10 Best Sociology Bachelor's Degree Schools in Arkansas

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The Natural State is one of the most gorgeous states in the country, bordered by the Ozark Mountains and Mississippi River, the natural beauty is unmatched.

Outdoor adventurers can visit the Mammoth Spring State Park or Hot Springs that provide water more than 143 degrees in temperature.

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Not only that, but some of the greatest universities exist within the borders of Arkansas as well, public universities as well as private institutions.

Whether you want to earn your degree online or in person, there is a choice for every Sociology major in Arkansas.

1University of Arkansas

Programs Offered:

As one of the nation’s top research universities, the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville is the perfect spot to earn your degree.

With a student-first philosophy, you won’t go wrong spending your days at this large campus.

With over 29,000 students patrolling the grounds each year, there are hundreds of new and interesting clubs and organizations to get into for every interest.

Just over 100 majors are available for all types of diverse students here, including the Sociology Bachelors degree.

With a Sociology Bachelors degree, which can be obtained in about four years, graduates are able to proclaim hundreds of necessary and important jobs throughout the country.

This program helps people understand how society works and why humans do what they do.

Along with general education classes, students will partake in courses steeped in Sociology and psychology such as:

  • Social Problems
  • Criminological Theories
  • Serial Crime
  • Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality

Not only will you spend time in the classroom learning about diversity, organizational and business environments as well as data analytics, you’ll be able to take part in internships throughout the area.

Completing your internship and finishing courses with good grades means you’ll be on your way to a rewarding career in Sociology which could include:

  • Program Supervisor
  • Survey Research Technician
  • Community Health Worker
  • Environmental Specialist


Head to the University of Arkansas website to fill out the easy application.

You will need to create a login screen name in order to complete the application.

Don’t forget to supply the following information as well:

  • SAT or ACT scores
  • Transcripts from high school or previous university education if you are transferring

It should take about two weeks to hear back from an academic advisor.

At which time, you’ll be able to set up a campus tour, orientation, and enroll in classes.


At the University of Arkansas, tuition is charged by the credit hour.

The price of a credit hour is $255.51 no matter where they live.

The average Bachelors degree requires 120 credit hours to complete which means that students at the University of Arkansas will pay $30,661.20 upon graduation.

Financial aid and scholarships are available at this school for students who will need some assistance to pay for their tuition.

Contact Information

  • Address: 1 University of Arkansas Fayetteville, AR 72701
  • Phone:479-575-2000
  • Website: www.uark.edu

2Ouachita Baptist University

Programs Offered:

At Ouachita Baptist University, students are encouraged to practice a commitment to learning and have a foundation in religion.

Though, you don’t need to be Baptist or follow any religion in order to enroll at this university.

Ouachita Baptist University has been around for over 130 years, and with over 100,000 alumni, you could be among the greats if you choose to go here.

Ranked among the nations top colleges, students will find small class sizes and intelligent professors who have experience in what they teach.

Here, you will find both undergraduate and graduate programs, with Sociology as a choice at both levels.

With the Sociology Bachelors degree, students will take four years to study societal change influences and how human behavior affects others.

This program provides hands-on experience in the classroom and with research in courses such as:

  • Consumer Behavior
  • History of World Societies
  • Concepts of Wellness
  • Social Entrepreneurship

After four years of learning, students will have the required knowledge to take on any Sociology career they so choose, which may include:

  • Business Analyst
  • Employment Specialist
  • Program Planner
  • Urban Planner


Start your admission journey with contacting an academic counselor to make sure you will get the exact education you dream of at Ouachita Baptist University.

Once you have decided to enroll here, you can go to the website to find the admissions tab and begin the process.

Enter in your personal information to complete the application.

Along with your application, you will need to submit your transcripts from high school or previous education.

Then, submit your completed application and it should take about two weeks to hear back from the school about the status of our acceptance.


