10 Best Human Resource Management Bachelor's Degree Schools in South Dakota

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Many people flock to South Dakota every year to take a look at the spectacular sights, including Mount Rushmore.

There is more to this great state than the Badlands, Missouri River and the Black Hills mountain rage, though.

Quite a few people stay for the educational environment, especially when looking to pursue a degree in Human Resources Management.

The University of South Dakota is a great place to start when looking to find a business related degree, but South Dakota residents are also able to find success in educational facilities outside of the state.

From Nebraska to North Dakota and even online, there are plenty of ways to earn a Bachelors degree in this humble state.

Take a look at ten of the best resources below, it’s inevitable that you will find what you are looking for.

1University of South Dakota

Programs Offered:

The great state of South Dakota boasts one of the best business educations in the country at the University of South Dakota.

Here, students are able to fulfill their dreams of starting a career in Human Resources Management.

The Bachelors degree program allows students to gain tangible skills through both classroom and hands-on experience.

While there are on-campus courses, some students prefer to take their education online so they can work from home at their own pace.

Either way, an education from the university is bound to give you a head start in your career.

It takes four years to finish a degree from this university, and about 120 credit hours.

Many of the required credits will pertain to business and business related courses.

A few of the interesting courses that are taught by industry professionals are:

  • Survey of Business
  • Labor-Management Relations
  • Critical Issues in Human Resources
  • Interpersonal Communication for Professionals

Not only do students get the chance to discuss in the classroom, but the school provides internships, externships, and work/study programs that give real-life experience while still studying.

Graduates of the University of South Dakota have found success in many careers, such as:

  • Career and Employee Relations Manager
  • Payroll Processing Specialist
  • Human Resources Technician
  • Organizational Development Specialist


Prospective students who are interested in the University of South Dakota should schedule a campus visit to ensure they enjoy the atmosphere there before committing.

Once you have committed yourself to this university, you should head to the website to apply online.

There, you will find all the information you need to submit your application.

Along with your application, it’s important to include:

  • Transcripts from high school or previous education
  • ACT or SAT scores
  • Housing information
  • Financial aid information

After completing all of the items on your to-do list, it’s time to wait for your admissions advisor to contact you about move in dates, if you are staying on campus, and any other orientations necessary for new students.


South Dakota residents pay $18,856 per year including housing and meal plans.

The total for a four year college education at the University of South Dakota would be $75,424.

Without a meal plan or housing, the cost is $7,773 per year, which would end up being $31,902 upon graduation.

Minnesota residents will pay $19,801 including room and board per year.

That total comes out to $79,204 upon graduation.

Out of state learners will pay $22,366 per year including room and board.

A four year degree at the University of South Dakota for out of state graduates would equal about $89,304.

Contact Information

  • Address: 414 East Clark St. Vermillion, SD 57069
  • Phone: 877-269-6837
  • Website: www.usd.edu

2University of North Dakota

Programs Offered:

Heading north, you will find the wonderful state of North Dakota and in Grand Forks is one of the oldest and largest universities in the country, the University of North Dakota.

At this bustling university, students can choose from over 225 degree programs, and those interesting in Human Resources Management will find a great Bachelors degree plan here.

South Dakota residents are welcome to enroll at the University of North Dakota, and many head to the north to take part in this competitive Bachelors degree.

Most of the courses that students take throughout their degree path are business related and pertain to Human Resources Management.

Some of the courses that you will take along your way include:

  • Organizational Behavior
  • Strategic Management
  • Training and Development
  • Wage and Salary Administration

Students at the University of North Dakota can also take part in many extracurricular activities that involve business related goals.

With your extra skills in Human Resources Management and business as a whole, it’s likely that you will gain employment after graduation in successful careers like:

  • Talent Acquisition
  • Employee Relations
  • Retirement Plan Counselor
  • Operations Manager


Whether you are enrolling for the first time in college or are a returning student, the University of North Dakota welcomes you.

Here, students are awarded for good grades in high school with a scholarship as soon as they are enrolled.

In order to obtain your scholarship, your GPA must be:

  • 3.9 – $14,000
  • 3.7-3.89 – $11,000
  • 3.5-2.69 – $1,500

National Merit Scholarships are also available upon enrollment as well.

To begin the process of applying, you will need to go to the website and find the application.

It only takes about twenty minutes to apply, and with your application you should submit the following information:

  • Transcripts from high school or previous education
  • SAT or ACT scores

Once you have submitted the information, you will be on your way to acceptance.

