How to Become a Body Guard

A body guard’s main responsibility is to avoid and prevent conflict that is capable of endangering or harming their client.

A popular belief regarding a body guard’s profession is that they usually resort to violence in order to protect their client, but that is usually not the case unless there is an immediate threat to the person they are protecting.

A body guard has to use their intellectual and planning skills in order to prevent or avoid any violent behavior.

A scenario that leads to violence can have a lot more negative consequences on their client’s well being.

This is why a body guard is more concerned with planning a trip ahead of time.

A security team, such as the Secret Service can sometimes cause a hassle for the average person.

Someone can be stuck in traffic with no idea as to why it is happening, but little does the driver know that a security team had to close some streets in order for the President to make it to one side of town to another.

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This is part of the planning that a security guard does in order to protect their client, in this case, the President.

In order to become a body guard and be successful in the field, a prospective body guard doesn’t necessarily have to exude violent behavior in order to accomplish their task of protecting clients.

Because of the nature of their work, body guards do need defense tactics in order to protect their client and themselves.

Some qualities that make a good body guard include being observant, having good reflexes or quick reactions, be able to make decisions in a short amount of time and be able to remain calm under any situation.

Some of these skills are inherent and some can be learned by those whose goal is to become a body guard.

Education Requirements to Become a Body Guard

An interested individual doesn’t necessarily have to take a traditional educational route in order to become a body guard.

Candidates who want to go into this field need some basic skills that will help them become a body guard.

Candidates can also acquire certification from a program that teaches the necessary skills in order to succeed in this position.

There are some highly desired skills that are sought including having a controlled temperament, ability to plan ahead of time and of course, having defense mechanisms to use spur of the moment and being physically fit.

Candidates who want to attend a certification program can learn a variety of information regarding the trade.

Some programs can offer courses that can include a number of the following courses:

  • The roles a body guard plays in the safety of others
  • Basic protection techniques or defense tactics and when to use them
  • Ethics courses such as protecting their client’s privacy
  • History regarding protective services
  • First Aid

Certification can be completed within a few months time.

For more information on what some programs can offer visit: Bodyguard Training International .

Body Guard Job Description

A body guard can work for and be employed by a variety of entities such as individuals, corporation or by a government sector.

Body guards must also use discretion when talking about their clients and must guard their privacy in order to protect their well being.

For example, a body guard cannot go around saying they are protecting a certain celebrity as that might attract unwanted attention.

In addition, body guards can expect to work at random hours, maybe sometimes overnight.

Some common responsibilities can include:

  • Study layout of surroundings in order to plan a route
  • Escort individuals to planned destination
  • Prevent and keep clients from any harmful situations or people
  • Protect clients from imminent harm when the need arises
  • Constantly keep awareness and cautiousness of surroundings

Professional body guards may need to be available 24/7 in order to keep their clients safe from harm.

They use a variety of skills, from intellectual to defensive skills in order to keep their client safe.

Body Guard Salary and Career Path

The job outlook for people in the Armed Body guarding sector can expect healthy growth throughout the next decade estimated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics to be around 18%.

The growth is believed to come from raised security measures and privacy concerns.

Competition for jobs, however, is expected to be highly competitive due to the profession’s lucrative nature.

The national median income for professionals in the industry is approximately $48,000 with some individuals making up to $100,000 annually.

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