Tuition at Ouachita Baptist University is $15,890 per year for students who do not take part in room and board.

For those who want to enroll in room and board amenities, that amount goes up to $41,720 per year.

Since it takes four years to complete a Bachelors degree, graduates pay between $63,560 and $166,880 to earn a degree.

Financial aid and scholarships are available for this school.

Contact Information

  • Address: 410 Ouachita St. Arkadelphia, AR 71998
  • Phone: 870-245-5000
  • Website: www.obu.edu

3University of Arkansas-Little Rock

Programs Offered:

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock is a renowned research facility that provides a flexible learning environment to students.

Not only will students be able to learn from the most educated professors, they will get to be a part of the solution when they conduct research through a variety of programs.

At the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, you’ll be able to find your passion in one of the 60 undergraduate degree programs.

Those who want to help understand society and the human mind can look into the Sociology program offered here.

It will take 120 credit hours to complete a Bachelors degree in Sociology, 45 of those being upper class levels.

Students will also be required to take on a foreign language in this program, however most of the classes are designed to help you understand and succeed in a sociological mindset.

Take a look at some of the classes that you will need to take in order to graduate:

  • Research Methods
  • Social Statistics
  • Classic Sociological Theory
  • Contemporary Sociological Theory

Those who are in their senior year will need to create a capstone project that showcases. how much they have learned over the past four years of their time at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

Completing this project and maintaining good grades will allow you to graduate and move on to the career of your dreams in Sociology.

Several careers will open up for you in this field, including roles like:

  • Community Health Worker
  • Urban Planner
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Paralegal


The application for the University of Arkansas in Little Rock can be found right on the school’s website.

Under the admissions tab, you’ll be able to complete the easy application.

Along with your personal information, you’ll need to supply the following paperwork:

  • Transcripts from high school or previous education
  • GED if necessary
  • SAT or ACT scores
  • Proof of age (24 years or older)

There is a $40 non-refundable application fee for all submissions here.

Military, international, and transfer students are welcome to apply here as well.


Arkansas residents will pay $9,528 per year in tuition costs.

If you plan to use the amenities of room and board, you will pay $18,333 per year.

A four year degree will cost graduates $73,332 in total.

If you are not from Arkansas, the average tuition per year including room and board is $30,584.

Upon graduation, the typical amount paid is $122,336.

Payment plans, financial aid, scholarships, and grants are all available for students interested in learning at this university.

Contact Information

  • Address: 2801 S. University Ave. Little Rock, AR 72204
  • Phone: 501-916-3000
  • Website: www.ualr.edu

4University of Central Arkansas

Programs Offered:

In Conway, Arkansas, you will find the University of Central Arkansas which is a public, learning-focused institution.

Founded in 1907, the school has grown to accommodate round 10,000 students each year.

Though there are many classmates at the University of Central Arkansas, there are still small class sizes with about 15 students to one professor.

This means you’ll receive the individualized attention needed to succeed in all of your courses.

Within the Sociology, Criminology, and Anthropology department, students can partake in the Sociology Bachelors degree program.

If you are interested in the scientific study of society, you’ll do great learning in this department.

Along with classmates with the same interests, you’ll take part in research, discussion, and comprehensive education that will lead you toward a path of success.

Some of the courses that are required to pass in order to graduate in this field are:

  • Principles of Sociology
  • Sociology of Youth
  • Marriage and Families
  • Medical Sociology

You will be provided a vast array of knowledge in this program, and students are welcome to take part in internships and independent study to find their niche.

Once you have completed the internship and accumulated good grades, you will be ready to take on the world of Sociology in a career like the following:

  • Technical Writer
  • Business Analyst
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Special Agent


You can apply to the University of Central Arkansas at any time as there are rolling acceptance dates.

No matter what type of student you are, you are welcome to apply, like:

  • Freshmen with no previous college credits
  • Transfer
  • Readmitters
  • Post-Bachelors learners
  • Visiting learners
  • Online
  • International
  • Graduate

Head to the school’s website and find the admissions tab to get started.

