10 Best Human Resource Management Bachelor's Degree Schools in Virginia

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Virginia is one of the first states to exist, and still holds a lot of that old American charm.

With several places to visit to see all of the history located in this area, people flock from all across the United States for tourist attractions and sight-seeing.

One of the more impressive parts of Virginia that may get overlooked is their education system.

There are so many colleges that allow students to partake in the business world, from private schools to public and even online, there are many ways to earn a Bachelors degree in Human Resources Management in Virginia.

Whether you come for the ambiance or the nightlife, you should stay for the universities and the beautiful campus living.

If you are interested in Human Resources Management, then take a look at the ten best schools in Virginia.

1University of Richmond

Programs Offered:

One of the biggest universities in Virginia is the University of Richmond.

This top 20 liberal arts school welcomes students from across the nation, including people interested in Human Resources Management.

The Bachelors degree programs at the University of Richmond cater to curiosity and innovation.

Within the four year program, students are encouraged to take all types of classes from math and science to more business-related courses like:

  •  Statistics
  • Global Supply Chain Management
  • Managing Innovation
  • Organizational Behavior

Professors who have experience in the field in which they teach make these courses integral for graduation, and small class sizes give students the attention they need.

Along with classroom time, students are welcome to take part in a variety of extracurricular activities that pertain to their field of study, giving them an extra push toward the career of their dreams.

Upon graduation, most University of Richmond graduates have found great careers in Human Resources Management roles such as:

  • Labor Relations Manager
  • Employment Manager
  • Training and Development Specialist
  • Human Resources Consultant


The University of Richmond is the perfect place to find your education for both Virginia Residents and those across the United States.

This beautiful campus will have you looking for activities around every corner.

Before you can enroll here, though, you’ll need to fill out an application, which can be done online and is fairly simple.

After you completed your application, an academic advisor will contact you to provide you with more information on your next steps, like enrolling in classes.

Along with an application, it’s important to submit a few documents, such as:

  • Answer to essay question
  • High school/college transcripts
  • Recommendation letter
  • Senior grades

International students will need to submit financial certification and the English proficiency exam results.


For one year at the University of Richmond, students will pay $62,600 in tuition.

Living on campus can cost a little bit more, housing at the University of Richmond is $7,570 per year.

Food and meal plans will be an extra $8,640 per year at this university.

Total cost of tuition per year at the University of Richmond adds up to $78,810.

Since it takes about four years to finish a degree at this university, the average student will pay $315,240 upon graduation.

Other costs that may apply per year include:

  • Books – $1,000
  • Personal expenses – $1,400

Financial aid and scholarships are available for most students at this university.

Contact Information

  • Address: 410 Westhampton Way University of Richmond, VA 23173
  • Phone: 800-700-662
  • Website: www.richmond.edu

2ECPI University

Programs Offered:

ECPI is a technology focused school, but they do have a business school that provides Human Resources Management Bachelors degree programs for students.

At this year round school, students can partake in accelerated programs that allow them to earn their degree in as little as three years.

You can expect to find both online and on-campus courses at ECPI University.

This Virginia Beach based university provides business-related classes that pertain to Human Resources Management, so students can gain as much knowledge in their chosen field before heading out to the real world.

Some of the classes that are required for graduation include:

  • Ethics in Business
  • Foundations in Customer Service
  • Essentials of Success
  • Management Information Systems

Each one of these classes will help students learn how to bridge the gap between employees and the organizations in which they work.

This fully immersive program teaches students skills that can assist them in their career goals:

  • Effective communication
  • Critical thinking
  • Organizational research and analysis

With the skills learned in class and beyond, graduates can gain employment in many great Human Resources Management careers, beginning with:

  • Director of Employment
  • Senior Sales Associate
  • Training and Development Manager
  • Contract Recruiter


ECPI University is a great place to learn at an accelerated but student-driven pace.

Enrollment is also quite simple, beginning with an online application form.

In order to be considered for enrollment at this university, prospective students will need to schedule an interview with an academic advisor.

Other information necessary to submit will include:

  • High school or previous university transcripts
  • SAT or ACT scores

Transfer students will want to provide information about all course credits earned.


Tuition per semester at ECPI University is $6,480 for the business program.

A technology fee is added each year for $480.

AT ECPI, textbooks are free every year.

A Bachelors degree at ECPI University can take as little as 2 and a half years, depending on the program.

