10 Best Human Resource Management Bachelor's Degree Schools in Michigan

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The Great Lakes State is one of the most popular states to fish, swim, and do water sports, but did you know that Michigan also boasts some of the best universities in the country?

If you are looking to find a school that provides you with a meaningful and comprehensive education in Human Resources Management, then look no further than the schools that Michigan has to offer.

From public universities in Mount Pleasant to smaller, private schools in Troy, students from across the country have come to Michigan to earn their Bachelors degree.

Any one of these ten great schools will lead you on your way toward a successful career in Human Resources Management.

Come to Michigan for the fun in the sun and lake lifestyle, but stay and learn all about how to maintain a great career in Human Resources Management or business as a whole.

1Central Michigan University

Programs Offered:

In Mount Pleasant, Michigan you will find one of the bigger public universities that the state has to offer.

With over 24,000 students enrolled at any given time and 300 programs to decide from, there is something for everyone at Central Michigan University.

Business students can look into the Human Resources Management Bachelors degree program that will take about four years to finish.

With this degree, you’ll be able to help organizations and employees find the best fit for each.

Along the way, you’ll learn leadership skills, organizational management skills, and many other business-related curriculum to give you a leg up in your dream career.

Once you have completed the general education classes, you’ll be on your way to taking more specialized courses such as:

  • Applied Business Analytics
  • Compensation Administration
  • Human Resources Training and Development
  • Personnel Selection and Evaluation

Every business needs employees and as a Human Resources Management degree holder, you will help organizations find their perfect matches.

Expect to gain employment in some incredible careers once you have graduated from Central Michigan University, including:

  • Physician Recruiter
  • Employee Relations Specialist
  • Director of Compensation and Benefits
  • Human Resources Specialist


Prospective Central Michigan University students who are first year freshman and transfer students can apply online.

International students are welcome to apply as well, and should follow the correct application tab in order to submit their information.

There is a $40 application fee for all prospective students at this university.

While it is possible to mail in an application, submitting one online is the best and fastest way to do so.

Some of the information that you will want to gather to include with your application is:

  • Transcripts from high school or previous universities
  • SAT or ACT scores

Before you submit your application you will also want to apply for financial aid and housing requirements if you choose to live on campus.

Once you have done all of this and submitted an application, it should take about two weeks to hear back about your admittance status.


Residents of the United States will pay $10,560 per year at Central Michigan University while international students will pay $19,200.

Residents will end up paying $42,240 after four years of education and international students will pay $76,800 upon graduation.

Military and veteran students will pay $299 per credit hour here, which comes to a total of $35,880 upon graduation.

Online students will pay $440 per credit hour for a total of $52,800 upon graduation.

Contact Information

  • Address: 1200 S. Franklin St. Mount Pleasant, MI 48859
  • Phone: 989-774-4000
  • Website: www.cmich.edu

2Michigan State University

Programs Offered:

Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan has been around for over 165 years.

The education here has withstood the test of time, and there is no stopping it in sight.

There are many great career advancement opportunities and degree programs at Michigan State University for all types of personalities.

For those who are business-minded and want to take a step into the world of organizations, the four year Human Resources Management Bachelors degree may be the perfect fit.

At the Broad College of Business you can study business related curriculum that is within the top 20 in the nation.

There are some great courses available and necessary to complete in order to earn a degree from Michigan State University, including:

  • Organizational Staffing
  • Personnel Training and Development
  • Labor-Management Relations
  • Globalization and International Management

Graduates with this degree will be perfect for roles that lead people into successful careers.

Once you have completed all of the required courses at Michigan State University you will be on your way to graduation and a successful career of your own, like:

  • Compensation Analyst
  • Strategic Support Associate
  • Talent Manager
  • Project Management Specialist


Both first year freshman and transfer students are encouraged to talk to an admissions counselor before applying at Michigan State University.

Online applications are available for those who are ready to take the next step in their education.

At this time, there is a $65 non-refundable application fee.

Some of the information that must be provided along with your application includes:

  • Transcripts from high school or previous university
  • ACT or SAT scores
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Essay

Transfer students must also have at least 15 credit hours in order to transfer to Michigan State University.

Before you send off your application, you will need to pick your major and list it with your information.

There are deadlines for applications throughout the year at Michigan State University, so check out the website when you are ready to apply to make sure you get yours in on time.


