10 Best Sociology Bachelor's Degree Schools in Colorado

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Beautiful Colorado, what more could you ask for than gorgeous mountains, clear blue skies and rivers as far as the eye could see?

The Rocky Mountains are a vast and winding region throughout most of the western region of this state, where you can catch a glimpse of wildlife, take your chances at hiking, and even see all surrounding states meet.

Those who love the outdoors will enjoy the pleasures of sightseeing here, but some people who are from Colorado or are visiting may want to broaden their horizons with education.

Luckily, Colorado offers many incredible colleges, both private and public, throughout the great state for those who want to study Sociology.

This degree is a four year program that can lead you all around the world, but starting in Colorado is a great choice for many.

Take a look at several of our best choices for students who want to enroll in a Colorado college to earn their Bachelors degree.

1Colorado College

Programs Offered:

Colorado College has an interesting take on education, where students will take one class per three and a half week period.

At this private school in Colorado Springs, students have the chance to really dive deep into each subject since they only study one at a time.

With just over 2,000 students attending each year, you will certainly get the individualized attention needed to succeed in any degree program you choose.

Among others, the Sociology Bachelors degree is a popular choice here, students learn about how society and our social lives shape us while discovering human behaviors and the complexities of all of them.

Students are required to take some core classes for this degree, which include:

  • Development of Sociological Thought
  • Research Design
  • Qualitative Methods
  • Senior Thesis

The Senior Thesis class is where you will showcase your capstone project, providing professors and classmates with the knowledge that you have gleaned over the four areas it takes to finish this degree.

Along with classroom time, students get the chance to take part in programs throughout campus that pertain to this degree like:

  • Public Interest Fellowship Program
  • Community based research
  • Summer Statistics Program
  • Immigration Institute

Students are welcome to take part in internships on campus and off as well as study their desired concentration.

After completing these required courses and many electives, you will be ready to take on the world of Sociology in roles such as:

  • Corrections Officer
  • Consultant
  • Health Educator
  • Recreation Worker


If you go to the Colorado College website and click on the admissions tab you will get right into the application to begin enrollment.

You won’t even need to spend any money to apply as everything is free and can be done in about thirty minutes.

First year students, transfer and international students will need to provide some additional information along with their application, including: 

  • Writing prompt
  • Transcripts
  • Counselor recommendation
  • Teacher evaluation
  • ACT or SAT scores

This may seem like a lot, but Colorado College wants to make sure that the best students roam their campus, and you could be one of them.

After submitting the application, it should take about two weeks to hear back from the school.


Students who live on campus will pay about $87,128 per year to attend this school.

If you are not going to live on campus, you will likely pay $67,458 per year to attend Colorado College.

Health insurance is required for this school, which will be an additional $3,712 per year.

It takes about four years to finish a degree from this college, so expect for your tuition to be anywhere between $269,832 and $348,512 with $14,848 added for health insurance.

Financial aid is available as well as scholarships.

Contact Information

  • Address: 14 East Cache La Poudre St. Colorado Springs, CO 80903
  • Phone: 719-389-6000
  • Website: www.coloradocollege.edu

2Colorado State University

Programs Offered:

Colorado State University is a public school that has been around since the late 1800s.

As a large campus of over 4,500 acres, there are plenty of opportunities for the 25,000 students that attend each year.

Clubs, organizations, research, and much more take place every day on this bustling campus.

Right in the heart of Fort Collins, Colorado, you could study one of many excellent majors, including Sociology.

Whether you are from Colorado or the outskirts, you can take part in this program either online or in person.

Within the Sociology degree program, you’ll be acquainted with how society works and the study of human behavior.

This four year program will take you through concepts like:

  • Environmental Sociology
  • Criminology
  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Sociological Statistics

Students will study race, inequality, capitalism and much more through this four year format.

Many opportunities will be granted to you once you complete a degree from Colorado State University, including roles in Sociology such as:

  • Social Services Coordinator
  • Policy Analyst
  • Public Administrator
  • Teacher


Within their collegiate demographic, Colorado State University looks for diversity and academic achievement.

Potential students should expect to have the following characteristics in order to be considered for acceptance:

  • Rigor
  • Meaningful engagement
  • Good grades
  • Impactful circumstances

If this sounds like you, head to the website to fill out the online application.

It will cost $50 to apply here, and that is a non-refundable fee.

After you pay the fee, you will need to create an account on the website to begin the application.

