How To Decline An Interview

Waiting to be accepted for an interview can be one of the most exciting and nerve-racking experiences. This one interview can change your life drastically, whether that is having an opportunity to earn money or a starting point to the rest of your life.

When you do submit that application, then comes the difficult part where you have to go on with your everyday life waiting anxiously for that email or phone call back. This will lead to one of two scenarios – you either have the job or you don’t.

But what if you don’t want that interview at all? Generally, most people have high hopes of getting to the interview stage, but there are also some who don’t. So, what should you do in a situation where you are offered an interview but don’t want to accept?

Why People Choose To Decline

Some may find it strange for someone to decline an interview opportunity, but it is more common than you think. There are various factors that contribute towards a person’s reasoning.

Multiple Offers

One of the many reasons as to why someone chooses to decline an interview offer is because they already have multiple offers. We all know the pain of searching for jobs, so when we do so we make sure to apply for too many to count.

By doing this you are likely to have multiple offers, some offers which are more suited for you than others. It is understandable that people will decline interviews when better opportunities are offered.

No Longer Jobless

More often than not will you find people declining an interview because they have already been accepted for another job. This is a perfectly normal thing to happen as when applying for jobs we are generally applying for multiple.

Negative Reviews

With job searching comes reviews, however not everyone checks those reviews before applying. If a person notices a company has a bad rating and negative comments about the work ethic, this could easily put a person off.

The Best Way To Decline

Declining an interview is not an easy task. So many emotions are going through your mind just waiting to hear that phone call and hoping on the other end they reject you. But it’s not always that easy.

So, how should you decline a job interview?

Act Fast. Act First

As soon as you realize that this job isn’t the right choice for you, take action. There is no need to wait to hear back from a company you have applied for just to reject their offer.

By doing so you are wasting the time they could spend on looking for another candidate. Act fast and contact the company you have applied for and withdraw your application.

How To Decline An Interview

Leave A Message

You may try to call the company but they are not picking up. If this is the case, leave them a voicemail. Either they will get back to you or they will hear the message and know not to offer you an interview.

Another option is to email the company. By doing this you are supplying them with a handwritten statement showing that you are wanting to withdraw your application.

Get Straight To The Point

When declining this offer, there is no need to express your reasonings unless asked. Simply state that you are choosing not to go ahead with the interview. This is all the employer will want to know.

Don’t Panic

When you’re on the phone and hear that you have been accepted for an interview, do not panic. It is an awkward situation to find yourself in but you have to remember that this is nothing new. Plenty of employers are turned down by candidates; they will be disappointed then move on.

Tips On Declining A Job Interview

Do Not Burn Bridges

The aim is to not burn any bridges when declining the interview. You want to keep this interaction polite and civil. Do this by showing gratitude for the position whilst respectfully declining and show that you are thankful for the opportunity.

You never know, you may find yourself working for that company one day in the future but for a different department. It is good to leave a positive lasting impact.

Do Not Ghost The Employer

The easy option is to leave your employer hanging when they try to contact you – this is the worst thing you can do. Although it may be difficult to say no, ignoring the situation is not the answer.

It is important to think about the person on the other end of the phone. By ignoring their calls you are purposefully wasting their time, for they will continue to try and contact you.

Be Sure This Is What You Want

Think carefully about why you want to decline this job interview. Is it because you believe yourself to be overqualified? Is it because the job description doesn’t fit what you are after?

The worst thing that can happen is declining an interview and then regretting it, because there is a high chance you won’t be able to change your mind. Make sure that you are making the right decision.

Final Thoughts

Declining an interview can easily make anyone feel like the bad guy. You took time out of your day to apply for this job and now you have suddenly changed your mind. But don’t worry – you are not alone.

Declining an offer can make anyone feel nervous, guilty, embarrassed, when it is the most normal thing in the world. What matters the most is how you go about declining.

You will have plenty of time to think about the job you have applied for, compare it to other opportunities, and make the first move. It is better not to wait for that response as this will only waste the employer’s time.

By letting them know beforehand, you are making the process easier on them. Once your name is thrown out of the choices, you can go back to your everyday life and not have to worry.

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