Create an account on the website and then submit a $25 non-refundable fee to begin your application.

Fill out your personal information and include the following paperwork:

  • Transcripts from high school or previous college education
  • SAT or ACT scores

Once you have submitted all of your information and paperwork, it typically takes about three weeks to hear back from the school on your admission status.


Tuition at the University of Central Arkansas is $9,778 for in state students.

The average Bachelors degree takes four years to finish, which will make tuition $39,112 upon graduation.

International and out of state students will pay $16,726 per year.

That will be about $66,904 in tuition costs upon graduation.

Online students pay about $5,230 dollars per semester, or $41,840 after four years.

Living on campus will be an extra fee which is between $2,300 and $3,887 per semester, while meal plans can cost up to $2,130.

Contact Information

  • Address: 201 Donaghey Ave. Conway, AR 72035
  • Phone: 501-450-5000
  • Website: www.uca.edu

5Arkansas State University

Programs Offered:

Founded in 1909, Arkansas State University has been around for over 100 years and is still thriving today.

Students from all over the world join this great campus either virtually or in person to realize their dreams.

Focused on creating leaders, this public school is the perfect spot for people who want a mid-sized campus to roam and hundreds of activities to choose from.

You will find yourself in the midst of Jonesboro, Arkansas at Arkansas State University where you can complete a number of comprehensive degrees including the Sociology Bachelors degree.

The great thing about a degree from Arkansas State University is that students can even earn one online, which is possible for people who live in Arkansas as well as students from all across the world.

Arkansas State University provides Sociology majors with a plethora of organizations to join, research to get their hands in, and much more, as well as classes that will satisfy your craving for understanding.

These courses will include topics such has:

  • Social Problems
  • Juvenile Delinquency
  • Perspective on Death and Dying
  • Social Deviance

In order to maintain in the Sociology department, students will need to keep a 3.0 GPA average.

Graduating from Arkansas State University is a big deal and will provide many open doors in careers like:

  • Historian
  • Journalist
  • Corrections Officer
  • Community Service Manager


The best way to begin your journey to a Bachelors degree at Arkansas State University is to complete a campus tour.

This way, you’ll know if this school is right for you.

After you have decided that this is the best place for you, head over to the website to begin the application.

Arkansas State University does require students to meet criteria in order to be considered for admission, such as:

  • 3.0 high school GPA
  • 19 minimum ACT score or 990 SAT score
  • Class rank of top 20%

The application is easy and can be done in about thirty minutes, depending on if you have all of the paperwork ready to go.

This paperwork will include:

  • $30 application fee
  • High school transcript
  • ACT/SAT scores
  • Immunization records

Transfer students will need to submit the above paperwork as well as information on previous college experience.


Arkansas residents pay $8,610 per year to attend this school while out of state students pay $15,930.

After four years of school residential students will pay $34,440 after graduation, and out of state students will end up paying $63,720.

Online students will typically pay $27,480 upon graduation and international students will have a bill of $30,240.

Room and board can be different depending on meal plans and the type of dorm you live in, this can be discussed with an academic advisor.

Contact Information

  • Address: 2400 Aggie Rd. Jonesboro, AR 72401
  • Phone: 870-972-2100
  • Website: www.astate.edu

6Arkansas Technical University

Programs Offered:

Arkansas Tech University is a mid-sized public school that is located in Russellville, Arkansas.

With less than 9,000 students attending each year, you’ll find a small class of knowledgable individuals throughout this rural campus.

Students from all across the United States come here to enjoy the good weather, interesting people and vast educational experiences.

One of the several departments that are focused on the human mind, behavior, and society is the Sociology department where you can find the Sociology Bachelors degree.

The Sociology department at Arkansas Tech University has won the ATU Faculty Excellence award in all areas since 2015.

