10 Best Public Health Bachelor's Degree Schools in North Dakota

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North Dakota, located the midwest of the United States, is known for its Great Plains and Native American history.

Considering its size, you would be surprised to know that North Dakota is one of the least populated states in the country.

This could be why there aren’t many universities located within the borders of the community.

That shouldn’t stop you from deciding on a place to educate yourself in the great state of North Dakota.

You’ll find one of the biggest universities here, and plenty of opportunities within other states as well as online to fulfill your dreams of working in Public Health.

Either way you slice it, there is something for everyone on our list of the ten best places to earn a Bachelors degree in Public Health for North Dakota residents and beyond.

1University of North Dakota

Programs Offered:

The campus of the University of North Dakota is a busy 521 acres, so much to do and see for students and faculty alike.

Founded in 1883, before the state was even established, the school has been a leader in higher education.

The University of North Dakota is even the largest university in the entire state.

So, if you are a North Dakota resident, or even someone from another state, and are looking for a bustling college experience, look no further.

There are over 200 majors to choose from at this public university, where alumni have reached over 130,000.

If that isn’t a testament to the great school, we don’t know what is.

Not only that, but there are both online and on-campus options, so if you don’t want to deal with a busy campus every day, you can take your education on the internet.

Now, for those people who want to give back to their community and work in healthcare, the university has a great Public Health Bachelors degree program.

This is perfect for people who want to make their communities healthier and teach people how to treat their bodies right.

It will take you about four years to complete your Bachelors degree here, and your focus will be on courses like:

  • Biostatistics
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Health Policy and Management
  • Epidemiology

One of the great aspects of learning at the University of North Dakota is that you can earn a Masters degree right after earning a Bachelors, and it only takes an extra year.

The University of North Dakota boasts 100% employment rate of graduates 6 months after graduating, and you could be among those numbers.

It will be easy to procure a career in any healthcare field once you have earn that degree, including roles like:

  • Environmental Health Educator
  • Prevention Specialist
  • Infection Preventionist
  • Medical Resource Manager


Both first time freshman and returning students are welcome to apply to the University of North Dakota.

Students are rewarded for good grades in high school and are eligible for scholarships based on their academic GPA.

In order to obtain your scholarship at the University of North Dakota, your GPA must be:

  • 3.9 – $14,000
  • 3.7-3.89 – $11,000
  • 3.5-2.69 – $1,500

National Merit Scholarships are also available upon enrollment as well.

In order to begin applying to this school, head over to the website to fill out the simple application.

It should only take about twenty to thirty minutes to apply if you have all of the necessary paperwork ready to go, including: 

  • Transcripts from high school or previous education
  • SAT or ACT scores

There is a $35 non-refundable application fee for all applications submitted on the site.

It may take about two to three weeks to hear back from an academic advisor with the next steps in the process.


If you are a resident of North Dakota, you will pay $11,989 per year to attend.

Bachelors degrees require about four years to complete, so after graduation the total cost of attendance is $95,912.

If you decide to go to the University of North Dakota and you are not a resident of the state, you will pay $17,127 per year.

Non-residents will end up paying $68,508 upon graduation.

Housing and meal plans will add about $14,190 per year to that price for both non-residents and residents.

Contact Information

  • Address: 3501 University Ave. Grand Forks, ND 58202
  • Phone: 701-777-3000
  • Website: www.und.edu

2St. Thomas University

Programs Offered:

The first out of state school on our list is St. Thomas University located in St. Paul, Minnesota.

St. Thomas University has been voted best value in education by U.S. News and World Report.

This means you will get a quality education at a lower price than any other university in North Dakota or around the region.

If you are a North Dakota resident, you will need to move to Minnesota to attend this school, as there are only in-person classes at this time.

While studying at St. Thomas University, students are provided opportunities to study abroad, take part in research programs, and work/study field operations.

No matter which major you choose, you will find success with a degree from St. Thomas University.

Among the over 100 majors to choose from, the Public Health Bachelors degree is a great place to start for those interested in heading toward a healthcare career.

Let on by the Morrison Family College of Health, the Public Health Bachelors degree integrates, biology, sociology and psychology for a broad scope of healthcare.

There are several general education classes to take in this program, but you will also need to take some science-based curriculum like:

  • Statistics
  • Epidemiology
  • Global Health Issues
  • Chemistry

Every student who partakes in the Public Health program will need to take on an internship during their senior year.

This will lead you toward many great hands-on experiences as well as real-world instances for better understanding of Public Health before you begin your career.