It costs $35 to submit our application and that is non-refundable.

It may take about two to three weeks to hear back from an academic advisor with the next steps in the process.


North Dakota residents will pay $11,989 per year at this university.

Since most Bachelors degrees require a four year commitment, graduates will end up paying $95,912.

For residents outside of North Dakota, the price of admission per year goes up to $17,127 per year.

Graduates who are not residents of North Dakota will pay $68,508 upon graduation.

Housing and meal plans will add about $14,190 per year to that price for both non-residents and residents.

Contact Information

  • Address: 3501 University Ave. Grand Forks, ND 58202
  • Phone: 701-777-3000
  • Website: www.und.edu

3Dickinson State University

Programs Offered:

If you are interested in a smaller, more private university, then Dickinson State University may be right up your alley.

At this school, only about 1,500 people are enrolled at any given time, so the campus has an intimate feel and professors know students by name.

The small class sizes are also a bonus, considering it will be easy to get personal one on one time to ensure that you get the most out of your degree.

The Human Resources Management degree program at this university is not small, however, and will help students from South Dakota and beyond become successful in their business career.

Alongside general education classes, students at Dickinson State University are required to take classes that pertain to the degree they seek, in this case many business classes are required to graduate with a Bachelors in Human Resources Management.

Some of the interesting and innovative classes that are part of the curriculum here include:

  • Business Communication
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Managerial Finance

A unique experience at Dickinson State University is that students are able to build off an Associates degree to complete a Bachelors degree, which means that you can earn an Associates while gearing toward a higher degree, leading to less time in school.

Most Bachelors degrees take about four years, and in that time students at Dickinson State University gain insight and knowledge in business as a whole.

After graduation, it’s possible to gain employment in the following roles and many more:

  • Technical Recruiter
  • Training Coordinator
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Staffing Consultant


Dickinson State University would love if you visited the campus before applying for admission.

This way, you can see if the university is right for you before you commit to enrollment.

If you have already decided on going here, then submit your application online through the website.

There is a non-refundable application fee of $35.

While completing your application, it’s important to submit some useful information, like:

  • Transcripts from high school or previous universities
  • ACT or SAT test scores
  • Financial aid information

It will also be necessary to apply for housing and meal plans at this time if you are going to utilize those programs.

Once you have submitted all of your information, an academic advisor will contact you with the next steps within one to two weeks.


Undergraduate residents, which include students from states like AK, AZ, CA, CO, HI, ID, KS, MB, MN, MT, NE, ND, and SD will pay $249 per credit hour.

Other students who are considered out of state will pay $319 per credit hour.

Students are required to take 15 credit hours to be considered full time, so in state students will pay $3,735 per semester or $7,470 per year.

Since it takes about four years to finish a Bachelors degree, in state students will pay $29,880 upon graduation.

Out of state students will pay $4,785 per semester or $9,570 per year.

This totals out to $38,280 for the four years it takes to earn a Bachelors degree.

Housing and dining plans will cost an additional $3,743 per year for both residents and non-residents of North Dakota.

Contact Information

4Capella University

Programs Offered:

Capella University is one of the most affordable online schools you will find in the United States.

That’s because the school can save money from things like room and board and put it toward the education of the students instead.

Here, you will find a great place to successfully earn a Bachelors degree in Human Resources Management.

Though the headquarters are in Minnesota, students from South Dakota and anywhere in the United States are welcome to enroll.

In order to begin your journey to earning a Bachelors degree at Capella University you must be at least 24 years old.

Throughout this Society for Human Resources Management aligned curriculum, students have the upper hand in knowing that all of the courses are up to date and accredited in the field of business.

Let’s take a look at some of the great courses that Capella University requires of their Human Resources Management Bachelors degree program seekers:

  • Employee and Training Development
  • Employee and Labor Relations
  • Compensation and Benefits Management
  • Recruitment, Retention, and Development

There are many goals within the world of this degree path, and a few of them are:

  • Business and HR knowledge
  • Organization and employee relationships
  • Interpersonal and professional thinking skills

If this sounds like something that you are interested in, then you will definitely find a great place here at Capella University.

With the skills found in the curriculum at this great online school, students have found success after graduating in roles like:

  • Human Resources Analyst
  • Compensation Analyst
  • Talent Acquisition Manager
  • Recruiter


The best way to start your education at Capella University is to apply online.

There is a $50 application fee which is non-refundable.