This means that it will cost roughly $34,200 to earn a degree at this university.

Military students will receive a discount on all tuition, and should contact an academic advisor to find out more.

Financial aid and scholarships are available in this accelerated Bachelors degree program.

Contact Information

  • Address: 5555 Greenwich Rd. Virginia Beach, VA 23462
  • Phone: 844-334-4466
  • Website: www.ecpi.edu

3Bryant and Stratton College

Programs Offered:

Bryant and Stratton College provides students with many types of learning environments.

There are campuses across the United States, but Virginia has a couple that may be of interest to perspective enrollees.

The Richmond and Hampton campuses are perfect for students who want to stay in state to learn, but the school offers online courses as well as campuses in West Virginia and even New York for a change of scenery.

The Human Resources Management Bachelors degree is available at many locations, and is one of the best in the country.

Bryant and Stratton College has aligned with the Society for Human Resources Management to create comprehensive and up to date curriculum so students know exactly what is expected of them when they step into their career.

When you are a student here, you should expect to gain knowledge in many different areas of the business world, including:

  • The code of ethics
  • Problem solving
  • Ability to solve labor and employment issues
  • Various business disciplines

There are many courses that a graduate of Bryant and Stratton College will need to take in order to fulfill their requirements, these classes are business related, such as:

  • Payroll Records and Procedures
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Professional Community Networking
  • Employee Training and Development

As you have probably noticed, business is always changing which means Human Resources Management careers are always in demand.

Graduates of Bryant and Stratton College have found great success in careers like:

  • Training and Development
  • Human Resources Specialist
  • Benefits Manager
  • Recruitment Officer


It is quick and easy to apply to this New York university, all you’ll need to do is head to the website to get started.

In order to complete your application you will need to submit your transcripts from high school or previous education if you are a transfer student.

Academic advisors suggest taking a tour of the campus to make sure that Bryant and Stratton is the right school for you, but it is not required for enrollment.

Once you fill out your application and submit it, an academic advisor will contact you to talk with you more and conduct an interview.

Military active duty and veterans are both welcome to enroll at Bryant and Stratton College.

There are also online opportunities for students who wish to complete their education out of state or at home.


At Bryant and Stratton College all of the tuition is based on credit hours.

The credit hour amount for Bachelors degree programs is $630 per hour.

Since it takes 120 credit hours to complete a Bachelors degree, graduates of Bryant and Stratton College will pay about $75,600 once they have finished their degree.

Some other fees that may apply include:

  • Transportation – $340 per semester
  • Technology – $65 per semester
  • Room and Board – $4,600 per semester
  • Books and course material – $800 per semester

Contact Information

4Liberty University

Programs Offered:

Liberty University is a great faith-based school located in Lynchburg, Virginia.

There are over 700 programs to choose from here, but those interested in Human Resources Management will find a wonderful Bachelors degree path that can lead toward some great careers.

Throughout your four year stay at Liberty University, you will learn an immense amount of knowledge about business and Human Resources Management related curriculum.

There are both on-campus and online options for all types of learners at Liberty University.

The average Bachelors degree takes 120 credit hours to complete, and the one at this school is no different.

Expect to take many business-related classes that are taught by industry professionals, such as:

  • Employee and Labor Relations
  • Compensation and Management
  • Workforce Planning and Development
  • Human Resources Development

At Liberty University students will work with teams in order to understand and complete different courses and tasks, which will simulate a real world business model.

After graduation, Liberty University alum have found great success in careers including:

  • Human Resources Assistant
  • Human Resources General
  • Recruitment Manager
  • Director of Talent


There are two options when considering enrollment at Liberty University.

Prospective learners can choose to enroll online or on-campus, each with its own benefits.

When applying, it’s important to choose which degree program you plan to enroll in and provide personal information about yourself.

Admission decisions are based on the following criteria:

  • Cumulative GPA from high school or college – 3.15 or above
  • GED scores if applicable
  • SAT or ACT scores – SAT 1020 or above and ACT 20-27
  • Trends of grades
  • Essay submission

When applying, it is important to include some paperwork in order to be considered for admissions:

  • Transcripts from high school or previous education
  • SAT or ACT scores
  • Admission essay

Transfer students will need to submit proof of college course credits in order to be considered for enrollment.


Students who plan to learn on campus will pay $23,800 per year.