It will take four years to complete this program, and after you graduate it will be easy to find a great career in roles that include:

  • Community Benefits Manager
  • Nutrition Services Coordinator
  • Violence Prevention Program Coordinator
  • Public Health Inspector


In order to apply to St. Thomas University, you will need to head over to the website.

Once there, you will find the easy online application that only takes minutes to fill out.

Along with your application, it is required to submit some important information, such as:

  • High school or previous education transcripts
  • Essay question
  • Letter of recommendation

Prospective students, however, won’t need to submit ACT or SAT scores in order to be considered for enrollment.

It is advised that all future students have at least a 3.3 GPA in order to be considered, but the school looks at a variety of factors submitted by individuals.

This university admits veterans, transfer students as well as international learners.


If you plan to attend St. Thomas University full time, you will spend $48,930 per year.

This means that after graduation you will pay $195,720 in tuition costs since a Bachelors degree requires a four year commitment.

For an additional $6,500 per semester students can live and eat on campus.

Other fees that may apply include:

  • Lab fee – $205
  • Technology fee – $120
  • Activity fee – $118
  • Health fee – $120

This school does have financial aid and scholarships available for all students.

Contact Information

  • Address: 2115 Summit Ave. St. Paul, MN 55105
  • Phone: 651-962-5000
  • Website: www.stthomas.edu

3University of South Dakota

Programs Offered:

If you head south to Vermillion, South Dakota, you will find another large school by the name of the University of South Dakota.

In 2022, the school was included in the list of best universities by U.S. News and World Report.

Considering the smaller size of this school, that is a big honor.

There are only about 10,000 people on campus throughout a semester at the University of South Dakota, so small class sizes and familiarity with professors and faculty is popular.

You’ll find incredible majors and organizations to get involved in here, and for those health-minded folks who love science, the Public Health Bachelors degree is perfect for you.

If you would rather earn your degree online, the University of South Dakota also has options for you to do so within the Public Health program.

Either way you decide to enroll, there are great opportunities ahead.

The evidence and research-based curriculum will get you far in the Public Health field with courses that include:

  • Social and Environmental Determinants of Health
  • Ethics of Public Health and Policy
  • Global Health
  • Health Care Delivery

While studying, students are given the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through the Public Health Collaborative Project.

Along with that, there are organizations that are student-led throughout the campus so you can sign up for what piques your interest.

One thing to keep in mind is that students who are from out of state will need to have prior authorization to work or study outside of South Dakota before enrolling.

This is a great school to start your journey in Public Health, and after you graduate you will be able to find roles in careers like:

  • Youth Outreach Coordinator
  • Employee Wellness Coordinator
  • Department Planner
  • Health Officer


For those interested in attending the University of South Dakota, academic advisors suggest taking a campus tour before enrolling so that you can make sure the school is right for you.

If you are ready to apply, head over to the website to fill out the easy online application.

Once there, you will find all the information you need to submit your application.

Don’t forget to include these important pieces of paperwork before clicking submit:

  • Transcripts from high school or previous education
  • ACT or SAT scores
  • Housing information
  • Financial aid information

An admissions advisor will contact you within two weeks to talk about move-in dates and orientations that are required before your first day at the University of South Dakota.


Residents of South Dakota will pay $18,856 annually which includes room and board.

After four years of education at the University of South Dakota, residents will end up paying $75,424 in total.

Without a meal plan or housing, the cost is $7,773 per year, which is about $31,902 upon graduation.

If you are a resident of Minnesota, you will pay$19,801 including room and board per year.

That total comes out to $79,204 once you have graduated from the school.

For those who come to the University of South Dakota from out of state, the annual tuition is $22,366 including room and board.

A four year degree at the University of South Dakota for out of state students is equal to $89,304.

Contact Information

  • Address: 414 East Clark St. Vermillion, SD 57069
  • Phone: 877-269-6837
  • Website: www.usd.edu

4Capella University

Programs Offered:

If an online degree is more your style, then check out the one offered by Capella University.

This is one of the oldest online education systems in the United States, and has thousands of alumni that can attest to the great education given here.

Every degree is accredited and can be done right from the comfort of your own home, no matter where you life.

This is perfect for North Dakota residents who want to stay home and take care of their family or work while studying.

One of the many degree programs offered at Capella University is the Public Health Bachelors degree.

Within this program, students learn fact and evidence-based information that can lead toward many healthcare related careers.

Among the 120 credit hours required for graduation, students will take general education classes as well as more specialized ones like:

  • Public Health and Policy Management
  • Biostatistics
  • Theories of Social and Behavioral Change
  • Environmental Health

Each class is taught by industry professionals who have experience in what they teach.

After graduation, you will have no problem finding a great career in North Dakota, or elsewhere in the United States.