For Michigan residents who want to live on campus, the average yearly tuition for Michigan State University is $25,426.

After four years, the cost of a degree from Michigan State University is $101,704.

Out of state students will pay a bit more, with their yearly tuition being $53,012 which includes room and board.

Expect to pay $212,048 in total tuition costs.

International students will pay $61,277 per year at Michigan State University.

This adds up to $245,108 after four years of education.

For those who do not want to partake in room and board, the base tuition price is $15,426 for Michigan residents.

It should cost about $61,704 to complete your Bachelors degree here.

Contact Information

  • Address: 220 Throwbridge Rd. East Lansing, MI 48824
  • Phone: 517-355-1855
  • Website: www.msu.edu

3Oakland University

Programs Offered:

In Rochester, Michigan you will find a little school named Oakland University.

At this research university, diversity and inclusivity is celebrated.

Among the hundreds of potential majors at Oakland University, prospective students will find the Human Resources Management Bachelors degree program.

Within the Human Resources Management track, students will gain skills needed to create functional organizations.

Along with general education classes, you will be introduced to a variety of business courses that include:

  • Business Problem Solving with Information Technology
  • Statistical Methods for Business
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Compensation and Benefits

This university is aligned with the Society for Human Resources Management, which means students are given the very best in up to date curriculum.

Prior to graduating, students are able to earn certification through this society, which can boost career prospects after graduation.

If you are looking to head into an accelerated program, there is one available in Mount Clemens, Michigan in an 8-week format.

Once you have graduated from either the accelerated or Rochester campus program, you will likely find roles in life-long careers like:

  • Industrial Production Manager
  • Compensation and Benefits Manager
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Talent Acquisition Specialist


Submitting an application to Oakland University is free for all prospective students.

It’s also pretty quick and easy, just create a username and login for the website and then answer questions about yourself.

You’ll also need to provide some important information to get enrollment going:

  • Transcripts from high school or previous universities
  • SAT or ACT scores

In order to be considered for admissions at Oakland University, you will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Have at least a 3.2 GPA or above from high school
  • College preparatory courses from high school

Once you have all that information handled, you may have to wait a couple of weeks in order to hear whether you have been accepted or not.

Oakland University does not require letters of recommendation but you can always add one to your application.


It will cost $15,180 per year to attend Oakland University.

This comes out to about $60,720 upon graduation.

Room and board is not considered in this price of tuition and can be talked about with an academic advisor as the rates change often.

There are financial aid and scholarship opportunities for qualified students who want to study at Oakland University.

Contact Information

  • Address: 2200 North Squirrel Rd. Rochester, MI 48309
  • Phone: 248-370-2100
  • Website: www.oakland.edu

4Calvin University

Programs Offered:

Calvin University in Grand Rapids, Michigan is a Christian school that focuses on God’s word and inspires students to go above and beyond.

Though this is a Christian school, students of all faiths are welcome to attend.

You will find some incredible programs here, but business minded people will enjoy the Human Resources Management Bachelors degree.

This degree track takes about four years to complete and will help students gain employment in business-related roles.

At Calvin University, students in this program have the opportunity study abroad as well as enter into internships that will give them a leg up when looking for a career after graduation.

While studying at Calvin University, it is required that you take on some business classes that lean toward Human Resources Management, such as:

  • Human Resource Economics
  • Strategic Management
  • The Psychology of Work
  • Social Science Statistics

A degree from Calvin University will help graduates bridge the gap between organizations and the employees that work for them.

Once students have completed their capstone projects and worked an internship, they will be on their way to graduation.

Upon graduation, it is likely that you will find a variety of roles to gain employment in, including:

  • Applications Specialist
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Benefits Administrator
  • Staffing Consultant


The best way to apply to Calvin University is to fill out an application on their website.

Here, all types of students are welcome from first year freshman to transfer students and even international learners.

Submitting your application along with some important information will help to move along the process quickly.

The application should only take about twenty minutes of your time if you have all of the necessary paperwork ready.

Included with your application, you should submit the following:

  • Transcripts from high school or previous universities
  • Letter of recommendation

Consider taking a tour of the campus before applying so you can make sure that this is the right school for you.

Once you have committed to Calvin University and submitted an application, an academic advisor will contact you about new student orientation.


Tuition for undergraduate students is $38,370 per year, which includes room and board.