Since it takes four years to finish at Liberty University, students will pay $95,200 upon graduation.

Room and board is separate and will be an additional $6,510 to $8,700 per year depending on the plan you choose.

Online students will pay $14,896 per year, for a total of $59,584 after four years of education.

Other fees that may occur include:

  • Activity/student center fee – $800
  • Student health fee – $340
  • Books – $1,400
  • Supplies – $600

Contact Information

  • Address: 1971 University Blvd. Lynchburg, VA 24515
  • Phone: 833-260-4274
  • Website: www.liberty.edu

5Hampton University

Programs Offered:

Hampton University has provided students with excellent education for over 100 years.

At the James T. George School of Business, the Human Resources Management program is one of the Bachelors degrees provided here.

While students can gain their education on-campus, it is also possible to earn a degree online for those who want to have more time for working or personal life outside of school.

A four year degree at Hampton University will give students the chance to learn basic business knowledge and guide them into their role as a Human Resources Management team member.

Some of the classes that are required in order to graduate from Hampton University are:

  • Principles of Statistics
  • Business Research
  • Business Law
  • Business Policy and Strategy

The Human Resources Management degree path helps students prepare to strengthen business relations between employees and organizations, as well as understanding staffing, labor relations, and training and development.

With these skills and many others, graduates of Hampton University have found it easy to gain successful careers in roles such as:

  • Benefits Counselor
  • Human Resources Coordinator
  • Employee Relations Manager
  • Functional Leader


Both first year students and transfer students can enroll at Hampton University.

It’s easy to apply, all you will need to do is head over to the website to fill out your information.

There are many academic programs to choose from, and the Human Resources Management Bachelors degree is one of the many great educational tracks.

Along with your application, you will need to submit some important information, such as:

  • Transcripts from high school or previous education
  • SAT or ACT scores

Prospective students who have a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or rank in the top 10 percent of their graduating class have the option to choose whether they would like to submit their test scores.

Students who complete their application before the beginning of the new school year will automatically be selected for certain merit awards, so it pays to submit your application early.


Tuition for both in state and out of state students is about $21,198 per year.

Since it takes about four years to finish a Bachelors degree, graduates end up paying roughly $84,792.

For those who want to live and eat on campus, room and board is typically $12,986 per year, for a total of $51,944.

Adding these two totals together, and the fees are $136,736.

Financial aid, scholarships, and merit awards are available for Hampton University students.

Contact Information

  • Address: 100 East Queen St. Hampton, VA 23669
  • Phone: 757-727-5000
  • Website: www.hamptonu.edu

6Regent University

Programs Offered:

Another highly ranked Christian college in Virginia is Regent University.

This four year school, located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, is home to sprawling campuses that entice students from all across the United States, whether they are Christian or not.

You can gain knowledge both online and on-campus here, so even if you don’t live in Virginia, it’s easy to earn a degree at Regent University.

Business-minded people who love to interact with others will find the Human Resources Management degree program a great fit.

With a degree from Regent University, graduates can build a strong business foundation, especially after taking classes like:

  • Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining
  • Employment Law
  • Fundamentals of Human Resources Management
  • Training and Development

The Human Resources Management degree track is a four year commitment, but graduates are fit with skills that can provide them with a chance at many different business-related careers.

Some of the interesting roles that graduates of Regent University have found themselves in include:

  • Corporate Recruiter
  • Employment Coordinator
  • Human Resources Manager


There are several options for enrollment at Regent University, returning students, new students, transfer, military, and even international learners are welcome to enroll here.

The application takes just 5 easy steps, and can be done within about a half an hour, if you have all of your necessary paperwork handy.

After you have completed the application, you will also need to submit:

  • Admissions questionare
  • Official transcripts
  • Government issued ID
  • Financial aid information

International applicants will have a separate application to submit.

As soon as a decision has been made, an admissions counselor will contact you to talk about further steps.


Full-time students enrolled at Regent University for the on-campus program will pay $10,854 per semester.

Online students will pay a tuition of $4,740 for full time learning per semester.

Since it takes about four years to graduate from Regent University, the average on-campus graduate pays $43,416 after graduation.

Online students will pay a tuition fee of $18,960 one all credits have been completed.

Military students will pay $18,080 for a full four years of education.