Within this department, students can take classes online, in person, or a blend of each.

This gives the opportunity for students from other places besides Arkansas to enjoy the accolades of this great university.

You’ll find all of the courses are interesting and help to increase knowledge in Sociology, which will include:

  • Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
  • Rehabilitation Science
  • Criminal Justice
  • Classical Theories of Sociology

Once you have general knowledge of Sociology in your junior or senior year, you will be welcomed to take on an internship that will help focus on real-world data to improve your chances of being hired after graduation.

Completing four years of education means that you will be able to step out into the real world and take on roles in careers such as:

  • Social Worker
  • Probation Officer
  • Community Development Officer
  • Insurance Agent


Both online and on-campus programs are available for students here, and both applications can be found right on the school’s website.

In order to begin your application, you will need to create an account on the site, that way you can come back if you need to leave your application for any reason.

While applying, make sure you include financial aid and housing information to get all of the amenities you need.

Other important information you’ll need to include with your application is:

  • Transcripts from high school or previous education
  • SAT or ACT scores

A decision from the school can come in about a week or two, then you’ll get ready for orientation and enrolling in classes.


Tuition for in state students is $5,820 for one year of schooling.

After four years, the average Bachelors degree graduate will end up paying $23,280.

Students form out of state will pay $11,640 per year.

This means that out of state students will pay $46,560 upon graduation.

Rooms at Arkansas Tech University can vary, but range between $1,860 and $2,601 per semester.

Meal plans cost between $300 and $800 per semester.

Some other fees that may apply include:

  • Activity fee – $30
  • Library fee – $8.60
  • Technology fee – $50

Contact Information

  • Address: 215 West O St. Russellville, AR 72801
  • Phone: 479-968-0389
  • Website: www.atu.edu

7University of the Ozarks

Programs Offered:

The private school known as the University of the Ozarks is located in Clarksville, Arkansas where students have been achieving their dreams since 1834.

There are less than 800 students attending this school per year, which is small compared to many of the other universities on our list.

A well-rounded education is right around the corner if you choose to attend this school, which has been ranked number 6 in Regional Southern Schools by U.S. News and World Report.

Though the school may be small, there are still 60 majors to choose from when it comes to deciding what to do with your future.

Among those is the Sociology Bachelors degree, designed to provide students with knowledge of diversity, inclusivity, and how society works.

Outcomes of a Sociology Bachelor degree from the University of the Ozarks include:

  • Sociolocal prospective
  • Social theories and research methods
  • Analysis of the human social culture

You’ll find a variety of courses taught by industry professionals on campus at the University of the Ozarks, which will include classes like:

  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Race, Class, and Gender
  • Social Theory
  • Health Policy

Students within this program will also get the chance to study abroad to widen their horizons on social issues and culture.

Each course will take you one step closer to earning a degree, which will take about four years to complete.

After finishing your degree at this school, you will be ready to step into the real-world and take on careers in Sociology which may look like:

  • School Counselor
  • Social Science Statistician
  • Correctional Treatment Specialist
  • Private Investigator


Incoming freshman, transfer students and returning students are all welcome to submit an application at the University of the Ozarks.

In order to apply, you’ll need to go to the website and create an account.

Once you have done that, it is time to fill out your information.

You will want to include the following pieces of information with your application;

  • Transcripts from high school or previous education
  • ACT or SAT scores
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Writing sample

It is likely that you will need to conduct an interview with an academic advisor as well.

Once you have been notified of your acceptance, you will need to pay a $200 deposit fee to hold your spot at the school.

It should take about two weeks to a month to hear back on the status of your application.


Average tuition costs at the University of the Ozarks per year is $24,950.

For those who want to use room and board, that number goes up to $34,768 per year.

It takes four years to complete a degree here, so the average graduate will have a bill between $99,800 and $139,072.

Financial aid and scholarships are a way to help pay for college and are available for all students who attend this school.