It is important that all incoming students meet the following criteria set by Capella University before acceptance and enrollment:

  • Provide official transcripts from high school and/or prior education
  • Provide valid government-issued ID
  • Have the minimum GPA requirements per degree program
  • Understand and be proficient in English
  • Be at least 24 years old

Individual programs may require other forms of information including:

  • Essay
  • Writing sample
  • Faculty interview
  • Letters of recommendation

An academic advisor will contact you upon completion of your application to let you know if you will need to submit any additional paperwork.


A degree from Capella University will help you succeed in your dreams, especially with the prices of tuition.

Considered one of the more affordable options for online education, Capella University breaks down their tuition per credit hour, $315-$415, depending on the class.

It takes 180 course credits to graduate from Capella University, making the total amount of tuition after graduation $56,700 to $74,700.

Since this is an online education experience, there is no option for room and board.

The application fee here is $50, and there are also many ways to get a reduced tuition, including employment benefits, military benefits, scholarships, and financial aid.

Contact Information

  • Address: 225 South 6th St. 9th Floor Minneapolis, MN 55402
  • Phone: 877-844-0733
  • Website: www.capella.edu

5St. Mary's University of Minnesota

Programs Offered:

At St. Mary’s University located in Winona, Minnesota, students can enjoy a faithful Catholic education while studying for a Human Resources Management Bachelors degree.

For over 100 years, St. Mary’s University has been the place for spiritual people to come and gain knowledge while also learning about their faith.

This gorgeous university has several campuses as well as online courses to appease anyone’s interest.

The Human Resources Management Bachelors degree program here is accredited with the Council for Business Education and works well with business-minded and human-minded people alike.

Some of the interesting courses that are required for graduation at St. Mary’s are:

  • Business Law
  • Marketing Functions
  • Database Concepts and Designs
  • Managerial Processes

There are many extracurricular activities and programs to get into at St. Mary’s University which can lead you down a great career path.

A few of the interesting careers that graduates of St. Mary’s have found themselves in include:

  • Management Analyst
  • Human Resources Specialist
  • Operations Manager
  • Talent Acquisition


Prospective students who are seeking a first year education can apply to St. Mary’s University of Minnesota online.

Other students, including transfer, returning, and graduate program learners can also apply via the website.

In order to begin your application, you will need to create a username and password, then you can save your application as you work through it.

Along with your application, it is necessary to provide some important information:

  • Transcripts from high school or previous universities
  • Essay or writing sample

International students will need to submit an English proficiency exam as well.

New students are required to submit a non-refundable fee of $300 before beginning classes.


Full time students at St. Mary’s University will pay $21,250 per semester or $42,500 per year.

For those who are interested in living and eating on campus, room and board will be an additional $10,720 per year.

Additional fees may include:

  • Activity fee – $180
  • Laundry fee – $80
  • Technology fee – $400
  • Foreign fee – $1,000
  • Books – $600

New students will pay $300 before beginning classes and returning students will deposit $250.

Contact Information

  • Address: 700 Terrace Heights Winona, MN 55987
  • Phone: 507-457-1700
  • Website: www.smumn.edu

6Purdue University Global

Programs Offered:

Online universities are becoming more and more popular throughout the country, and that’s because students want to be able to stay home and work or take care of their personal lives while also gaining an education.

Purdue University Global allows students to stay where they are and pursue their dreams of earning a Bachelors degree in Human Resources Management.

There are plenty of things to learn with a degree in Human Resources Management at Purdue University Global, such as:

  • How to pursue entry level careers in Human Resources Management
  • Recruitment
  • Training and development
  • Understanding rewards systems and compensation

If this sounds interesting to you, then the curriculum at this university may pique your interest even more.

Some of the required classes that students will have to take in order to graduate are:

  • Compensation
  • Employee Training and Development
  • Employee Staffing
  • Employment Law

Many of the courses will pertain to how to assimilate both employees and the organizations in which they work, leading to a successful business.

After completing a Bachelors degree, students are welcome to stay at the school and earn a Masters degree, which can take another one to two years of time.

Students who have earned a Bachelors degree from Purdue University Global can find successful careers in all types of business related roles, including:

  • District Human Resources Manager
  • Director of Talent Management
  • Organizational Developer
  • Staffing Consultant


The first thing that Purdue University Global recommends that prospective students do is speak to an academic advisor to make sure that this is the right step in your educational journey.

When you submit an interested request, an advisor will contact you and will set up a time to do an interview.

This interview will:

  • Identify your goals for your degree
  • Note any questions or concerns
  • Determine start dates
  • Give you an opportunity to provide transcripts

Once you have completed an interview you can take the next steps toward filling out an application.

