10 Best Human Resource Management Bachelor's Degree Schools in Oklahoma

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When you think of Oklahoma, what comes to mind?

Mountains, beautiful scenery, and incredible nightlife?

What about colleges, have you ever thought about what the ten best colleges for Human Resources Management are in Oklahoma?

Well, if you have, then you have come to the right place, because we have the perfect list for you.

From Edmond to Oklahoma City, there is a college here for every desire, including earning a Bachelors degree.

For those who are interested in online or on-campus options, you should take a look at some of the great places that Oklahoma has to offer to get your dreams started.

1University of Central Oklahoma

Programs Offered:

Earning a degree from the University of Central Oklahoma will give you confidence to deal with anything life throws at you.

There are over 14,000 students here at any given time and nearly 120 undergraduate programs to sink your teeth into.

However, if you are looking for a great place to learn about Human Resources Management and take part in the Bachelors degree program, you have come to the right place.

The University of Central Oklahoma gives students the opportunity to either earn their degree online or in person, depending on their personal preference.

Students are able to customize their education with electives, business courses, and extracurricular activities that suit their needs.

Some of the classes that you will likely take throughout your time at this school are:

  • Human Resources Training and Development
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Human Resources Compliance

Once you have completed most of your education here at the University of Central Oklahoma, you should expect to take part in an internship with one of the many business round the area.

This way, you can learn more hands-on steps to take in various scenarios and get a leg up to future careers at the same time.

Some of the interesting roles that you may take part in once you graduate from this school are:

  • Human Resources Leadership
  • Employee Relations and Compliance
  • Total Rewards
  • Talent Acquisition


New students, international, military and transfer students are encouraged to apply to the University of Central Oklahoma.

An application can be found on the website and is the easiest way to apply.

In order to enroll, prospective students should submit an application and the following information:

  • Transcripts from high school or previous education
  • SAT or ACT results
  • Military experience if applicable

There is an application fee of $40 that is non-refundable.

When applying to this school, your application also counts for scholarship applications and you may earn some extra money when applying.


There are many options for students when it comes to financial aid and scholarships at Herzing University.

The cost per credit year is $10,044 and since it takes four years to earn a Bachelors degree, that comes out to $40,176 for full time students.

This does not account for room and board, which can be between $4,200 and $7,000 per semester for rooms and $360 to $4,800 per semester for a meal plan.

Other fees that may apply include:

  • Student ID – $25
  • Parking permit – $195

Contact Information

  • Address: 100 North University Dr. Edmond, OK 73034
  • Phone: 405-974-2727
  • Website: www.uco.edu

2Oklahoma State University

Programs Offered:

Oklahoma State University located in Oklahoma City is a wonderful public university that is diverse, accessible, and planted in it’s roots.

This four year school has many possibilities for students who want to learn more about business and all of its aspects.

One of the many programs that are available for leaders and scholars is the Human Resources Management Bachelors degree.

95% of graduating seniors find careers within this field at least six months after graduation.

Several of the courses on this track will include business-themed curriculum, such as:

  • Fundamentals of Management
  • Professional Development for Business Success
  • Management and Ethical Leadership
  • Talent Development

If these courses sound interesting to you, then consider enrolling in this Bachelors degree program.

There are so many things you can do as a Human Resources Management major after graduation.

After you have graduated from this program, consider a career in roles like:

  • Operations Management
  • Personnel Recruitment
  • Community Outreach
  • Training and Development


The first thing you should do when considering attending Oklahoma State University is attend a campus tour.

This way, you’ll know whether you like the atmosphere of the school before committing to attending.

After you have decided that you would like to attend Oklahoma State University, you should head to the website and fill out an application.

Transfer students, first year freshman, returning students, and international students are all welcome to apply here.

You will need to submit some important information along with your application, like:

  • Transcripts from high school or previous university
  • SAT or ACT scores
  • Essay
  • Leadership and involvement resume

Once you have completed all of the above steps, you can submit your application at any time.

There is a $40 non-refundable application fee, but some students are able to get this waived.

International students will pay a non-refundable $90 application fee.

Look for an email from an academic advisor about a week after submitting your application with important next steps.