Contact Information

  • Address: 415 North College Ave. Clarksville, AR 72830
  • Phone: 479-979-1000
  • Website: www.ozarks.edu

8Philander Smith College

Programs Offered:

Little Rock provides another university, however this one is a private institution that goes by the name Philander Smith College.

Just over 700 students attend this tiny school each year, and with rankings in the top 20 for Regional Southern Colleges by U.S. News and World Report this is another great school for those who want a break from the hustle and bustle of a big city.

Founded in 1877, this school has been a small sensation throughout Arkansas for over 130 years.

Small class sizes, big energy professors, and comprehensive syllabi have created a well-rounded education system for a diverse student body.

Among the 21 undergraduate majors offered here, you will find the Sociology Bachelors degree.

With a degree in Sociology, students can take their classes online or in person on campus.

Sociology will focus on rules, roles, and relationships in society, which will take 124 credit hours, or four years, to fully complete at Philander Smith College.

Though you will take on general education classes in this degree program, you will also focus on Sociology as a whole in classes such as:

  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Problems of Aging
  • Human Factors
  • Cultural Anthropology

Degrees in Sociology open up many doors in a wide variety of careers in all aspects of life, like government, education, healthcare, and much more.

You’ll be quick to find a great life-long career in Sociology once you graduate from Philander Smith College.

Expect doors to open up for you in careers that include:

  • Diversity Manager
  • Social Psychologist
  • Labor Relations Consultant
  • Probation Officer


In order to be considered for admissions, you’ll need to head to the school’s website to fill out the simple application.

Freshman, transfer students, international and returning students are all welcome to apply.

Along with your personal information, you will want to submit a transcript to ensure all of the necessary paperwork is completed.

It is required to submit ACT or SAT scores as well as immunization records to be considered for admission at Philander Smith College.

Then, you’ll want to complete financial aid information.

Once you do all of this, an academic advisor will contact you about 2 weeks after submitting.


Full time students will pay $11,804 per year to attend this school.

Room and board is an additional $10,000 per year for a total of $21,804.

This means that students will pay between $47,216 and $87,216 to attend Philander Smith College.

Other fees that may apply include:

  • Health services – $100
  • Books – $1,000
  • Technology – $105

Contact Information

  • Address: 900 West Daisy L Gatson Bates Dr. Little Rock, AR 72202
  • Phone: 501-375-9845
  • Website: www.philander.edu

9St. Louis University

Programs Offered:

Our first out of state school is St. Louis University which is located in Missouri.

St. Louis University is one of the oldest Catholic universities within the United States.

Don’t let that intimidate you though, as you can be of any religion to study here.

Nearly 13,000 students roam this campus every day, and you’ll certainly find a diverse group of people to interact and get along with.

Among the over one hundred degree programs offered at St. Lous University, you’ll be happy to know that there is a Sociology degree provided as well.

Though Arkansas residents will need to move here in order to take part in the education, it will be worth it when you take courses in Sociology like:

  • Ways of Thinking
  • Anthropological Theory
  • Aesthetics, History and Culture
  • Elementary Statistics

Students are also welcome to choose a concentration for their degree:

  • Health and Medicine
  • Law, Crime and Deviance
  • Urbanization, Immigration and Demography

Each concentration will take four years to complete and will require specific classes in order to graduate.

Along with that, students will need to take on a capstone project to showcase all they have learned in their four years at St. Lous University.

It is also recommended to take on an internship in order to gain hands-on experience in the field.

Once you have graduated from St. Louis University, you can find careers in Arkansas, Missouri, and all across the world in roles such as:

  • Survey Research Technician
  • Labor Relations Consultant
  • FBI Agent
  • Consumer Rights Organizer


First time freshman, transfer students, returning students, and even international students are all welcome to apply to St. Louis University.

The first thing that you should do when considering admission here is head to the website and find the admissions tab.