Filling out an application will including submitting financial aid information, so have all of the important information ready.

After all of the paperwork is done, you will be on your way to enrollment.

It may take about a week or two to determine when you will start classes.


Purdue University Global has many options for students who are in the military, transfer students, students who are in-state, and so much more.

The total tuition for an undergraduate student is $66,780 upon graduation.

Students who are in the military will pay $29,700 upon graduation.

Veterans will pay $41,400 in tuition upon graduation.

Contact Information

  • Address: 2550 Northwestern Ave. Suite 1100 West Lafayette, IN 47906
  • Phone: 866-522-7747
  • Website: www.purdueglobal.edu

7Bellevue University

Programs Offered:

Bellevue University is the perfect spot for students from South Dakota who want the choice of staying on campus in Nebraska to learn or studying online from the comfort of their own home.

This university has some wonderful degrees, and the Human Resources Management program is one of their finest.

The Bachelors program is fully aligned with the Society for Human Resources Management, so students will get the best education in the country.

With hands-on learning students are able to gain knowledge in areas like:

  • Staffing
  • Training and development
  • Managing compensation
  • Understanding employment law
  • Compliance

To better facilitate the best schedule for their students, Bellevue University allows their learners to take one class at a time with the same group of peers online to accelerate the degree process.

The courses for this major will include some of the following:

  • Benefits Administration
  • Compensation Administration
  • Foundations for Professional Success
  • Training and Development for Human Resources

Students who have an Associates degree can finish faster and apply that degree toward their Bachelors degree.

The professional context of each course will set graduates up for success in careers including:

  • Director of Benefits
  • Compensation Analyst
  • Contract Recruiter
  • Employment Director


Bellevue University accepts adult students, transfer, first-year freshman, military, and international students.

In order to apply, head over to the website and fill out the application, it only takes about twenty minutes.

There is a $50 non-refundable fee for all applications.

Along with your personal information you will need to submit some other paperwork, like:

  • Completion of high school or equivalent (GED, homeschool information, diploma)
  • Official transcripts

Military students will need to provide their service information and international students will need to submit an English proficiency exam.

Once you have created an account and submitted your application, it make take about two weeks to hear back from an academic advisor about the next steps in the enrollment process.


Online students will pay $449 per credit hour while in person learners will pay $339.

Since it takes about 120 credit hours to finish an both an online and in person Bachelors degree, online students will pay $53,880 in total and on-campus students will pay $40,680 upon graduation.

Military students will pay a smaller fee of $250 per credit hour, which adds up to $30,000 to complete a Bachelors degree.

Room and board will cost an additional $10,683 per year for on-campus students.

Some other fees that may apply are:

  • International application – $100
  • Administrative fee – $300
  • Course material – $1,830

Contact Information

  • Address: 100 Galvin Rd. South Bellevue, NE 68005
  • Phone: 800-756-7920
  • Website: www.bellevue.edu

8Colorado State University Global

Programs Offered:

Colorado State University Global is a great online school for students who are from South Dakota as well as other parts of the United States, and even the world.

Reduced cost, studying on your own time, and having the ability to work and have a personal life are all reasons that Colorado State University Global should be in your sights.

The professors at Colorado State University all have had experience in the fields in which they teach, and small class sizes mean that you can get the one-on-one education you deserve.

During the four year Bachelors of Human Resources Management program, students will gain insight into business-focused classes that include:

  • Labor Relations
  • Employment Law
  • Organizational Development
  • Creating a Diverse Workplace

All classes are self-paced so you can do the work when you are able and online courses mean you don’t have to travel or live on campus, saving you money in the long run.

There are many reasons why this university may be perfect for you, and another one is that students who have graduated from this facility have had success in business-like careers such as:

  • Payroll Specialist
  • Human Resources Analyst
  • Training and Development Coordinator
  • Benefits Manager


There are a few requirements in order to enroll at Colorado State University Global.

First year freshman must follow these standards:

  • Have a high school diploma or GED
  • Are 23 years of age or older
  • Submit official high school transcript
  • SAT or ACT scores

Applications take as little as ten minutes to fill out and cost $25.

Once your application has been accepted, you will be able to enroll and pick your first classes.


CSU Global is one of the more affordable online schools in the United States.

There are no fees for out of state students and no surprise expenses.

Undergraduates can expect to pay $350 per credit hour at Colorado State University Global.

With 120 credits to graduate, that comes out to $42,000 upon graduation.