Contact Information

  • Address: 100 Regent University Dr. Virginia Beach, VA 23464
  • Phone: 800-373-4127
  • Website: www.regent.edu

7Bluefield University

Programs Offered:

This small college located in Bluefield, Virginia is Christian based and prepared to help make your dreams come true.

Bluefield University is perfect for people who want a small town feel while earning and education toward their big dreams.

Though Bluefield University only has 40 academic programs, one of their big educational standouts is the Human Resources Management Bachelors online degree.

In the ever-changing world of business, Human Resources Management will always be a necessity, and Bluefield University knows that.

Though Bluefield University may be tiny, it packs a mighty punch, especially with the successful and knowledgeable professors that teach small classes.

Some of the great courses that you should expect to take along your journey include:

  • Accounting Principles
  • Business Law
  • Management Information Systems
  • Data Communications

Students will also be required to take on an internship, which can help get your foot in the door upon graduation.

With said internship and the knowledge acquired from four years of education at Bluefield University, graduates are equipped with the necessary skills to gain employment in roles like:

  • Training and Development Administrator
  • Information Systems Coordinator
  • Payroll and Benefits Specialist
  • Job Posting Specialist


It is possible to enroll for an online learning experience as well as on-campus education at Bluefield University.

There will be separate applications, so make sure when you go to the website that you are filling out the correct one.

The admissions process is quite simple for this university, aspiring students will need to fill out the application and include some important paperwork:

  • High school transcripts
  • College transcripts if transferring
  • ACT or SAT scores
  • Financial aid information

After submitting your application, an academic advisor will contact you via phone or email to set up an interview as well as a campus tour.

Campus tours are option but will help students get a better idea of how to navigate their new world.


On-campus tuition at Bluefield University is $27,876 per year, which adds up to $111,504 after earning a Bachelors degree.

Room and board is $11,318 per year, and with four years of school, the final cost of this is about $45,272.

With both room and board and basic tuition, graduates typically end up paying $158,776 to attend Bluefield University.

Some other fees that may apply include:

  • Books – $800
  • Lab fee – $50 per lab
  • Deposit – $150

Military and veterans receive a discount and will pay 250 per credit hour, which equals out to about $30,000 after four years of education.

Contact Information

  • Address: 300 College Ave. Bluefield, VA 24605
  • Phone: 800-872-0175
  • Website: www.bluefield.edu

8Desales University

Programs Offered:

If you are interested in a Catholic based university, then Desales University in Center Valley, Pennsylvania may be just what you are looking for.

Here, students are welcome regardless of their faith, but should know that there is a faith -based education model.

At this four year private school, students can earn Bachelors degrees in many different fields, including Human Resources Management.

You should expect to attend this school for four years, in that time you will likely take a variety of classes from math and science to more business-focused curriculum.

Some of the interesting classes that Desales University requires for graduation on the Human Resources Management track include:

  • Corporate Finance
  • Marketing
  • International Business
  • Legal Environment of Business

At Desales University, students are provided with career programs to help kickstart their career goals, which can lead to successful roles upon graduation.

Some of the great careers that graduates of Desales University have been afforded are:

  • Employee Relations Leader
  • Benefits Administrator
  • Employee Retention Manager
  • Labor Relations Consultant


High school graduates, adults, and transfer students are welcome to apply at Desales University.

This application process is easy and should not take more than 20 minutes if you have all the proper paperwork ready to turn in.

You will need to create an account to save your application.

Some of the important information that you should gather in order to make the application process simpler includes:

  • Transcripts from high school or previous education
  • SAT or ACT scores
  • GPA acknowledgment

Once you have submitted your application, an academic advisor will contact you to talk about the next steps in the process.

Please allow a few weeks to hear back about your acceptance.


Tuition for both residents and off campus students is $41,100 a year at Desales University.

For students who live on campus, an additional $13,500 is added to that cost for a grand total of $56,300 a year.

Most Bachelors degrees require a commitment of four years before graduation, so the average graduate pays between $164,400 and $225,200 depending on the above information.

Other costs that may occur for students a Desales University:

  • Books and equipment
  • Technology fee
  • Student life fee
  • Living expenses

Contact Information

  • Address: 2755 Station Ave. Center Valley, PA 18034
  • Phone: 610-282-1100
  • Website: www.desales.edu

9University of Louisville Online

Programs Offered:

While the University of Louisville does have on-campus options, the online portion of the Human Resources Management program here is perfect for Virginia residents who don’t want to head out of state to learn.