After earning a four year Bachelors degree, graduates will end up paying $153,480 in total fees.

Other fees that may occur:

  • Books – $1,300
  • Wellness fees – $300
  • Transportation – $1,000

100% of Calvin University students use some form of financial aid and there are $79 million dollars worth of scholarships to be handed out.

Contact Information

  • Address: 3201 Burton St. SE Grand Rapids, MI 49546
  • Phone: 616-526-6000
  • Website: www.calvin.edu

5University of Michigan-Flint

Programs Offered:

The University of Michigan has a small campus located in Flint that serves the needs of business-minded folks across Michigan and the United States.

The School of Management here provides a great Bachelors degree program for students interested in Human Resources Management.

You will find both online and on-campus courses available at the University of Michigan in Flint, which is great for students who want to focus on work or family life while going to school.

Along the way, you’ll be introduced to a variety of business courses that will help build skills so that you can land a successful career in Human Resources Management or business as a whole.

Some of the required classes you will need to take in order to graduate include:

  • Financial Management
  • Contemporary Labor-Management Issues
  • Human Behavior in Organizations
  • International Management

While studying at this school, you will likely be invited to partake in research opportunities, work/study programs, and internships to get your foot in the door at local businesses.

Once you have finished your required courses and graduated from the University of Michigan in Flint, you will be on your way to finding a life-long career in roles like:

  • Technical Recruiter
  • Training Coordinator
  • Employee Benefits Consultant
  • Safety Coordinator


All types of students are encouraged to apply to the University of Michigan in Flint.

From freshman, to international students and even returning education seekers, there is room for everyone here.

The first step to the enrollment process is to apply online on the website.

In order to get accepted at the University of Michigan in Flint, students will need to provide the following information:

  • Submit SAT or ACT scores
  • Submit transcripts

International students will need to take an English proficiency exam, and transfer students will need to provide previous transcripts from other universities.

There are some criteria that you must meet in order to be accepted to this university, which is:

  • Have at least a 2.7 high school GPA
  • Provide a high school diploma

Honors program students will need to have at least a 3.7 GPA.

After submitting your application, you should hear back from the school within two weeks.


The average cost of tuition per semester for Michigan residents at this school is $12,234.

Considering it takes four years to finish and there are two semesters a year, the total tuition for attending the University of Michigan in Flint is typically $48,936 after graduation.

Those who want to attend the University of Michigan in Flint but are not Michigan residents will pay $24,450 a year or $97,800 in total upon graduation.

Housing and meal plans are not added to these numbers as they change frequently and should be spoken to with an academic advisor.

Financial aid and scholarships are available here for qualified students.

Contact Information

  • Address: 330 East Kearsley St. Flint, MI 48502
  • Phone: 810-760-3300
  • Website: www.umflint.edu

6Grand Valley State University

Programs Offered:

There are over 21,000 students enrolled at Grand Valley State University but don’t let that fool you.

This large school still has small class sizes and friendly faculty that want students to succeed in all that they put their minds to.

If you are the type of person that loves to be around others but also have a business mindset, then the Human Resources Management degree program here at Grand Valley State University might be right up your alley.

This program uses cutting edge concepts to teach students skills in recruiting and selection, diversity and inclusion, training and development, and everything else that is needed to create a wonderful place to work for everyone.

As of right now, there is only in-person learning and freshman will begin their educational career in Allendale, Michigan and then head to the campus in Grand Rapids once they have completed the majority of their learning.

While studying at Grand Valley State University, students will get involved with comprehensive and interesting courses that will spark imagination, such as:

  • International Human Resources Management
  • The Diversified Workforce
  • Staffing and Development
  • Strategic Human Resources Management

Once you have completed this program, you can combine it with a Masters degree to save you time and money.

After graduation, it is likely that you will find a great role in a life-long career like:

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Benefits Director
  • Compensation Analyst
  • Director of Employment Services


The first thing to do when looking to attend Grand Valley State University is fill out an online application.

Then, it’s necessary to submit some paperwork along with your application so that the school can find out valuable information about you.

This paperwork includes:

  • Transcripts from high school or previous universities
  • ACT or SAT scores

Once you have filled out all of this information and submitted your financial aid request, you will have to wait for an academic advisor to call or email you.

An email or call from a faculty member of the school will take between 2 and 3 weeks, then you will be on your way to choosing classes and setting up a campus tour.


