10 Best Human Resource Management Bachelor's Degree Schools in Alabama

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In the Heart of Dixie, education is as important as breathing.

Students come from far and wide to enjoy the landscape of Alabama from the Tennessee River to the Appalachian Mountains, there are countless splendors to see throughout the state.

Alabama doesn’t just showcase natural beauty though, there are many gorgeous campuses to enjoy if you are looking for secondary education.

From the four state schools in Huntsville, Tuscaloosa, Montgomery, and Birmingham to private and online education, there are numerous ways to gain a Bachelors degree in this state.

If you are looking for higher education in a variety of programs, look no further than the awe-inspiring state of Alabama.

1Athens State University

Programs Offered:

At Athens State University students appreciate the transfer-friendly programs and tiny class sizes, to ensure one-on-one attention and a focus on learning every aspect of the Bachelors of Science in Human Resource Management.

With one of the most affordable tuitions in Alabama and Tennessee, it’s easy to see why this school is top-notch.

Not only do students value the small classes and affordable budget, the courses are flexible so that you can continue to work and have a private life outside of class.

There are several reasons why Athens State University is among the top ten universities for Human Resource Management degrees, and it’s clear when you realize that 83% of graduates are employed soon after graduating from this program.

Athens State University is one of the top Upper Division universities in Alabama for online and in person degrees.

For students interested in achieving their Bachelors of Science in Human Resource Management, Athens State University may be just the right school.

With this career-focused degree, students can create the optimal work/life balance, finishing their degree in about four years.

Some of the careers that Athens State University can help you start include:

  • Recruitment Specialist
  • Benefits Administrator
  • Training Coordinator
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Employee Relations Manager
  • Compensation Specialist

The curriculum at Athens State University provides business management, research and psychology courses.

Athens State University boasts small class sizes of around 18 students, a faculty of industry professionals who have experience in the fields they are teaching, and affordable tuition.


In order to enroll at Athens State University, students must:

  • Have at least 36 transferable credit hours from an accredited institution
  • Possess a minimum of 2.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale
  • Have obtained a minimum of 15 general education credit hours

If you have acquired all of the necessary education to enroll at Athens State University, you will then need to fill out the information provided on the website:

Your name, email address, phone number, and zip code.


In state on campus and online: $241 per credit hour

Out of state online: $482 per credit hour

Distance/Non-traditional learning*: $241 per credit hour

Course loads are 19+ credit hours for the Fall/Spring session and 15+ credit hours for the Spring/Summer session.

A Fall/Spring course load for an in state online student would be approximately $4,579.

A Fall/Spring course load for an out of state online student could be around $9,158.

Spring and summer sessions start off at around $3,615 for in state students and $7,230 for out of state learners.

*Non-traditional learning applies to blended formats, internships, directed studies, and work experience.

Contact Information

2Auburn University At Montgomery

Programs Offered:

Auburn University at Montgomery is more than proud of their Human Resource Management Bachelors program.

With industry professionals as professors, an affiliation with the National Society for Human Resource Management, and state of the art simulations and studies, there is no shortage of education at this university.

Students can expect to gain real-life experience in simulated work force applications and environments, researching case studies, and diving deep into the world of Human Resource Management.

Like most Bachelors of Science degrees, a Human Resource Management program at Auburn University at Montgomery takes about four years to complete.

Students who take more than 15 credit hours a semester, or those who gain their education online may be on an accelerated track, gaining their degree in three years or less.

Along with general education classes, undergraduates will take Human Resource and business focused courses such as:

  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Employee and Labor Relations
  • Business Management

Not only will students gain important information in a classroom setting, internships and labs will be an integral part of their education.

Graduates from Auburn University at Montgomery can expect to have successful careers in the following areas after graduation:

  • Human Resource Manager
  • Human Resources Specialist
  • Compensation, Benefits, and Job Analyst Specialist
  • Training and Development Specialist

If you are looking for a business-focused career, then beginning your degree at Auburn University at Montgomery in Human Resource Management might be just what you are looking for.