Some of the careers that alumni have successfully held after graduating from Capella University include:

  • Education Program Manager
  • Health Coach
  • Wellness Coordinator
  • School Health Educator


In order to be considered for admission at Capella University, prospective students will need to meet the following standards:

  • Have a high school diploma or GED
  • Are 23 years of age or older
  • Submit official high school transcript
  • SAT or ACT scores

The online application process is easy and should take anywhere between twenty and thirty minutes.

There is a $50 application fee for this school.

It may take a week or two to hear back from an academic advisor about the status of your application, but once you have been accepted you can look into which courses best suit you.


Tuition at Capella university is $2,500 for full-time students per semester.

Each year, students will pay $5,000 for their education here.

Since it takes four years to complete a degree at Capella University, the average graduate will end up paying $20,000 for their online degree.

Additional fees may apply such as:

  • Application fee – $25
  • Resource kit – $75
  • Credit per earning – $75

Contact Information

  • Address: 225 South 6th St. 9th floor Minneapolis, MN 55402
  • Phone: 866-796-6651
  • Website: www.capella.edu

5South University

Programs Offered:

South University has locations all across the United States, however none of them are located in North Dakota.

But, don’t fret because there is an incredible online program that anyone around the country and even the world can partake in.

This practical and personal education system has been around for years and is expanding their knowledge base as we speak.

If you are interested in working in healthcare and want to study online, then the online Public Health Bachelors degree is a great option.

You will be met with adoration in small classes that are intimate and led by people who have experience in the field that they teach.

Along with general education courses, students are given the chance to work together in courses like:

  • Health Communication
  • Health Disparities
  • Legal and Ethical Issues
  • Policy and Research

There is no doubt that you will have a great impact on the world of Public Health and healthcare in general if you study and graduate from South University.

Once you have completed the four year degree, you will find it easy to gain employment in careers that include:

  • Patient Education Director
  • Community Outreach Coordinator
  • Cancer Information Specialist
  • Public Health Inspector


It is easy to enroll at South University, and there are many campuses across the United States to make it even simpler.

There are two ways to apply to South University, first you can call the school and have an academic advisor talk to you through the steps or you can fill out an application on the website.

If you fill out the application online, an academic advisor will call you or email you to set up the next steps in the process.

Once you have done that, a financial advisor will also get in touch with you to speak about ways to pay for school.


It costs about $28,763 per year to attend South University.

With a four year degree, the total amount of tuition for a graduate of South University comes out to $115,052.

Students who do not want to take part in room and board at their campus will pay $21,656 per year for a grand total of $86,624 after four years.

Grants, scholarships, and financial aid are all available for students of South University.

Contact Information

6American Public University

Programs Offered:

Working adults who have families will delight in the online program offered at American Public University.

While first year freshman are welcome to apply, this school is tailored to people who have jobs and families to contend with so that everything is self-paced and works for busy individuals.

The school is located in West Virginia, but North Dakota residents can easily take part in the education here as it is 100% virtual.

This means you can study and learn all at your home computer, even your books are online.

If you are looking to attend American Public University, you can find an all-encompassing Public Health Bachelors degree program.

Within the program, students are given the opportunity to important information about the healthcare industry like:

  • How to critically analyze the United States healthcare system
  • Creating efficient healthcare plans
  • How to appraise medical care
  • How to apply organizational designs

Every course available at this school will bring you one step closer to the career of your dreams.

You can expect to take biology and healthcare related courses, as well as some general education classes like math and English.

However, the majority of the time you will spend studying topics like:

  • Emergency and Disaster Management
  • Public Health Informatics
  • Research, Analysis and Writing
  • Public Health in America

Classes begin all year round, so take a look at the website to see when you can enroll next.

It takes about four years to finish a degree here, but some students take longer as everything is self-paced.

Once you have learned all you can from American Public University, you will be able to show your knowledge in careers that include:

  • Diabetes Educator
  • Health Education Director
  • Cultural Competency Trainer
  • Health and Wellness Coordinator


American Public University has an easy and free application that can be found on their website.

Undergraduates who are interested in applying for online classes can do so in as little as twenty minutes.

Along with your application, it is necessary to submit some important information like:

  • Transcripts from high school or previous education
  • Military affiliation information if applicable

It’s that simple and you will hear back about the status of your application in as little as two days.


Course credits are only $285 per hour at American Public University, making it one of the most affordable online schools.

It takes 120 hours to complete a Bachelors degree here, so graduates typically end up paying $34,200.

For those with military experience, the cost goes down to $250 per credit hour.

That is a total of $30,000 for four years of education.

