucial step in gaining a piercing apprenticeship is to visit as many establishments as possible and to leave your contact details at everyone.

You should also follow them on social media and engage with their posts to show your enthusiasm whilst following up on your visit with a direct message or a phone call.

This may seem like you are being ‘eager’ but it is crucial to demonstrate your dedication to the role and this will also ensure that you are gaining a deepened insight into the attitudes and mentality of the mentors that you will be working with.

You should bear in mind that securing a piercing apprenticeship can be a difficult task and you may need to visit many places prior to finding someone who is willing and able to mentor you.

You may be required to travel out of town and should consider relocation if required. If this is your passion then it is definitely worth any effort involved in the process of establishing yourself as a professional piercer. 

Things To Avoid 

You should avoid learning to pierce human skin on your own as this can be incredibly dangerous.

Infected piercings can result in life-threatening infections and you should ensure that you have been extensively trained prior to doing so.

This is because you will need thorough sterilization training in order to avoid causing irreparable harm to yourself or a customer.

Gaining experience is the best way to ensure that you prevent any discomfort for all of those involved as you do not want a piercing to become septic and cause lasting health implications for your friends, family and customers alike.

Whilst watching online videos may help you to know how to pierce independently, it is not recommended that you become a body piercer without having full training into the processes that are required to do so safely.


To conclude, finding a piercing apprenticeship is essential in order to become a professional piercer.

These apprenticeships will provide you with the necessary skills and training that is required in order to pierce human skin safely and efficiently.

You should visit as many places as possible within your local area in order to become familiar with the studios within your town and then follow up any inquiries with enthusiasm and a personable manner.

Above all, people want to mentor those who they can see potential in and by demonstrating your enthusiasm for piercing, you are far more likely to be able to secure a long-term role at the studio of your choice.

Remember, being a likeable individual will always set you above the competition and you should also ensure that those you are working with are professional and likeable in order to get the most out of your apprenticeship.

Where possible, you should liaise with those who have graduated prior to you to ascertain what it is like to work within that particular environment whilst also doing thorough research into the human anatomy so you can be as prepared as possible to engage with your mentor proactively during the process of your apprenticeship.

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