There, you can complete your application and include the following information:

  • SAT or ACT scores
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Professional resumé
  • Transcripts from high school or previous education

It should take about thirty minutes to finish your application.

Once you have filled out all the required information and submitted, it should take about two weeks to hear from an academic advisor.

At which time, the school will conduct an academic interview.

Upon submission of your application you will be entered into several scholarships that can be used to offset the costs of tuition.


Both in state and out of state students will pay $24,900 per year to attend St. Louis University.

Since it takes four years to complete a Bachelors degree, the average graduate will have a bill of $99,600.

Housing and meal plans are extra amenities that are not included in these prices, and should be discussed with your academic advisor.

Financial aid, scholarships, and grants are an important part of this educational system and are available to everyone.

Contact Information

  • Address: 1 North Grand Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63103
  • Phone: 800-758-3678
  • Website: www.slu.edu

10University of Tennessee

Programs Offered:

The last school on our list is another out of state public institution by the name of the University of Tennessee.

Located in the big city of Knoxville, you will never find a shortage of things to do while studying here.

What was once a small college is now a massive university, in fact it is the flagship school in Tennessee and also a well-known research facility.

Arkansas residents will need to move to Tennessee in order to partake in the education here as this is an on-campus degree.

There are over 100 undergraduate majors to look into at the University of Tennessee, and those who are interested in learning about society and how human behavior affects all of us will enjoy the Sociology Bachelors degree.

The University of Tennessee offers different concentrations for Sociology, which include:

  • Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • Critical Race and Ethnic Studies
  • Environmental Sociology

Students are welcome to stay in the general Sociology majors as well.

No matter which course you decide to travel on, you will be ready to take on a career in Sociology in classes that are focused on topics like:

  • Statistical Reasoning
  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Sociological Theory
  • Sociological Research

Once you are in your senior year, you are ready to take on the capstone project, which will showcase how much you have learned over the four years it took to earn a degree.

Students will also need to volunteer or take on an internship in order to graduate.

Completing all 124 credit hours will lead you toward a successful career in Sociology like:

  • Historian
  • Law Enforcement Officer
  • Civil Lawyer
  • Management Trainee


Everyone is welcome to apply at the University of Tennessee from first year freshman to international learners.

The first step you should take is a campus tour, whether virtual or in person, to make sure the school is right for you.

Next, you’ll want to go to the website to fill out the application.

There is a $50 non-refundable fee for all applications submitted.

Along with your application, please include the following information:

  • SAT or ACT scores
  • Essay
  • Recommendation letter
  • Transcripts from high school or previous education

The University of Tennessee requires prospective students to meet the following criteria to be considered for enrollment:

  • Extracurricular and leadership activities
  • Awards
  • Special talents or skills
  • Rigor of high school curriculum
  • Standardized test scores

It will take about two weeks to hear back from an academic advisor about the status of your application.


Tennessee residents will pay $12,844 per year to attend this school.

Since a Bachelors degree requires four years of education, the total amount of tuition upon graduation is $51,376.

Students from other states will pay $35,844 per year at the University of Tennessee.

The average non-residential graduate will pay $143,376 upon graduation from this university.

These numbers do not include room and board, which can be found when discussing options with an academic advisor once you have been admitted to the school.

Contact Information

  • Address: Knoxville, TN 37996
  • Phone: 865-974-1000
  • Website: www.utk.edu

Final Thoughts

These ten schools will give you an idea of great places to learn in Arkansas.

From Little Rock to Russellville, there is something for everyone right here in the state as well as the bordering states like Tennessee and Missouri.

We hope our list will help you narrow down your choices and help you get the degree in Sociology that you dream of.

Jamie Willis
Career Specialist at BecomeopediaHi, my name is Jamie Willis, and I have been helping students find their perfect internships and education paths for the last ten years. It is a passion of mine, and there really is nothing better than seeing students of mine succeed with further studies.