Along with that, you will need to provide the following paperwork:

  • Personal statement
  • Transcripts from high school
  • Join service transcript for military students
  • College transcripts for transfer students
  • SAT or ACT scores are optional

Once you submit your application, it may take a week or two to hear back from the school at which time you can sign up for orientation and begin enrolling in classes.


Colorado residents will pay a base tuition of $29,132 per year.

Non-residents who commute to school will pay $49,692 per year.

Since it takes four years to complete a degree, residents will pay $116,528  and those from out of state will have a bill of $198,768.

Those who live on campus pay between $30,449 and $51,009 per year, ranging from $121,796 to $204,036 in total.

Contact Information

  • Address: 711 Oval Dr. Fort Collins, CO 80521
  • Phone: 970-491-6444
  • Website: www.colostate.edu

3University of Colorado-Denver

Programs Offered:

Denver is the place to be for those who are interested in the University of Colorado.

Considered a younger university with its founding in 1973, this powerhouse urban education system has been on the rise ever since.

With over 100 degrees available, this top research university is great for those who want to make a difference in the world.

Small class sizes and big dreams are what makes this school great, and you’ll belong here as soon as you step foot on campus.

Those who are interested in learning about equality, diversity, society and change will enjoy one of the comprehensive degrees by the name of Sociology.

This Bachelors degree is a four year commitment that will take you through the hardships of life and society.

A few of the classes that are required in order to gradate are:

  • Understanding the Social World
  • Sociological Theory
  • Inequalities in the Social World
  • Qualitative Research

Students will also need to create a capstone project to showcase all that they have learned throughout their education at the University of Colorado in Denver.

Once you have completed the list of Sociology courses, you should be expected to have knowledge in the following areas:

  • Sociological concepts and theories
  • Roles of research in Sociology
  • Intercultural diversity
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Sociological information about local areas

Completing all of your classes and retaining these learning outcomes will take you far in a Sociology career after graduation like:

  • Survey Research Technician
  • Arbitrator
  • Economist
  • Education Administrator


Head over to the University of Colorado in Denver’s website to get started on the easy application.

First year freshman, transfer students, veteran and military students as well as international students will all have their own application to fill out on the admissions tab.

There is a $50 non-refundable application fee for all applications.

Expect to fill out personal information and complete your application with the following paperwork:

  • Transcripts from high school or previous education
  • Financial aid information

If you plan to live on campus, you will want to fill out residency information as well as financial aid.

Once you have completed that you are all done and will need to wait for an academic advisor to contact you about the next steps in your journey.


Colorado residents will pay $11,502 per year to attend The University of Colorado in Denver.

After four years graduates will pay $46,080 to earn a Bachelors degree.

If you are from another state expect to pay $28,830 per year to attend.

For a Bachelors degree, out of state residents will pay $115,320 upon graduation.

International students will pay $30,126 per year and pay $120,504 after graduation.

Students from many bordering states and even Alaska and Hawaii can attend for reduced fees, which can be discussed with an academic advisor.

Contact Information

  • Address: 1201 Larimer St. Denver, CO 80204
  • Phone: 303-315-5969
  • Website: www.ucdenver.edu

4University of Northern Colorado

Programs Offered:

Right between the gorgeous Rocky Mountains and the plains of Colorado is the University of Northern Colorado.

Smaller than the previous institutions, this public school is home to about 7,000 students each year.

The beautiful lush campus is just one of the many reasons to look into the University of Northern Colorado.

Plenty of dreams are made every day here with over 100 online and on campus programs.

One of the many programs that are both on campus and online is the Sociology Bachelors degree.

Students from all across the United States and beyond can attend classes here due to the virtual availability.

You’ll take on courses that will peak your interest throughout Sociology with names like:

  • Social Psychology, Family and Life Course
  • Deviance and Social Control
  • Inequality and Institutions
  • Principles of Sociology

Students will have the opportunity study abroad in areas like Ecuador, UK, Mexico and Spain.

Broaden your horizons as you take four years to complete a Bachelors degree here.

After graduation, it will be easy to find work in Sociology where you can help others in roles such as:

  • Labor Relations Specialist
  • Counselor
  • Caseworker
  • Police Officer


When you begin an application at the University of Northern Colorado, you’ll need to create an account.

This way, you can come back if you need to stop for any reason and can save all your information.

First year freshman, transfer, international, and military prospective students are welcome to apply.

It will cost $50 to submit an application and that is a non-refundable fee.

Along with your information, please submit your transcripts and ACT or SAT scores.

Once you have entered all of the above information, you will hear back from the school in about two weeks on their decision.