In order to enroll at Auburn University at Montgomery, prospective graduating high school students are required to:

  • Have a high school GPA of at least 2.3
  • Obtain an ACT score of 18 or SAT score of 940

Transfer students must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a 2.0 GPA
  • Obtain 24 hours of completed course work

It is also possible to dual enroll at AUM, which means that as a high school student you could take college classes to get a jump start on your Bachelors degree.

Potential students are required to fill out an application online and have transcripts from high school or previous higher education.


Undergraduate residential students (students who live on campus) will pay $343 per credit hour.

Undergraduate students who won’t be living on campus and international students will pay $770 per credit hour.

Other fees such as technology, lab, orientation, and meal plans may apply as well.

Contact Information

  • Address: 7400 East Dr. Montgomery, Alabama 36117
  • Phone: 334-244-3000
  • Website: www.aum.edu

3Amridge University

Programs Offered:

There is no better time to begin a career in Human Resource Management, and Amridge University knows this to be true.

That’s why they provide both online and on-campus courses to fulfill your dream of becoming a Human Resource Manager with a Bachelors of Science degree.

Backed by several professional organizations like the American Management Association and The International Association of Administrative Professionals, you can rest assured that gaining a degree at Amridge University will guide you toward an incredible career.

Students in the Human Resource Management Bachelors degree program will be required to earn general education credits, as well as credits in specialized courses:

  • Business Law
  • Microeconomics
  • Motivation and Performance
  • Management Principles
  • Human Labor Relations

Guiding undergraduates every step of the way, Amridge has incredible professors that are also industry professionals.

With a Bachelors of science degree in Human Resource Management from Amridge University, graduates can gain employment in careers like:

  • Corporate Trainer
  • Job Placement Specialist
  • Professional Advisor
  • Human Resource Manager

Typically, a Bachelors degree takes about four years to complete, but with the knowledge gained at Amridge University, graduates will get a head start in their career.


If you are interested in enrolling at Amridge University, the first thing you will be required to do is create a profile on the website.

Then you will need to choose between a 14 week class registration and an 8 week class registration, which all depends on the time you want to take as a student.

Required paperwork in order to apply includes:

  • Transcripts from high school or other college courses
  • Proof of high school diploma
  • ACT and SAT scores


Full time students pay $375 per credit hour while part time students pay $430 per credit hour.

First responders receive a discount at Amridge University, paying $250 per credit hour for full time students and $330 per credit hour for part time.

Amridge University requires 120 credit hours in order to graduate, so this would cost $48,000 for full time students and $55,040 for part time.

First responders would pay $32,000 for full time education and $42,240 for part time.

Contact Information

4Columbia Southern University

Programs Offered:

Are you searching for a Bachelors degree that is easily obtainable online, one that has flexible classes for work/life balance?

Look no further than Columbia Southern University.

This school boasts an award winning Bachelors of Science in Human Resource Management.

Columbia Southern University has one of the lowest tuitions in the state, doesn’t require ACT or SAT scores to get accepted, and all books are free to students.

Classes in Human Resource Management will help students gain employment in management-level careers.

Some of the courses that you should expect to take to earn a Bachelors in Human Resource Management include:

  • Human Relations and Development
  • Managing Diversity in Organizations
  • Communication Skills for Leaders
  • Negotiation/Conflict Resolution

Classes are taught by industry professionals, which means you will gain experience from people who work in the fields that they touch, a great way to gain the best knowledge out there.


Applying at Columbia Southern University is easy, you’ll first need to fill out a free application with your name, address, and email address.

Then, you will need to submit a transcript either from high school or another college, depending on if you have transferable credits.

Some of the acceptable credits include:

  • Prior academic credits
  • Training and professional licenses
  • Certifications
  • Military training for course credit

Once you have satisfied these areas in the submission process, you’ll likely hear back from the school within a week with your acceptance status.


Columbia Southern University offers some of the most affordable tuition rates in the United States.

Undergraduate students pay $245 per credit hour and they also provide scholarships and financial aid.

Since this university requires 120 credit hours to graduate, the typical cost of a Bachelors degree is $29,400.

For adults and companies looking to further the education of their employees, Columbia Southern University offers a Learning Partner Discount, which boasts flexible programs and discounts.

Contact Information

5Faulkner University

Programs Offered:

Adults who are looking to gain an education and earn a Bachelors degree in Human Resource Management should consider Faulkner University.