With a degree from the University of Louisville, graduates are equipped with knowledge on how to make quick business decisions that keep a focus on both the employee and the organization, leading toward better communication skills between both.

There are six general education classes that are required for graduation, but the other classes will be business-related and pertain to the Human Resources Management Bachelors degree program.

Some of the courses that are expected to take throughout your time at this university include:

  • Management and Organizational Behavior
  • Data Analysis and Decision Making
  • Collaboration and Negotiation
  • Business Ethics

A four year degree from the University of Louisville, whether online or in-person, will increase the chances of finding the perfect career for you.

Some of the interesting careers that graduates of this great school have found themselves in are:

  • Human Resources Manager
  • Recruiter
  • Organizational Development Specialist
  • Employee Relations Consultant


Everything is super easy and quick at the University of Louisville, prospective students don’t even need to submit an essay or ACT/SAT scores.

An admission decision is also quickly given, so there aren’t long wait times wondering if you were accepted into the university or not.

All a new student needs to do is go onto the website and submit an application and pay a $25 application fee.

Transfer students will have the option to submit their test scores, and also submit their transcripts from high school and previous university experience.

There are programs for honor students, senior citizens, and even students who aren’t seeking a degree.


Kentucky and southern Indiana students will pay the residential tuition fee of $23,710 including room and board.

This adds up to $94,854 for four years and a Bachelors degree.

If students don’t choose to live on-campus, the tuition costs goes down to $12,324 per year.

The total cost of a Bachelors degree would be $49,296 upon graduation.

Out of state students who choose to live on-campus will pay $40,056 per year.

This would make the cost for out of state students $160,224 in total.

Tuition without room and board for out of state students is $28,670.

At this rate, students will end up paying $114,680 after graduation.

Contact Information

  • Address: 110 West Brandeis Ave Louisville, KY 40208
  • Phone: 502-852-5555
  • Website: www.louisville.edu

10Strayer University

Programs Offered:

Strayer University has many campuses across the country, including several in Virginia from Virginia Beach to Ashburn, prospective students can find a campus North and South.

There are also incredible online learning programs for people who want to study their courses online, providing them the time to work and have a personal life outside of school.

Either way, you are going to get a great education at Strayer University, especially when enrolling in the Human Resources Management Bachelors degree program.

A Bachelors degree from Strayer University can provide entry-level knowledge in the business field of your choice, and consists of general education classes that are no cost to online students.

Some of the more degree-focused courses that are required for graduation at Strayer University include:

  • Business Law
  • Accounting
  • Navigating a Digital World
  • Principles of Marketing

With these courses students are capable and enriched with knowledge that can help them build successful careers in Human Resources Management.

Many of the skills that are needed in today’s world can be found at Strayer University, such as:

  • Human resource functions
  • Trends and theories
  • Basic strategies and business decision development
  • Planning, staffing, and retention

With your newly-earned degree from Strayer University, you will be able to find employment in some of the following roles:

  • Business Partner
  • Benefits Manager
  • Human Resources Assistant
  • Human Resources Generalist


Applying online is the best way to submit your application at Strayer University.

Students can find the application in the admissions tab of the website.

In order to be considered for enrollment for a Bachelors degree program, prospective students must provide:

  • Diploma from high school or equivalent
  • Official transcript copies
  • Valid US government-issued ID

Transfer students will need to provide transcripts from previous universities for course credits.

International students are welcome to apply to Strayer University as well, and will need to provide some additional information.


Both full-time and part-time Bachelors degrees at Strayer University cost $1,525 per course.

Most Bachelors degrees here take 40 courses to complete a degree, which comes out to about $61,000 after graduation.

Per course, students should expect to pay about $150 for books, and a $65 technology fee.

International students need to take a test, which costs $300.

Before graduation, another fee of $125 is required to complete your degree.

Scholarships and financial aid are available at Strayer University.

Contact Information

  • Address: 2303 Dulles Station Blvd. Herndon, VA 20171
  • Phone: 877-445- 7180
  • Website: www.strayer.edu

Final Thoughts

Virginia boasts an abundance of great universities for students looking to study Human Resources Management.

Whether you want to learn online or in person, there is something for everyone in Virginia, it’s no wonder so many people come to visit yearly.

Jamie Willis
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