In state yearly tuition for Oklahoma residents is $25,860 which includes room and board.

This means that it will cost a total of $103,440 after graduation.

For those not interested in the extra amenities, the total tuition per year is $13,920.

Once you have completed four years of education, the total tuition amount will be $55,680.

Out of state students will pay $42,040 for tuition costs including room and board.

Since it takes four years to finish a Bachelors degree, the average out of state student pays $168,160.

Base tuition for out of state students is $29,440, which adds up to $117,760 after graduation.

Contact Information

  • Address: 900 North Portland Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73107
  • Phone: 405-744-7092
  • Website: www.okstate.edu

3Lindenwood University Online

Programs Offered:

The online Bachelors degree programs at Lindenwood University in Saint Charles, Missouri are a great way to get a top-notch education while staying local in Oklahoma.

This 100% virtual program is self-paced, and students who are in the Human Resources Management Bachelors degree program can finish in three to four years.

While studying at Lindenwood University Online you will find the school has some fantastic aspects, such as:

  • Faculty that will help you along the way
  • Personalized courses and curriculum
  • Alignment with the Society for Human Resources Management

If this sounds like something that you would be interested in, then you may like to know some of the courses available to you.

While studying at Lindenwood University, students will take part in courses that include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Employment Law
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Employee Selection

Career and family-oriented people will enjoy the flexibility of this university, and business-focused individuals will love the innovative curriculum.

After graduation, you will find it easy to procure roles in such careers as:

  • Human Resources Technician
  • Organizational Development Manager
  • Recruiting Manager
  • Human Resources Specialist


The online application for Lindenwood University Online is fairly simple and should only take about 20 minutes to complete.

The first step is to create an account on the website and fill out your personal information.

You’ll want to choose your degree program and then schedule an interview to speak to an admissions advisor.

Some other important information is necessary to add to your application:

  • High school transcripts/transcripts from previous university education
  • SAT or ACT scores
  • Financial aid information

Lindenwood University Online also allows international and military students to apply.


Students who plan to go to school online will pay $495 per credit hour.

Military students will pay a discounted $250 per credit hour.

Most Bachelors degrees require about 120 credit hours to graduate, and that will end up costing the average online student $59,400.

Military students will end up paying $30,000 upon graduation.

Other fees may apply like books and late fees.

Financial aid and scholarships are available at this facility.

Contact Information

  • Address: 209 South Kingshighway St. Saint Charles, MO 63301
  • Phone: 636-949-4579
  • Website: www.lindenwood.edu

4University of Oklahoma

Programs Offered:

The University of Oklahoma not only focuses on their students, but on the advancement of the entire state.

At this public school, students can earn Bachelors degrees in many different fields, including Human Resources Management.

You should expect to attend this school for four years, in that time you will likely take a variety of classes from math and science to more business-focused curriculum.

Some of the interesting classes that the University of Oklahoma requires for graduation on the Human Resources Management track include:

  • Legal Issues for Manager
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Supervision Skills and Negotiations
  • International Human Resources

At the University of Oklahoma, students can take part in management-related clubs and study-abroad opportunities that can give them hands-on experience around the world.

Once you have graduated from this great university, you should expect to find it easy to gain employment in roles like:

  • Employee Relations Leader
  • Recruiter
  • Organizational Development Specialist
  • Labor Relations Consultant


Prospective students should go to the website to begin the admission process.

There are a few key pieces of information that the university needs in order to begin enrollment.

Those who are looking to apply at the University of Oklahoma should provide:

  • Transcripts from high school
  • Personal statement
  • Letter of recommendation

Transfer students are welcome, and should provide the previously mentioned information as well as transcripts from other universities attended.

There are rolling admissions at the University of Oklahoma, which means you can apply throughout the year with no worry of deadlines.

Once you have completed your application, an academic advisor will contact you about the next steps in enrollment which could include choosing classes and attending orientation.

Campus tours are available for students who want to see what it’s like to go to the University of Oklahoma.


Residents of Oklahoma who choose to live and eat on campus will pay $26,400 per year to attend this school.

This adds up to $105,600 upon graduation for residential students.

