How to Become an Art Professor

An Art Professor is a professional who teaches art at the post-secondary level.

These individuals have an affinity for art and other platforms for expression.

Individuals who want to become an Art Professor should expect to pursue a graduate degree in the arts.

An advanced degree is needed in order to teach college students the craft or history of art.

Education Requirements to Become an Art Professor

In order for an individual to become an Art Professor, they must first attain a college degree.

Depending on the institution they are looking for work in, they must also pursue a graduate degree.

Either a Ph.D.

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or a Master’s degree in art will suffice but the qualification ultimately depends on the type of institution they are seeking work in.

Individuals who want to become an Art Professor have the option to choose an undergraduate degree in almost any major.

However, attaining a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts (BFA) will show that a person is dedicated to the arts when applying for graduate schools.

An individual can focus their BFA in Music, Art, Art History or Painting and Drawing.

They may also focus on more general types of art such as: Design Arts, Media Arts, Studio Art or Liberal Arts.

After attaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts in a major of their choosing, an individual can begin to research the specialty they would like to focus on during their Master’s or Ph.D.

In order for an individual to become an Art Professor, a minimum of a Master’s degree is needed.

A Master’s degree lasts for approximately two years and during this time, a student will choose the specialty they would like to teach in.

For those pursuing a doctorate degree, a total of four years of graduate studies is needed.

Individuals must also choose a focus they’d like to teach such as Drama, Art History or Media Arts.

Art Professor Job Description

Art Professors may work as an adjunct professor or full time and this has an impact on the amount of work they have.

Art Professors teach art topics to college aged students.

Art Professors are responsible for creating curriculum, course outlines and a syllabus for the art classes they teach.

The amount of preparation depends on the amount of classes an Art Professor has for the semester.

Art Professors will develop an art lesson and related assignments for themes and topics discussed and taught in the classroom.

Art Professors typically have office hours to help students with questions or assist in understanding a topic discussed in class.

Art Professors will also work on grading papers or tests given after a class.

Some Art Professors may also perform additional work and tasks such as researching topics and writing about their findings for other professionals in the same field.

Some of these writings may eventually be published in scholarly or literary magazines or publications.

Art Professor Salary and Career Path

The 2012 median annual salary for Art Professors was approximately $62,160.

Exact wages will depend on the type of institution and how many courses an Art Professor takes on each semester or quarter.

In addition, Art Professors who work for colleges, universities or professional schools earn higher wages than those who work for community colleges.

The job outlook for post-secondary instructors, including Art Professors is expected to grow at a fast rate when compared to other professions and fields.

Post-secondary position will grow by 19 percent through the year 2022.

This projection is expected to affect both part time and full time positions.

An increase of enrollments into post-secondary institutions is responsible for this projected growth.

Although post-secondary teaching opportunities are expected to increase, job security and open positions will heavily depend on funding sources that universities and colleges rely on.

Large amounts of funding will depend on the federal government’s priorities and whether it will allocate funds to higher education and research.

An increase in demand for post-secondary positions will likely come from government funding.

Art Professors use their love of art to teach a variety of classes to enhance an individual’s craft and knowledge of famous art works and history.

In addition, Art Professors help their students enhance their own artistic abilities in hands on classes such as ceramics or music.

Art Professors can take satisfaction in the fact that they are encouraging the love of art for younger generations to enjoy.

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