If you have transfer credits, your tuition bill will be lower:

  • $10,500 for someone with 90 transfer credits
  • $21,000 for a student with 60 transfer credits
  • $31,500 for 30 transfer credits

Contact Information

  • Address: 585 Salida Way Aurora, CO 80011
  • Phone: 800-462-7845
  • Website: www.csuglobal.edu

9Columbia Southern University

Programs Offered:

One of the best online degrees for South Dakota residents is the Human Resources Management Bachelors degree from Columbia Southern University.

This 100% online degree is attainable for all residents of the United States because everything can be done at home from your own computer.

Columbia Southern University has a low tuition rate because there are no costs for books, room and board, or on-campus activities.

All Bachelors degrees are done at your own pace, and should take about four years to complete.

Along with the typical general education classes like math, science, and English, more business-focused courses are available to students here.

Some of the courses that students must take in order to graduate with a Bachelors in Human Resources Management are:

  • Negotiation/Conflict Resolution
  • Managing Diversity in Organizations
  • Communication Skills for Leaders
  • Human Relations and Development

It’s possible to take the degree that you’ve earned at Columbia Southern University across the United States and find a successful career anywhere.

Alumni from this innovative school have found success in careers that include:

  • Staffing Coordinator
  • Training Specialist
  • Recruitment Director
  • Employee Benefits Manager


Applying at Columbia Southern University is easy, you’ll first need to fill out a free application with your name, address, and email address.

Then, you will need to submit a transcript either from high school or another college, depending on if you have transferable credits.

Some of the acceptable credits include:

  • Prior academic credits
  • Training and professional licenses
  • Certifications
  • Military training for course credit

Once you have satisfied these areas in the submission process, you’ll likely hear back from the school within a week with your acceptance status.


Columbia Southern University offers some of the most affordable tuition rates in the United States.

Undergraduate students pay $245 per credit hour and they also provide scholarships and financial aid.

Since this university requires 120 credit hours to graduate, the typical cost of a Bachelors degree is $29,400.

For adults and companies looking to further the education of their employees, Columbia Southern University offers a Learning Partner Discount, which boasts flexible programs and discounts.

Contact Information

10University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Programs Offered:

If you are looking for a university that is a little bit farther away, then the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee might just work for you.

Located in Milwaukee, students can feel a part of the big city while gaining their education.

Attending this university in person will allow students to participate in clubs, extra curricular activities, and even internships associated with their degree.

The Human Resources Management degree from the University of Wisconsin is a great choice in higher education.

This four year Bachelors degree teaches students about business and how to help future employees.

Some of the informative courses that are required for graduation here include:

  • Staffing Human Resources
  • Compensation Management
  • Cross Cultural Management
  • Employment Law

It takes about four years to earn a degree from this university, which is 120 credit hours.

After earning a degree, graduates from the University of Wisconsin have found great roles in both Wisconsin and South Dakota such as:

  • Human Resources Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Compensation and Benefits Specialist
  • Recruiter


Applying at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee is pretty simple.

There are no fees associated with applying to this school.

An important aspect to note is that the University of Wisconsin has several campuses, so indicating the Milwaukee campus is necessary.

Students will need to download the UWM app to apply, or they can email or mail their application.

The application requirements vary depending on the degree being completed as well as academic background.


There are many factors that can change the tuition price at this school.

Whether you are a Wisconsin resident or an out of state student can change the cost.

For first year Wisconsin residents students that meet all the requirements listed above, tuition is free.

After the first year, resident students can expect to pay $9,610 per year.

For first year students who are not residents of Wisconsin, they can also expect to pay $9,610 per year, plus additional fees.

Some of the fees associated with students at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee include:

  • Housing – $6,700
  • Meal Plans – $4,190
  • Books – $800

A four year Bachelors degree at this college will cost around $21,306 per year, or $85,224 in total.

Contact Information

  • Address: 2200 East Kenwood Blvd. Milwaukee, WI 53211
  • Phone: 414-229-2222
  • Website: www.uwm.edu

Final Thoughts

Whether you plan to stay in South Dakota, study online, or branch out into other states for your Human Resources Management degree, this list will help you get one step closer.

There are many ways to earn a degree now a days, and students in South Dakota have many options to choose from.

Jamie Willis
Career Specialist at BecomeopediaHi, my name is Jamie Willis, and I have been helping students find their perfect internships and education paths for the last ten years. It is a passion of mine, and there really is nothing better than seeing students of mine succeed with further studies.