Those who are from out of state will pay $49,817 per year to attend, and that totals out t $199,268 upon graduation.

Financial aid and scholarships are available for qualified students who attend the University of Oklahoma.

Contact Information

  • Address: 660 Parrington Oval Norman, OK 73019
  • Phone: 405-325-0311
  • Website: www.ou.edu

5Rogers State University

Programs Offered:

Rogers State University in Claremore, Oklahoma is a four-year university that focuses on student well-being and high quality academic programs.

This small school has about 35 degree programs that students can enroll in, and one of them is the Human Resources Management Bachelors degree.

Essential skills for business are the main part of this degree programs learning module, with leadership, problem-solving, and team-building as the focus.

In order to graduate from the Human Resources Management degree track, you will need to maintain good grades in courses that include:

  • Business Communications
  • Strategies of Marketing
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Organizational Behavior

It will take about 120 credit hours, or four years, to finish a Bachelors degree from Rogers State University.

Once you have completed all the required classes you will be on your way to graduation and a successful career in all types of business careers.

Some of the career roles that graduates of Rogers State University have found themselves in are:

  • Training and Development Administrator
  • Information Systems Coordinator
  • Payroll and Benefits Specialist
  • Job Posting Specialist


Rogers State University takes students in state and out of state, as well as transfer students, international students, and veterans.

The admission process is pretty simple here, all you really need to do is fill out an application online and include some important pieces of information.

Some of the paperwork that is necessary to include with your application includes:

  • High school transcripts or transcripts from previous universities
  • SAT or ACT scores

Once you have completed all of your information, you will need to fill out housing requirements as well as financial aid information to make sure you are getting what you need throughout your time at Rogers State University.

An academic advisor will contact you within two weeks to discuss the next plans of enrollment, like choosing classes.


Tuition and fees can be stressful for some students, but Rogers State University makes it simple.

Financial aid and scholarships are available to all students attending the university.

Annually, tuition will cost Oklahoma residents $7,770 per year.

Upon graduation, a residential student of Oklahoma will pay about $31,080 in total tuition costs.

Non residential students will pay $16,110 per year to attend Rogers State University.

This adds up to $64,440 after four years of education.

Room and board are not added to these totals and can be discussed with an academic advisor if it is your plan to use these amenities.

Contact Information

  • Address: 1701 West Will Rogers Blvd. Claremore, OK 74017
  • Phone: 918-343-7777
  • Website: www.rsu.edu

6University of Tulsa

Programs Offered:

The University of Tulsa provides a diverse campus and is in the top 100 private schools in the United States.

You will love the variety of programs available at this great school, especially the Human Resources Management Bachelors degree.

Business-minded folks have found success throughout this four year program learning about leadership, entrepreneurship, and organizational behaviors.

While studying at the University of Tulsa, students should be aware of the outcomes of this particular degree track:

  • Understand the dynamics of human behavior in organizations
  • Understand the process of negotiations
  • Understand strategic management theories and how to apply them

If this sounds like something that you would be interested in, then check out a few of the courses that you will take throughout this degree program:

  • Operations Management
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Legal Environment of Business
  • Business Information Technology

After completing all of the required courses and graduating from the University of Oklahoma, alumni have found great success in life-long careers such as:

  • Labor Relations Manager
  • Benefits Manager
  • Human Resources Specialist
  • Talent Manger


Admission to the University of Tulsa has never been easier, and prospective students have the ability to speak to an academic advisor the entire way through the application process.

Once you head to the website, click on the admissions tab in order to begin your journey.

There, you will find an online application that takes about 30 minutes to complete if you have all the proper paperwork ready to go.

There is a $50 non-refundable application fee to apply to the University of Tulsa at this time.

Along with your application, you should supply the following information:

  • Transcripts from high school or previous education if transferring
  • SAT or ACT scores
  • Essay
  • School report form

Prospective students will also need to speak with an admissions counselor for an interview before enrolling in classes.


Undergraduate full time students will pay $60,554 per year which includes room and board.

After four years, the total tuition for on-campus residential students is $242,176.

Those who do not live on campus will pay $46,932 per year which adds up to $187,728.