Ebooks and application fee are free for this university.

Contact Information

  • Address: 111 West Congress St. Charles Town WV, 25414
  • Phone: 877-755-2787
  • Website: www.apus.edu

7Kansas State University

Programs Offered:

If you decide you want a change of pace, you should consider traveling a few states south to Kansas in order to take part in the education at Kansas State University.

Kansas State University is the first land-grant school to ever exist in the United States.

While it is still considered a land-grant university, there are more than just agricultural majors to choose from now.

Actually, there are over 250 programs to think about, and if you are interested in healthcare and biology, then you should consider the Public Health program here.

This four year degree is the stepping stone to incredible careers within healthcare systems as well as government and federal organizations that help keep people and communities healthy.

Kansas State University also allows students to earn a Masters degree in one year after earning their Bachelors.

You may be curious about some of the courses that you will need to take in order to fulfill degree requirements in the Public Health Bachelors program.

A few of the classes that you will be expected to take include:

  • Health Promotion and Behavior
  • Public Health Biology
  • Health Policy and Administration
  • Epidemiology

Every aspect of the curriculum here is evidence-based and surrounded by years of research.

This means you will get up to date information provided by knowledgeable professors.

One of the downsides for North Dakota residents is that you have to move to Kansas in order to take part in this educational system.

However, graduates of this fine school have found lasting professions in roles like:

  • Health Educator
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Physician Assistant
  • Public Health Analyst


In order to apply to Kansas State University you will need to go to the website, everything can be done right on your computer.

Once you have completed all of the required questions for the application, you will need to provide some additional information:

  • Transcripts from high school or previous education
  • Financial aid information
  • ACT or SAT scores

The great thing about Kansas State University is that once you submit your application you will be eligible for hundreds of scholarships, which you can pick and choose to enter.

International students will need to provide their scores from the English proficiency exam.

Once you have fulfilled all of the above requests, it may be necessary to wait a couple of weeks to hear back from an enrollment advisor.

Prospective students can check their status online as well as enroll in a campus tour.


Residents of Kansas will pay $21,733 annually, which includes room and board.

If you choose not to live on campus, you will pay $9,632 per year.

This means you will pay between $38,528 and $86,932 depending on your choice of accommodations.

Non-residents will pay $38,045 if using room and board for a total of $152,180 after four years of education.

Financial aid, scholarships, and grants are available for all students who attend Kansas State University.

Contact Information

  • Address: 919 Mid-Campus Dr. Manhattan, KS 66506
  • Phone: 765-532-6011
  • Website: www.k-state.edu

8Walden University

Programs Offered:

Since 1970, Walden University has been a great provider of higher education in the United States.

Now, the school has moved to a fully online format, which means students in North Dakota can stay home and study.

There are many opportunities to connect with other students, faculty, and engage in programs through Walden University.

One of the many great Bachelors degree programs at Walden University is the Public Health degree.

This is the perfect degree for people who want a solid foundation in biology, chemistry, sociology and healthcare.

Within the four year program you will learn evidence-based research in courses like:

  • Foundations of Public Health
  • Human Disease and Prevention
  • Ethical and Legal Issues in Healthcare
  • Public and Global Health

You won’t need to partake in an internship while studying here like at other schools, but students are required to take on a Capstone project in their senior year which will help them understand global health issues.

Graduating from Walden University can give you access to hundreds of incredible careers, including:

  • Youth Program Specialist
  • Integrative Health Practitioner
  • Health Media Director
  • Education Director


The first thing that you will want to do when applying at Walden University is to contact an academic advisor.

They will be able to guide you to exactly what you want from this university, and help you streamline the application process.

After you have spoken with an academic advisor and learned how to apply, you will need to submit your transcripts from high school or previous education as well as any employment history.

Credit transferring is available for students who have experience at other universities.

You may also get credits for work experience if you have worked in a relevant field.

Once you have submitted your application it may take about a week to hear back about your acceptance status.


There are many great options for tuition costs at Walden University.

Some programs have accelerated rates which will only take about two years to finish.

These programs typically cost $22,330 while the four year programs cost $46,175.

There are scholarships, grants, and financial aid opportunities available for qualified students.

Since this is an online school, students don’t have to worry about paying for room and board, which means saving money on tuition.

Contact Information

  • Address: 7080 Samuel Morse Dr. Suite 100 Columbia, MD 21046
  • Phone: 866-492-5336
  • Website: www.waldenu.edu

9Southern New Hampshire University

Programs Offered:

Another diverse and inclusive online education program is provided by Southern New Hampshire University.

Since the early 1900’s, this university has been providing comprehensive education in hundreds of areas.

