How to Become a Chemotherapy Technician

Chemotherapy Technicians are health care professionals who are experienced working with a variety of chemotherapy drugs used in a therapeutic treatment plan that will help eradicate cancer cells from patients suffering from this disease.

These professionals are specialized Pharmacy Technicians that works specifically with chemotherapy concoctions.

Chemotherapy Technicians are responsible for mixing and managing a variety of intravenous drugs that will be administered to their patients after a treatment plan has been prescribed by an oncology doctor.

Individuals who want to become a Chemotherapy Technician will need a combination of personal traits and a background in the health care field in order to enter this profession.

Individuals interested in pursuing this career path can learn more information about this field by reading below.

Education Requirements to Become a Chemotherapy Technician

Individuals who would like to become a Chemotherapy Technician will need to complete a minimum of a high school degree.

In addition, individuals will need to gain on the job experience and earn a certification in order to pursue a career in this field.

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Chemotherapy Technicians must also have personal characteristics that will them interact with patients diagnosed with a deadly disease.

During their high school career, individuals will need a strong background in math and science classes in order to prepare themselves for the health care field.

In addition, individuals will also need to place an emphasis in gaining basic computer skills and understanding general programs.

Basic programs include being familiar with Microsoft Office which will prepare individuals to prepare and keep electronic health care records.

Individuals preparing to become a Chemotherapy Technician can seek a program in Chemotherapy Technology to earn a certificate in this area.

Although not a requirement, employers prefer to hire individuals who have completed a formal program and who do not require additional training.

Individuals can seek certification from a vocational school or a community college.

Individuals interested in learning more information on a typical program may visit NPTA .

Chemotherapy Technician Job Description

Chemotherapy Technicians work in the health care industry and are responsible for many administrative, drug preparation and office management duties.

These professionals typically work in oncology treatment centers or in a pharmacy setting being run at a hospital.

Their skills are a specialized form of Pharmacy Technician focusing on creating concoctions for chemotherapy treatments.

Chemotherapy Technicians will work under the direct supervision of a physician or leading pharmacist.

They will assist various personal in a clinic of pharmacy setting including assisting: nurses, physicians, pharmacists and other medical personnel.

Their main duties are to prepare and manage a variety of chemotherapy drugs for oncology patients.

Chemotherapy Technicians will begin to prepare a chemotherapy drug once they receive a prescription from one of these supervising professionals.

This includes being able to read the amounts of chemotherapy drugs needed to mix a concoction.

They will also use specialized equipment in order to mix the chemotherapy drugs that needs to be done is a clean and sterilized environment.

They will perform these duties using stringent rules to prevent accidents such as spilling.

Because Chemotherapy Technicians are responsible for mixing chemotherapy concoctions, they will need to assure that their work area is up to standards in regards to its sanitary conditions.

This includes assuring patient areas are sanitized as well.

Chemotherapy Technicians are also responsible for administrative duties including ordering a variety of supplies and managing and restocking pharmaceutical inventory.

They will also be responsible for keeping track of a patient’s medical record including patient doses and mixtures using electronic systems.

Chemotherapy Technician Salary and Career Path

The average salary for Chemotherapy Technicians is approximately $34,000 per year.

Exact wages will depend on years of experience.

The job outlook for Chemotherapy Technicians looks promising and is expected to increase by approximately 32 percent through the year 2020.

This fast growth is attributed to the growing health care sector.

The health care sector is expected to grow because of the expansion of health care as well as the aging baby boomer population, a group that is more prone to cancer.

Individuals interested in a career as a Chemotherapy Technician can look forward to a challenging career, healthy wages and a healthy job market.

Many individuals may also enter this profession in a relatively short amount of time with some programs taking a year to complete.

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