Michigan residential students who want to attend this university full time will pay $13,952 a year.

Since most degrees take four years to finish, upon graduation the full tuition to attend Grand Valley State University for Michigan residents is $55,808.

Students who come from out of state will pay $19,856 per year for a total of $79,424 upon graduation.

Some other fees that may be added to that total cost are:

  • Housing and food – $9,950 per year
  • Books – $800 per year
  • Transportation – $420 a year

Financial aid, scholarships, and grants are available for all qualified students.

Contact Information

  • Address: 1 Campus Dr. Allendale, MI 49401
  • Phone: 616-331-5000
  • Website: www.gvsu.edu

7Davenport University

Programs Offered:

Davenport University is a great place for business minded folks because it is in the center of Grand Rapids, Michigan, a large city with many organizations and opportunities.

There are great things for you to learn at Davenport University, and earning a Bachelors degree in Human Resources Management is one several programs students can become a part of.

The Bachelors degree at Davenport University is fully aligned with the Society for Human Resources Management, which means you will always get the best of the best when it comes to your education.

This comprehensive curriculum will teach students the skills they need in order to create a great career for themselves.

Some of the interesting classes that students in this four year program will be required to enroll in are:

  • Corporate Finance
  • Business Law Foundations
  • International Business
  • Staffing Organizations

There are many ways to earn a great career with a degree from Davenport University including online and in-person options.

Graduates of this inspiring educational facility have been able to find success in careers that include:

  • Employee Relations Manager
  • Talent Manager
  • Recruitment Manager
  • Labor Relations Specialist


If you are ready to take the next steps in your education, applying to Davenport University is quite simple.

Applications are available online and are free to all prospective students.

In order to be considered for enrollment at Davenport University, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Transcripts from high school or previous education
  • ACT or SAT scores

Veterans and military students are encouraged to apply at this university as well.

Once you have completed an application, a member of the academic advisement team will get in touch with you to schedule orientation and a campus tour.


The tuition at Davenport University is the 3rd lowest among Michigan schools.

Considering this, the yearly tuition here is $27,840.

On average, it takes four years to complete a Bachelors degree, which means graduates will pay about $111,360 after graduation.

Online tuition is $928 per credit hour.

Financial aid and scholarships are available for students who attend this university.

Contact Information

  • Address: 6191 Kraft Ave. SE Grand Rapids, MI 49512
  • Phone: 800-686-1600
  • Website: www.davenport.edu

8Concordia University Ann Arbor

Programs Offered:

Concordia University has campuses all across the United States, but in Michigan there is a small one in Ann Arbor.

This college town has everything a student could want from nightlife to great studying spots, and of course sports.

At Concordia University, students are able to study business through the Human Resources Management Bachelors degree program.

Here, you will find that there are several options to consider from online, hybrid, accelerated, and in person learning.

No matter the choice you make with your education, you can rest assured that they are all similar and taught by industry professionals.

Within this four year program, except for the accelerated program which can be about 2 years, students will learn many business-related skills.

Some of the courses you will be expected to take if you head down this road are:

  • Employment and Labor Relations
  • Staffing
  • Diversity, Inclusion, and Human Relations
  • Training and Employee Development

After completing all of the required courses and graduating from Concordia University in Ann Arbor, 99% of students are employed one year later.

This means that there is a good chance you will find the career of your dreams once you have graduated from this school.

You’ll likely find employment in some great careers like:

  • Talent Acquisition
  • Benefits Manager
  • Human Resources Recruiter
  • Staffing Coordinator


Concordia University of Ann Arbor stands for diversity, so the school is always looking for a variety of students to fill their halls.

In order to enroll at the school, you will need to provide some important pieces of information along with an application.

The application can be found on the school’s website, and is simple to complete; it should take no more than twenty minutes to finish.

You’ll see that there are several types of applications to choose from, first year freshman to online night-learners, so make sure you pick the correct application that correlates to your needs.

Other documents that are necessary in order to enroll at Concordia University of Ann Arbor are:

  • SAT and/or ACT scores
  • Transcripts from previous university or high school

Once you have completed all of the above paperwork and submitted your application, an academic advisor will go over your credentials and get back to you within two weeks to discuss the next steps in the process.

In this time, you may want to set up a campus tour or discuss housing/meal plan options.