At this Christian-based college, courses provide an ethical and biblical aspect to the educational experience.

This online program can lead to a rewarding career in management-level careers like:

  • Human Resource Management
  • Labor Relations Specialist
  • Training and Development Manager
  • Compensation and Benefits Manager

If you don’t want to spend four years in college, this accelerated degree may be just what you are looking for.

Some of the courses you can expect to take at Faulkner University are:

  • Organizational Behavior
  • Survey of Business
  • Statistical Reasoning
  • Effective Interpersonal Relations
  • Management and the Family

Most students at Faulkner University have busy lives, careers, and families, so this online degree is perfect for those who can’t make it to class on-campus.


Faulkner University provides on-campus and online studies for prospective students.

The accelerated online degree can be obtained anywhere in the United States and even abroad.

The requirements to apply for a Bachelors of Science in Human Resource Management include:

  • A minimum of a 2.0 GPA at a previous university or with Faulkner
  • A minimum of entry competencies of 63 credit hours
  • Be at least 23 years of age

*Students that transfer from another school may substitute up to 12 credit hours of general education to meet these requirements.


The tuition at Faulkner University varies depending on how many credit hours students take during each semester.

For those interested in taking 1-11 credit hours, the class fees are calculated by credit hour.

On-campus and online students will pay $755 per credit hour if they plan to attend the school part time.

This means that obtaining a Bachelors degree at Faulkner University as a part time student will cost $90,600 after four years.

However, for those who want a more accelerated path, those who take 12-16 credit hours per semester will pay $10,965.

Students who take 17-19 credit hours will pay $12,250 per semester.

Military students can expect to pay only $250 per course credit, equaling out to $30,000.

Contact Information

  • Address: 5345 Atlanta Hwy Montgomery, Alabama 36109
  • Phone: 800-879-9816
  • Website: www.faulkner.edu

6Samford University

Be prepared to jump into the workforce as soon as you graduate from Samford University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Human Resource Management.

Students are equipped with the knowledge to manage their careers through hands-on experience, internships, and networking with business managers all across the state.

All Samford University students are required to take general education classes, but the school of business has specialized courses such as:

  • Accounting Concepts
  • Business Communications
  • Business Law
  • Leadership
  • Human Resource Management
  • Managerial Values

There is no doubt that with a degree from Samford University graduates will gain employment in areas such as:

  • Human Resource Management
  • Compensation Specialist
  • Human Resource Specialist
  • Labor Relations Specialist

Samford University proclaims that 99% of their graduate students will be employed or in a graduate program six months after graduation.

With a four year Bachelors degree from Samford University, you will be well-equipped too step into the world of business.


Samford University requires all students to submit an application, with a fee of $40.

Along with your application, a 250 word minimum essay is necessary.

Other information necessary to apply to this university includes:

  • High school transcripts
  • ACT and SAT scores
  • Academic letter of recommendation

There are no required ACT or SAT scores to apply to Samford University, however, the majority of students have score of 23-29 on the ACT and obtain at least 1150 on the SAT.


At Samford University, students who take less than 12 credit hours per semester will pay per credit hour.

Full time students taking 12-18 credit hours will pay per semester which is $17,875.

Freshmen at Samford University are required to live on campus, which can cost anywhere from $2,636 to $4,866 per semester, depending on the residence hall.

Meal plans are also required for Freshmen students, which will cost about $2,645 per semester.

Upperclassmen are also required to pay for meal plans, at $2,025 per semester.

All in all, new students will typically pay around $36,724 per year.

Contact Information

  • Address: 800 Lakeshore Dr. Birmingham, Alabama 35229
  • Phone: 205-726-2011
  • Website: www.samford.edu

7Troy University

Programs Offered:

There will never be a shortage of businesses, which means that a degree in Human Resource Management will never go out of style.

Thats why Troy University takes their Bachelors of Science in Human Resource Management so seriously.

The most critical role in any business is the human, whether that is an employee, customer, manager, or client.

A degree in Human Resource Management will provide the knowledge to work with other humans to create an incredible, indestructible, workforce.

At Troy University, students are required to take 120 credit hours, which equates to about four years, of classes to learn the ins and outs of Human Resource Management.