Now, students are able to learn everything they need to know in their chosen field right from the comfort of their own home.

Even though the headquarters for this school are located in New Hampshire, North Dakota residents can earn a degree here with ease.

The Public Health Bachelors degree is one of the many offered at this school, and those who are interested in healthcare, community health, and biology will go far with this degree.

Along with general education classes, students are given the opportunity to work in classes like:

  • Statistics for Healthcare Professionals
  • Population Health and Cultural Competence
  • Evaluation Methods in Public Health
  • Biological Concepts for Public Health

Everything at Southern New Hampshire University is set at your own pace, so if you want to take longer than four years to complete your degree, that’s completely up to you.

Students who participate in online education at Southern New Hampshire University will still need to take part in an in-person internship throughout their senior year.

This helps give you hands-on experience and knowledge with real world situations.

Once you have earned all of the required credits, it will be simple for you to procure a career as a:

  • Medical Services Manager
  • Health Education Specialist
  • Community Health Worker
  • Youth Outreach Coordinator


There is no application fee to apply to Southern New Hampshire University.

All prospective students need to do is head over to the website and find the admissions tab.

Once there, you can fill out the application which is quick and easy to do.

Along with your application, you will need to submit the following information:

  • Transcripts from previous education or high school
  • Proof of GED if applicable

The great thing about Southern New Hampshire University is that students can choose their own start date and there are no late application fees.


It costs $330 per credit hour to attend this school, and annually that comes out to about $9,900 for full time students.

Military students pay a reduced fee of $231 per credit hour for a yearly cost of $6,930.

At Southern New Hampshire State University the average Bachelors degree takes four years to complete, which means tuition can range from $27,720 for military student to $39,600 for civilian students.

Contact Information

  • Address: 2500 North River Rd. Manchester, NH 03016
  • Phone: 800-915-7648
  • Website: www.snhu.edu

10Bellevue University

Programs Offered:

Nebraska offers a great online education through Bellevue University.

Though the headquarters of this school are located in Nebraska, North Dakota residents won’t have to travel there in order to earn their education.

This is because every class is 100% virtual, so you can learn right from the comfort of your own home.

Each Bachelors degree at Bellevue University is designed to prepare you for a career in healthcare.

If working in Public Health is your goal, then a degree from Bellevue University will be right up your alley.

Here are some things that she will learn throughout your time studying:

  • How to implement and monitor health education plans
  • How to research and select appropriate health information
  • Planning healthcare programs
  • How to analyze best practices for health education and promotion

If these sound interesting to you, then take a look at a few of the courses that are required to complete before graduation:

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Epidemiology
  • Health Communication
  • Human Development

There are many things to learn at Bellevue University, and courses are intimate enough that you will be able to ask professors questions and get answers you seek.

Everything is tailored to the individual student, so take your time and create memories the four years you will be studying here.

After graduation, you will be able to find a successful career in areas such as:

  • Youth Program Specialist
  • Health Counselor
  • Employee Wellness Coordinator
  • Health Journalist


Bellevue University is a great place to enroll if you are an adult student, first year freshman, transfer student and even from another country.

To apply, you’ll want to head over to the website to fill out your information.

It typically takes about twenty minutes to apply and costs $50.

There are some important pieces of information you’ll want to include with your application, such as:

  • Proof of completion of high school or equivalent (GED, homeschool information, diploma)
  • Official transcripts

Military students are required to provide their service information and international students will need to submit an English proficiency exam.

Once you have created an account and submitted your application, it make take about two weeks to hear back from an academic advisor about the next steps in the enrollment process.


If you attend class online, you will pay  $449 per credit hour and in-person students will pay $339.

It takes 120 credit hours to finish a Bachelors degree whether you spend that time on campus or online, so online students will pay $53,880 in total and on-campus students will pay $40,680 upon graduation.

Military students pay a smaller fee of $250 per credit hour.

This adds up to $30,000 to complete a Bachelors degree.

Room and board will cost an additional $10,683 per year for on-campus students.

There may be some other fees to apply to the total cost of attendance, like:

  • International application – $100
  • Administrative fee – $300
  • Course material – $1,830

Contact Information

  • Address: 100 Galvin Rd. South Bellevue, NE 68005
  • Phone: 800-756-7920
  • Website: www.bellevue.edu

Final Thoughts

Now that you have an idea of what types of schools are available for Public Health Bachelors degrees in North Dakota, we hope we have helped your narrow down your choices.

Whether you want to attend a large university, smaller school, or online college, there are many opportunities for you both in North Dakota and the surrounding states.

Jamie Willis
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