Books, transportation, and other fees may occur.

Financial aid, scholarships, and grants are available for qualified students at the University of Tulsa.

Contact Information

  • Address: 800 South Tucker Dr. Tulsa, OK 74104
  • Phone: 918-631-2000
  • Website: www.utulsa.edu

7Franklin University

Programs Offered:

Franklin University is a great online educational system that allows students to learn from home across the United States.

Students are able to focus on one class at a time, and with this format a degree can take about four years to complete.

The Human Resources Management Bachelors degree track is perfect for business-minded individuals who also love working with other people.

Since there are no physical buildings to attend, students save money on tuition and books without sacrificing their education.

Expect to take general education classes as well as more business-oriented content like:

  • Employee Labor and Relations
  • Strategic Human Resources
  • Staffing
  • Compensation and Benefits

Not only can you earn a Bachelors degree here, but students can also gain microcredentials like:

  • Human Resources Training Specialist
  • Human Resources Generalist

The new found knowledge that Franklin University provides will guide you toward many great roles in your future business career.

Graduates have found it easy to gain employment in roles that include:

  • Director of Employee Experience
  • Recruitment Manager
  • Payroll Specialist
  • Recruiter


It only takes about 20 minutes to apply to Franklin University, which is a quick and easy process.

Most applications are processed within 48 hours, after that you will know if you are accepted.

Applications are free to submit at this time.

In order to be accepted at Franklin University, prospective students will need to provide the following information with their application:

  • Transcripts from high school or previous education
  • Proof of credit hours completed if transferring
  • Financial aid information if applicable

Once you are done completing and submitting an application, an academic advisor will contact you for the next steps in the process.


With every college education, there are some fees and tuition to look out for.

At Franklin University, tuition is 67% less than most universities in the United States.

The annual tuition for undergraduate students at this university is $12,338.

Since Franklin University is an online school, there is more flexibility with what you spend your money on.

Books are included in the price of tuition, which equals out to $49252 for four years of education.

Financial aid and scholarships are available and other discounts like military, transfer credits, are available as well.

Contact Information

  • Address: 201 South Grant Ave Columbus, OH 43215
  • Phone: 877-341-6300
  • Website: www.franklin.edu

8Regent University

Programs Offered:

Regent University is a highly ranked Christian College in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

The sprawling campuses of this university system will entice students from all across the United States, both Christian and non-Christians alike.

Prospective students of this school have a choice to enroll for the online programs available here or study on-campus.

The Human Resources Management Bachelors degree program is just one of the many majors available here, and is perfect for people who want to pursue a degree in business but are also people-oriented.

Students of Regent University can build a strong foundation in classes that include:

  • Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining
  • Employment Law
  • Fundamentals of Human Resources Management
  • Training and Development

This degree is a four year commitment, and will help students secure roles in various business-related careers.

Graduates of Regent University have found success in roles such as:

  • Corporate Recruiter
  • Employment Coordinator
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Job Posting Specialist


There are several options for enrollment at Regent University, returning students, new students, transfer, military, and even international learners are welcome to enroll here.

The application takes just 5 easy steps, and can be done within about a half an hour, if you have all of your necessary paperwork handy.

After you have completed the application, you will also need to submit:

  • Admissions questionare
  • Official transcripts
  • Government issued ID
  • Financial aid information

International applicants will have a separate application to submit.

As soon as a decision has been made, an admissions counselor will contact you to talk about further steps.


Full-time students enrolled at Regent University for the on-campus program will pay $10,854 per semester.

Online students will pay a tuition of $4,740 for full time learning per semester.

Since it takes about four years to graduate from Regent University, the average on-campus graduate pays $43,416 after graduation.

Online students will pay a tuition fee of $18,960 one all credits have been completed.

Military students will pay $18,080 for a full four years of education.

Contact Information

  • Address: 100 Regent University Dr. Virginia Beach, VA 23464
  • Phone: 800-373-4127
  • Website: www.regent.edu

9Northern Kentucky University

Programs Offered:

This public school in Kentucky is a wonderful place to visit for residents of Oklahoma.

One of the great aspects about this school is that prospective students can chose between a fully online education or they can attend in person.