Though that may seem like a long time, this fast paced, blended format degree will provide students the opportunity for careers in:

  • Administrative Services Management
  • Training and Development Management
  • Equal Opportunity Representation
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Human Resource Management

Not only does Troy University require students to apply themselves in general education classes, but there are also numerous specialized classes for this degree:

  • Industry Fundamentals
  • Employment Law
  • Human Resource Development
  • Leadership and Change

Troy University has diverse student activities, internships, and a wide variety of extracurriculars that could set the framework for a great start to any capable student’s career.


There are a variety of students that apply to Troy University:

  • First time freshmen
  • GED freshmen
  • Adult learners
  • Transfer students
  • International students

Due to the wide variety of student life on campus and online, the enrollment requirements may vary.

For a first time freshman enrolling at Troy University, you can expect to provide:

  • ACT and SAT scores
  • Transcripts from high school
  • Proof of at least a 2.0 GPA

Applicants that are over 21 years old won’t need to provide transcripts from high school.

For GED first time freshmen, it is required to provide your ACT or SAT scores.

Adult learners will need to provide proof of a 2.0 GPA from high school or higher education.

Transfer students need to show proof of at least 12 credit hours from another university as well as a 2.0 GPA from that school.

International students have many requirements:

  • Complete an international application
  • Provide a copy of transcripts as well as proof of a high school diploma
  • Financial support statement
  • Passport identification
  • English proficiency


Since Troy University provides education for both in-state and out of state students, the tuition may vary.

Those who are from Alabama and plan to study at Troy can expect to pay $388 per credit hour.

Since Troy University requires 120 credit hours for graduation, this means that it will cost an in-state student $46,560 to attend the school.

Out of state students will pay a bit more than in-state students at $776 per credit hour.

A total cost of $93,120 is what an out of state student would pay to graduate from Troy University.

Contact Information

  • Address: 600 University Ave. Troy, Alabama 36082
  • Phone: 800-414-5756
  • Website: www.troy.edu

8University of Alabama-Birmingham

The University of Alabama at Birmingham prides themselves on building leaders.

With a Bachelors degree in Human Resource Management, you will take on the world of business in no time.

Not only does the university have an astonishing campus, but their online program is quite great as well.

Their curriculum is designed to teach many aspects of the field of business, so that when students graduate, they are ready to step out into their career with success.

Along with general education classes, Human Resource Management students will take classes that include:

  • Business Foundations
  • Business Marketing
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Employment Law
  • Talent Development
  • Information Systems

A total of 120 credit hours is required for graduation in this program, so it should take about four years to finish a Bachelors degree.

Upon graduation, students are likely to gain employment in areas like:

  • Chief HR Officer
  • Employment Manager
  • Executive Recruiter
  • Training and Development Manager
  • Labor Relations Manager

This degree will provide knowledge and understanding of the business world, leading to an enriching career that will help graduates to network and form their own vocation.


Enrollment is quite easy at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Most students come in as Freshmen, which means they have a unique set of requirements:

  • Proof of high school diploma
  • Transcripts from high school
  • ACT and SAT scores

All prospective students are required to submit an application with a fee of $40.

Transfer students will be required to provide proof of credit hours obtained from another accredited university.

Credits for advanced placement and military are also provided for this school.


Most of the tuition for the University of Alabama-Birmingham are based on two semesters of at least 15 credit hours a semester.

In-state students pay $11,040 a semester, while out of state student tuition will run $26,520 a semester.

This is about $30,407 per year for in-state students with other costs such as meal plans, books, and housing.

Out of state students will be required to pay $46,455 a year.

The school also provides education for transfer students and even international learners.

A transfer student could pay anywhere from $19,737 to $35,775 a year at UAB.

International students will pay the most tuition, roughly $51,000 a year to attend UAB.

Contact Information

  • Address: 1720 2nd. Ave South Birmingham, Alabama 35294
  • Phone: 205-934-4011
  • Website: www.uab.edu

9University of Mobile

Programs Offered:

This five year degree will set you apart from the rest of the pack as you gain knowledge and capability with a degree in Human Resource Management from the University of Mobile.