There are different tuition prices depending on where you live and the housing that you expect to have while studying at the University of Northern Colorado.

Colorado residents will pay $21,894 per year to attend but if you plan to use housing and meal plans, that price goes up to $51,280.

If you are from a surrounding state as well as Alaska or Hawaii, you’ll receive a small discount yearly and your tuition will be $31,512 or $60,898 if you use housing and meal plan amenities.

Those from other states or internationally will pay the most at $42,492 per year for base tuition and $71,878 for housing and meal plans.

Depending on your resident status and room and board, you could end up paying between $87,576 and $287,512 for a four year degree from this school.

Contact Information

  • Address: 501 West 20th St. Greeley, CO 80639
  • Phone: 970-351-1890
  • Website: www.unco.edu

5Western Colorado University

Programs Offered:

Take a look across campus and see the gorgeous mountain views while studying your favorite subjects at Western Colorado University.

Small and mighty, this school is home to about 3,000 students per year, with a mid-sized campus in the middle of nowhere.

You’ll love the landscapes, wildlife, and the fact that it was rated in the top 100 of Best Colleges in the Regional West of the United States by U.S. News and World Report.

Not only that, but the undergraduate programs are nothing to scoff at here as well.

From English to Psychology, every interest is given a chance to shine, but those who want to learn about society and how it works will love the Sociology Bachelors degree.

Along with general education courses, you will need to take on 39 credit hours of Sociology courses that include:

  • Self and Society
  • Social Inequalities
  • Sociological Theory
  • Environmental Sociology

This should take you about four years to complete and give you a wide range of education  in Sociology.

Take what you have learned and find a lifelong career in many areas, such as:

  • Securities Broker
  • School Counselor
  • Probation Officer
  • Journalist


Sign up on the website to begin an application for Western Colorado University.

Under the admissions tab, you’ll find options for all types of students from first year freshman to international.

Along with your personal information, you’ll need to provide the following paperwork to be considered for admission:

  • ACT or SAT test scores
  • Transcripts from high school are previous education

It is also necessary to submit a $30 non-refundable application fee.

Prospective students will need to have at least a 3.12 GPA in order to be considered for admission at Western Colorado University.

After completing all of the above criteria, you’ll hear back in about a week or two and then you can sign up for orientation, take a campus tour, and enroll in classes.


In state tuition for Colorado residents can range from $7,128 per year to $22,016 depending on if you apply for room and board.

This can add up to $28,512 to $88,064 after four years of education.

If you are from out of state, you’ll pay a bit more at $19,728 to $34,616 depending on those amenities as well.

Bachelors degrees will take four years to complete, so out of state learners could pay between $78,912 and $138,464 upon graduation.

Contact Information

  • Address: 1 Western Way Gunnison, CO 81231
  • Phone: 970-943-2237
  • Website: www.western.edu

6Regis University

Programs Offered:

Denver, Colorado is host to many great universities including Regis University.

This Jesuit Catholic school invites all students from diverse backgrounds to roam its campus.

As a private school, you will be provided a more individualized education with a class roster of just about 2,000.

While there are sports teams at Regis University, there are no sororities or fraternities, but plenty of student led organizations to get into.

Those who have interests in social change, diversity, and society will love the Sociology major.

This Bachelors degree program provides four years of knowledge through courses like:

  • Global Environmental Awareness
  • Diversity and Cultural Tradition
  • Survey of Social Change
  • Urban Studies

If you like learning about people and want to work with them, then this is the best major for you.

After graduation, take on the world of Sociology in roles such as:

  • Marketing Research Analyst
  • Marriage and Family Therapist
  • Interviewer
  • Historian


Regis University has an easy and free application right on the website which shouldn’t take too long to fill out.

Along with your application, be ready to submit the following information:

  • Transcripts from high school
  • Personal statement
  • Letter of recommendation

Academic advisors would love if you planned a campus tour to make sure that Regis University is exactly what you are looking for in a college.

Transfer and returning students should also submit transcripts from previous education to ensure all credits are counted.

It should take about four weeks to hear back about the admissions decision.


Expect to pay $41,990 per year to attend Regis University if you plan to live on campus.

After four years, graduates will pay $163,320 in total to attend this school.

If you are not planning to live on campus, the yearly tuition is $15,450 and for four years that total comes out to $61,800.

You may acquire other fees like:

  • Meal plans – $322-$3,026
  • Activity fee – $225
  • Health insurance – $2,458

Financial aid and scholarships are available through this university.