There are over one hundred types of degrees available at this school, and you will be happy to know that the Human Resources Management Bachelors degree is one of them.

The four year Society for Human Resources Management aligned degree is designed to incorporate all types of business information in order to make the most well-rounded individuals upon graduation.

Students on this degree path will enjoy courses that are business-related, such as:

  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Employment Law
  • Training and Employee Development
  • Strategic Human Resources

After completing the majority of the required classes, Northern Kentucky University allows students to take part in internships which will give you hands-on experience in the field you want to work.

Once you have graduated, and with your new found skills, you will be a great success in roles like:

  • Training Manager
  • Compensation Specialist
  • Labor Relations Specialist
  • Payroll Manager


If you are interested in attending Northern Kentucky University, academic advisors would love for you to schedule a campus tour to make sure the school is the right fit for you.

Once you have decided to apply to this school, head over to the website for the easy application, you will just need to pay a $40 application fee to submit.

All types of students are welcome here from first year freshman to transfer students and beyond.

There are some necessary pieces of paperwork that must be added to your application, such as:

  • Transcripts from high school or previous education
  • ACT or SAT scores

It’s that easy to apply, and you will hear back with an answer about your acceptance within two weeks.


Residents of Kentucky will pay $5,104 per semester to attend Northern Kentucky University.

This equals out to $10,208 per year and $40,832 after four years of attendance.

Indiana and Ohio residents also receive this discounted tuition cost.

Non-residents will pay $10,232 per semester for a total of $20,464 per year.

Graduates who are non-residents will pay about $81,856 after graduation.

Additional fees like room and board can be discussed with an academic advisor upon acceptance.

Contact Information

  • Address: Nunn Dr. Highland Heights, KY 41099
  • Phone: 859-572-5100
  • Website: www.nku.edu

10Wichita State University

Programs Offered:

The main focus of the faculty at Wichita State University are the students.

Wichita State University in Kansas is a public research university, and students from Oklahoma are welcome to join in on the educational aspects of this great school.

While considering Wichita State University, you will see that there are over 100 programs to enroll in, but business-minded individuals will find the Human Resources Management Bachelors degree one of the most interesting.

This four year program is perfect for people who want to bridge the gap between organizations and the employees that work in them.

There are both online and on-campus experiences, so even if you don’t want to leave Oklahoma, you can still attend this great school.

Wichita State University requires students to take general education classes and also business-oriented ones that are required in order to graduate.

Some of these classes will include:

  • Performance Management and Incentives
  • Building Remarkable Teams
  • Managing in Diverse Organizations
  • High Performance Leadership

Since this is a research university, students will be required to take on a research project, internship, or some other form of work/study program in order to qualify for graduation as well.

Once you have finished all of your classes and extracurriculars, you will be excited to graduate and move on to a great role in Human Resources Management such as:

  • Safety Coordinator
  • Technical Recruiter
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Training Coordinator


Before enrolling at Wichita State University, you’ll need to fill out an application, which can be done online and is fairly simple.

After you completed your application, an academic advisor will contact you to provide you with more information on your next steps, like enrolling in classes.

Along with an application, it’s important to submit a few documents, such as:

  • High school/college transcripts
  • Recommendation letter
  • ACT or SAT scores

International students will need to submit English proficiency exam results.

Transfer students are required to provide previous education course credits, and military students are welcome to submit an application as well.


Residents of Kansas will pay $6,840 per year to attend Wichita State University.

It takes four years to finish a degree from this university, so the average graduate will pay $27,360 for a Bachelors degree.

Students who are from out of state will pay $16,200 per year.

On average, an out of state student will end up paying $64,800 to earn a Bachelors degree at Wichita State University.

Online students regardless of residency will also pay $6,840 per year to attend.

Contact Information

  • Address: 1845 Fairmount St. Wichita, KS 67260
  • Phone: 316-978-3456
  • Website: www.wichita.edu

Final Thoughts

There are some really great places to earn a Bachelors degree in Oklahoma and the surrounding states.

This list of ten of the best universities for people in Oklahoma to find a degree should help you get the ball rolling and onto the next step, enrolling!

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