Whether you attend school on-campus or online, students can be certain they will be provided the best education from industry professionals and long-time accredited professors at the university.

Along with general education and Christian focused courses, the University of Mobile requires students to take various business and Human Resource Management classes:

  • Principles of Macroeconomics
  • Business Analytics
  • Statistics
  • Principles of Management
  • Project Management
  • Essentials of Entrepreneurship

With this degree, you will gain a wide variety of education and should expect to not only succeed but exceed expectations in careers like:

  • Executive Leadership
  • Project Manager
  • Management Consultant
  • Human Resource Specialist

Though this degree program may take longer than the typical four year Bachelors degree, it is clear that a great education is of the utmost importance at the University of Mobile.


The University of Mobile makes it easy to apply with an online application.

There are some requirements to being accepted at the University of Mobile.

First, you will need at least a 2.75 GPA to apply without providing an ACT or SAT score.

If you don’t have a GPA higher than 2.75, you’ll be required to provide those scores, and it is necessary to have at least a 21 on the ACT.

First time freshmen must also submit a high school transcript.

Transfer students will also be required to submit a transcript from previous higher education facilities.

Students should attend orientation on campus to get used to college life and become familiar with the area.

MMR shot verification is also required for admission into the University of Mobile.

All acceptance letters will be issued via email.


Students taking anywhere from 12-15 credit hours per semester will pay roughly $11,930.

Most Bachelors degrees take around four years to complete, which can cost about $47,720.

Anything over 18 or below 12 credit hours will cost $855 per credit hour.

A new student orientation fee of $215 is always required.

Room and board can cost anywhere from $2,600 to $3,410.

Contact Information

  • Address: 5735 College Parkway Mobile, Alabama 36613
  • Phone: 251-675-5990
  • Website: www.umobile.edu

10University of South Alabama

Programs Offered:

Human Resources are a vital part of any successful business, and the University of South Alabama knows that.

The university takes extensive care of their Bachelors degree program, providing on-campus and online courses to prospective students.

With this specialization, undergraduates will gain knowledge of business management and human resources to become proficient in the field.

There are a wide variety of courses to take at the University of South Alabama.

First, students will take general education classes to get used to college life.

Then, more specialized classes will take place, such as:

  • Organizational Staffing
  • Employment Law
  • Compensation Administration
  • Strategic Human Resource Management
  • Leadership
  • Employee Training and Development

Classes are taught by professors that have experience in the field of Human Resource Management, so with this university, you can expect to gain vital knowledge and insider information.

Upon completion of a Bachelors degree, graduates can look forward to a career like:

  • Human Resource Manager
  • Training Specialist
  • Financial Manager
  • Accountant
  • Compensation Analyst


The easiest way to apply to the University of South Alabama is online, but you can always mail in an application.

In order to attend the University of South Alabama, prospective students will be required to:

  • Hold at least a 3.4 GPA for automatic admission
  • Go through the entire application process if your GPA is less than 3.4
  • Have an ACT score of 21 or over and an SAT score of at least 1060
  • Provide transcripts from high school or previously attended colleges

If you are accepted to the University of South Alabama, you will know by mail between 7-14 business days.

After acceptance, students will receive their student number, which they can use on the website to fill out more information like classes, housing, meal plans, financial aid and more.

Once you are accepted, it is required to fill out a course registration form and attention orientation.


In state students will pay $329 per credit hour, while out of state students will be required to pay $658 per credit hour.

Students who take less than 15 credit hours per semester will also be required to pay an extra $150 registration fee.

An in-state student that is taking 14 or less credit hours per semester will pay around $8,396 per year.

In-state students that take 15 credit hours will be required to pay around $10,070 per year.

Out of state students will pay a bit more in tuition at the University of South Alabama, at $16,292 per year.

Contact Information

  • Address: 3o7 North University Blvd. Mobile, Alabama 36688
  • Phone: 251-460-6101
  • Website: www.southalabama.edu

Final Thoughts

Finding the right school for you can be tricky when there are many options.

Hopefully, this list will help you get on the right track to have a successful career as a Human Resources Manager.

With a variety of online and on-campus options, there is bound to be a school in Alabama that works for your needs.

Jamie Willis
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