How to Become a Diplomat

A Diplomat is a professional who is experienced in managing international relationships with representatives and ambassadors from other nations.

Their work is important in advancing American interests abroad and involves building strong relationships in order to rely on other nations as allies in a variety of international circumstances.

Individuals who would like to become a Diplomat will have a strong passion for international relations as well has have some innate skills such as being able to build rapport with different types of individuals and having communication skills in order to discuss the United States’ interests and viewpoints on an international level.

Education Requirements to Become a Diplomat

Individuals who are making the steps to become a Diplomat will need to pursue a specific track in order to enter this profession.

Because Diplomats work on an international level, they will need to acquire the knowledge and skills that will allow them to interact and communicate with individuals from their host country, which is typically assigned, not chosen.

Individuals who want to become a Diplomat will need to secure an undergraduate degree from an accredited university or college.

Studying a focus, such as Political Science will prepare individuals to apply for entry level positions.

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The majority of diplomats work as Foreign Service Officers (FSO).

After securing a bachelor’s degree, individuals who would like to start in this entry level position will need to take the Foreign Service Exam in order to begin applying for jobs.

In addition to the exam, individuals will also need to pass a security clearance and a medical exam that shows they can fulfill any job duties abroad.

Individuals who pass the rigorous exam and clearances are then required to participate in a 10 week introductory program provided by the.

Visit the Department of State for more information on specializations within this department.

Diplomat Job Description

Represent interests and policies of the United States.

Diplomats from the United States are responsible for managing international relationships with various representatives, leaders and professionals from other nations.

This involves having personal contact with professionals from a specific nation on a regular basis.

Meeting with other international diplomats may include familiarizing themselves with their host country’s culture, policies and perspectives while also presenting the same concepts about the United States.

In addition to meeting with international government officials, Diplomats will also meet with other individuals from their host country including: media, civilians, local business communities including owners and other members as well as individuals from the artistic and academic sectors.

In addition to understanding the customs, belief systems and policies of one another, a Diplomat is also responsible for implementing foreign policy formed by the President of the United States as well as representing economic and political interests.

Meeting with various professionals from a host country can bring upon certain change that can benefit both countries involved in the partnership.

Some common benefits that can arise from an established relationship and partnership may include:

  • Exchange programs
  • Trade agreements
  • Social action programs
  • Educational and artistic exchanges
  • Stronger local press

These types of programs, agreements and exchanges are small stepping stones that are used to creating trust between the United States and other nations; these types of small steps are necessary to be able to create a relationship between two nations that can also be relied upon when an incident on a larger scale occurs.

In addition to meeting with individuals from a host country, Diplomats will also perform daily activities that showcase their skills and knowledge in representing the interests and policies of the United States; these tasks may include the following:

  • Traveling to and from the United States to host country
  • Attending state or host dinners
  • Arranging a Visa for a visitor to the United States

Diplomat Salary and Career Path

Diplomats are grouped into the general profession of Political Scientists.

According to figures from 2012, the annual median wage for these professionals was approximately $115,740 per year.

In addition, the job outlook for all political scientists is expected to grow by 21 percent through the year 2022, which is considered a higher than average growth when compared to other professions.

Individuals who are interested in pursuing a career as a Diplomat have several things to look forward to including having the ability to use their personal characteristics to pursue the personal interests of the United States, working abroad to strengthen international relationships and being able to help fellow compatriots overseas.

This is all in addition the healthy income and job prospects associated with this profession.

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