How to Become a Divorce Lawyer

A Divorce Lawyers will represent a client if they are married and thinking about ending a marriage and getting divorced.

A Divorce Lawyer may also assist and represent a client who is seeking to legally separate from their partner or thinking of annulling a marriage.

A Divorce Lawyer will consult and provide legal information to their client to determine the best method to end the marriage such as divorce, annulment or legal separation.

A variety of things need to be considered during this type of process including: whether the marriage produced children, whether a prenuptial agreement was written up and the financial information during the marriage.

A Divorce Lawyer will consider all this information before determining a plan of action and provide guidance to their client.

If you are interested in this type of career, continue reading below to learn the education requirements, a general job description, salary and wage information and the future job outlook for this profession.

Education Requirements to Become a Divorce Lawyer

Candidates who want to become a Divorce Lawyer may already know that entering this field requires extensive knowledge of the law, both local and federal.

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This requirement can only be met by completing several years of continuing education and passing the bar exam.

The requirements to become a Divorce Lawyer will vary by state but for the most part, candidates will need to finish a four year college degree and then attend three years of law school.

There isn’t a specific undergraduate program a candidate needs to focus on.

However, candidates who want to become a Divorce Lawyer should focus on certain skills and attain a multidisciplinary background that will prepare them to succeed in the field.

The following abilities will assist candidates throughout law school and in the field:

  • Analyzing
  • Researching
  • English
  • Public speaking
  • Mathematics
  • Economics
  • Government
  • A foreign language

In order to gain admission into a graduate law program approved by the American Bar Association (ABA), candidates must have a strong academic background and a competitive GPA, complete the
LSAT exam, work experience and depending on the institution, an interview.

For a list of law programs, visit LSAC‘s website.

Finally, after the completion of all these requirements, candidates will need to take and pass the bar exam.

The majority of states require candidates to take Multistate Bar Examination MBE.

Washington and Louisiana are the only states that do not require the MBE.

Divorce Lawyer Job Description

Lawyers are highly trained and educated professionals who use their knowledge of the legal system in order to represent, provide guidance and advocate for their clients.

Divorce Lawyers are attorneys who specialize in the separation, annulment or divorce of a marriage.

A Divorce Lawyer will help their client determine whether they should annul their marriage, seek a legal separation or submit papers for a divorce.

A Divorce Lawyer will begin by consulting with their client.

They will provide guidance to determine whether the married couple should legally separate, divorce or annul a marriage.

In addition, they will advise their clients regarding their legal rights and recommend any actions a client should pursue.

A Divorce Lawyer may represent and advocate for their client during a court session.

They will submit their case and provide information to a judge keeping their client’s needs and requests in mind.

Divorce Lawyer Salary and Career Path

The exact wages and salary for a licensed lawyer will depend on several factors including sector and specialty, whether they work for a government or a private practice and location.

In addition, salary varies depending on whether a lawyer owns their practice or if they are partnered with a law firm.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the wage for all practicing lawyers and estimates that the median wage in 2008 was approximately $110,590 per year.

The salary range for these professionals during the same year was approximately $74,900 to $163,300 per year.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics also reports that the job outlook for this profession is expected to grow faster than average.

This growth is attributed to a population growth that demands the legal expertise of experienced attorneys.

Through the year 2018, attorney employment will grow by about 13%.

However, professionals entering this field should expect stiff competition from other candidates.

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