Tuition for undergraduates is $32,770 per year at Concordia University of Ann Arbor.

After four years of school and earning a Bachelors degree, the average base cost for an education here is $131,080.

Housing can range from $11,800 to $17,050 per year at this university while meal plans can range from $368 per year to $800.

Other fees that may apply include:

  • Laundry – $64 per semester
  • Parking – $75
  • Technology $66 per semester
  • Internship – $75

Contact Information

  • Address: 4090 Geddes Rd. Ann Arbor, MI 48105
  • Phone: 734-995-7300
  • Website: www.cuaa.edu

9Walsh College

Programs Offered:

Michigan residents will love Walsh College for it’s immersive online program as well as the small on-campus classes.

Located in Troy, Michigan, this school is great for students who want a small town feel on a less populated campus.

Walsh College is a great accredited private school that allows students to work with others and become fully immersed in the day to day business world.

Along with several general education classes like math, science, English, and social studies, students are given the opportunity to work together and alone to understand the world of Human Resources Management through the Bachelors degree program.

Within the program, students are challenged with courses that include:

  • Principles of Marketing
  • Business Driven Technology
  • Professional Communication
  • Managerial Accounting

Graduates are capable and knowledgeable in a variety of business and organizational related abilities, which can lead to great roles in careers such as:

  • Recruitment Officer
  • Safety, Compliance, and Recruitment Specialist
  • Payroll Specialist
  • Senior HR Manager


In order to be considered for admission at Walsh College, students must meet the following requirements:

  • An Associate degree or 60 credit hours

If you meet these requirements, an application is just a click away on the website.

Prospective students must provide information in order to be considered for admission.

Some of the information needed to enroll includes:

  • Transcripts from previous education
  • GPA scores

Providing all of this information and having an Associates degree can put you on the track to becoming a Human Resources Management professional.


Course credits are $562 per credit hour.

Books and supplies may be added to the total cost of tuition per year, depending on the courses taken that year.

Undergraduate students, both online and on-campus at Walsh College will pay $10,526 per semester.

There are two semesters a year, so that adds up to $21,124 a year.

Most Bachelors degrees take about four years to complete, which means that the total cost of a degree at Walsh College will be about $84,496.

Financial aid and scholarships are available through the school for qualified students.

Contact Information

10Capella University

Programs Offered:

Though the headquarters are located in Colorado, students from Michigan can gain a lot from the online program at Capella University.

The school has self-paced classes, flexible hours, and the ability to have one on one connections between students and staff.

It should take about four years to finish a degree at Capella University, and you won’t even need to leave Michigan to do so.

Along with general education classes, there are many required classes to take on this path toward a Bachelors degree in Human Resources Management, including:

  • Compensation and Benefits Management
  • Recruitment, Retention, and Development
  • Employee Training and Development
  • Employee and Labor Relations

Completing these and several others will lead you on your way to a Bachelors degree which can then turn into a successful career in business.

Some of the interesting and life-long career roles that graduates of Capella University have earned are:

  • Talent Acquisition Manager
  • Human Resources Analyst
  • Talent Recruiter
  • Retirement Plan Counselor


There are a few requirements in order to enroll at Colorado State University Global.

First year freshman must follow these standards:

  • Have a high school diploma or GED
  • Are 23 years of age or older
  • Submit official high school transcript
  • SAT or ACT scores

Applications take as little as ten minutes to fill out and cost $25.

Once your application has been accepted, you will be able to enroll and pick your first classes.


CSU Global is one of the more affordable online schools in the United States.

There are no fees for out of state students and no surprise expenses.

Undergraduates can expect to pay $350 per credit hour at Colorado State University Global.

With 120 credits to graduate, that comes out to $42,000 upon graduation.

If you have transfer credits, your tuition bill will be lower:

  • $10,500 for someone with 90 transfer credits
  • $21,000 for a student with 60 transfer credits
  • $31,500 for 30 transfer credits

Contact Information

  • Address: 585 Salida Way Aurora, CO 80011
  • Phone: 800-462-7845
  • Website: www.csuglobal.edu

Final Thoughts

There are so many great schools to consider when thinking of earning an education in Michigan.

Whether you are looking for an online alternative or expect to rock the on-campus lifestyle, there is something for everyone within these ten schools for people who want to learn about Human Resources Management.

Jamie Willis
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