Contact Information

  • Address: 3333 Regis Blvd. Denver, CO 80221
  • Phone: 800-388-2366
  • Website: www.regis.edu

7Metropolitan State University-Denver

Programs Offered:

Another Denver centered school is Metropolitan State University which is a public school that was founded in 1963.

Larger than a couple of the other Denver housed schools on our list, this is a great place for those who want a more urban setting.

Ranked in the top 50 for Public Schools by the U.S. News and World Report, Metropolitan State University in Denver will lead you toward innovation.

Currently, there are 131 programs to choose from here, and many of them can be found online as well.

This means you won’t need to be in Colorado in order to take part in the education here.

Students who want to study Sociology will be able to do so online or on campus.

Classes are taught by industry professionals and will help you get a head start in your career.

Completing 120 credit hours will get you one step closer to walking across that stage on graduation day.

After graduating, many doors in Sociology will open up for you in areas like government, education, and healthcare, like roles including:

  • Paralegal
  • Urban Planner
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • School Counselor


Everything is free to do when it comes to applying to Metropolitan State University in Denver.

It is also easy to do and everything can be done right from the school’s website.

You will want to keep in mind that there are deadlines throughout the year, so make sure you pay attention to those so you don’t miss anything important.

First year freshman, transfer students, returning students and even military students are welcome to apply.

You’ll want to submit the following information along with your application if you are under 19 years old:

  • Unofficial and official transcripts
  • Personal statement
  • Letter of recommendation

For those who are over 20 or have college experience, you will need to fill out the transfer student application which is provided right next to the first year freshman application on the website.

Once you have completed all of this and provided your financial aid information, you are on your way to starting classes at Metropolitan State University in Denver.


People who live in Colorado will pay $4,181 per year to attend this school while those from out of state will pay $11,314 per year.

Four years of education will cost Colorado residents $16,724 at Metropolitan State University in Denver.

Other state residents will need to pay $45,256 in order to graduate from Metropolitan State University in Denver.

Financial aid and scholarships are available for almost all students who attend this school.

Contact Information

  • Address: 890 Auraria Pkwy. Denver, CO 80217
  • Phone: 303-556-5740
  • Website: www.msudenver.edu

8University of Denver

Programs Offered:

The University of Denver is another private institution for those who want to find a school in Denver, Colorado.

Here, you will be among 6,000 other classmates who have the same goals as you.

Located right where the Great Plains meet the Rocky Mountains, the culture and dynamics of the University of Colorado will leave you in awe.

Through research and exploration you will be able to discover your passions no matter what they could be.

One of the several undergraduate majors that can be found at the University of Denver is the Sociology Bachelors degree.

It should take about four years to complete a degree at this school, which is typical for a Bachelors degree.

This is the perfect program for those who want to understand gender, diversity, society and human behavior.

Look within yourself and your fellow man in courses that include:

  • Micro-politics of Race
  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Gender in Sociology
  • Quantitative Research Methods

Students will also be required to take on an internship throughout their senior year to get a more hands-on experience in Sociology.

Along with that, you are invited to take part in the Partners in Scholarship program, which allows students to collaborate with faculty on research.

No matter how you decide to learn at the University of Denver, after graduation you will be ready to take pride in your career in Sociology in roles like:

  • Career Specialist
  • Hospital Administrator
  • Environmental Specialist
  • Criminologist


At the University of Denver, you can expect to find a diverse group of people.

Here, you’ll get to enroll right online, which is fairly simple and easy to do.

Just complete the application with your personal information and have the following paperwork ready to go:

  • Proof of at least a 3.8 GPA from high school or previous college
  • SAT and/or ACT scores
  • Personal essay
  • Letter of recommendation

Transfer students with a previous GPA of 3.0 are accepted and most course credits are awarded.

After completing your application, it may take up to two weeks to hear back about the status of your enrollment.


If you live on campus, expect to pay $76,389 per year which includes housing and meal plans.

Books and transportation will cost about $2,611 per year as well.

Since it does take four years to complete a Bachelors degree, most graduates will end up paying $305,556.

Those who live off campus will pay $$59,340 a year, with books adding up to about $1,000 a year.

This means that off campus students will pay $241,360 in total for their college degree.

There are options for scholarships as well as financial aid for qualifying students.

Contact Information

  • Address: 2199 South University Blvd. Denver, CO 80208
  • Phone: 303-871-2000
  • Website: www.du.edu

9Colorado Mesa University

Programs Offered:

In Grand Junction, Colorado the small public school known as Colorado Mesa University is fulfilling dreams every day.

With a semester based program, students from all over can come to enjoy the city-style campus that houses about 10,000 students yearly.

Students have the chance to study over 80 different programs here, many of them can be found online as well.

Colorado Mesa University has a comprehensive Sociology program that is a campus-based plan that should take about four years to complete.

This Bachelors degree is the study of social life, organizations, and society which helps students better understand human behavior and sociological implications on culture.

Along with general education classes, students will be part of the discussion in courses like:

  • Social Problems
  • Political Sociology
  • Sociology of Religion
  • Sociology of Health and Illness

Completing the majority of your courses means you will be ready to take on an internship.

This will give you hands-on experience in the real world in Colorado at government buildings, schools, hospitals and much more.

Once you gradate from Colorado Mesa University, you will be on your way to a lifelong career in Sociology that may include:

  • Elementary School Teacher
  • Child Welfare Officer
  • Gerontologist
  • Program Specialist


Head to the school’s website to find the application under the admissions tab.

Here, you’ll be able to fill out your personal information and get ready to enroll in classes.

You will want to provide the following information along with your application:

  • $40 application fee
  • Official high school transcripts
  • GED scores if applicable
  • Optional SAT or ACT scores
  • Any college credits earned

If you are applying as a transfer student, you will want to show proof of up to 24 credit hours as well.

Veteran and international students have their own set of requirements provided on the website.


Students from Colorado will pay $20,222 if they plan to live and eat on campus, but those who want to live elsewhere will pay $17,704.

Out of state students will have a tuition of $47,106 per year, but if you plan to use housing and meal plans, that yearly tuition goes up to $84,070.

Since it takes four years to complete a degree, students will have a wide range of tuition costs after graduation.

In state students will pay anywhere from $80,888 to $109,336 while out of state students will pay $139,692 to $168,140 after graduation.

Contact Information

  • Address: 1100 North Ave. Grand Junction, CO 81501
  • Phone: 970-248-1020
  • Website: www.coloradomesa.edu

10Adams State University

Programs Offered:

Our last school in Colorado is Adams State University, which is in Alamosa, where you can see gorgeous mountain views off in the distance.

Considered the most diverse school in Colorado, Adams State University is a learning institution that links community and education to form bright and beautiful minds.

There are about 2,000 students who enroll here each year, making this quite a small school.

This means you’ll have individualized attention from professors who know exactly what they are talking about in their various fields.

One of the many programs available at Adams State University is the Sociology Bachelors degree.

This program is both online and in person, which means you can stay home and learn if that is something you would like to do.

Either way you decide, you won’t need to stick to the classroom in order to gain knowledge in this field, especially with internships, field study, and much more.

Consider this program your gateway to understanding society in courses that include:

  • Criminology
  • Social Problems
  • Rural Sociology
  • Social Statistics

Completing these courses and enrolling in an internship locally will help you gain knowledge in hands-on ways and provide learning environments that can’t be found in the classroom.

It should take about four years to finish this degree, and once you have graduated you will see many doors open up for you in roles such as:

  • Family Guidance Case Worker
  • Human Services Worker
  • Peace Corps
  • Medical Social Worker


Choose whether you are an undergraduate or graduate applier to get started on the Adams State University website.

Then, you’ll get to fill out your personal information including submitting transcripts, and test scores.

All applicants should have at least a 2.91 GPA in order to apply to this school.

The enrollment process is very easy, and once you hear back on the status of your application you can sign up for a campus tour, orientation, and then begin looking into what classes you need to fulfill your degree requirements.


Colorado residents who live on campus will pay $9,552 per year to attend Adams State University.

After four years, this total comes out to $38,208 upon graduation.

Those who do not plan to live on campus will pay $6,072 per year and $24,288 after four years.

Non-residents who stay on campus at Adams State University will have a yearly tuition of $21,846 and a fee of $87,384 upon graduation.

Financial aid and scholarships are available for all students.

Contact Information

  • Address: 201 Edgemont Blvd. Alamosa, CO 81101
  • Phone: 719-587-7011
  • Website: www.adams.edu

Final Thoughts

Now that you have had a chance to see all of the incredible schools Colorado has to offer we hope you have been able to narrow down your choices.

Sociology is an important and necessary part of today’s world, and finding the right school is just the first step.

We wish you luck in your endeavors and hope you are ready to take on four years of the rest of your life.

Jamie Willis
Career Specialist at BecomeopediaHi, my name is Jamie Willis, and I have been helping students find their perfect internships and education paths for the last ten years. It is a passion of mine, and there really is nothing better than seeing students of mine succeed with further studies.