10 Best Healthcare Administration Bachelor's Degree Schools in Connecticut

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Within the Constitution State you will certainly find a rich American history, gorgeous oceanfront sights and tourist attractions galore.

Connecticut may be small in size but the impact that this state has on the country is irreplaceable. 

People who are ready to find their long-lasting career can look into any of these wonderful colleges that Connecticut and the surrounding areas have to offer.

Those who are seeking the Healthcare Administration Bachelors degree need to look no further, as Connecticut provides all-encompassing online and in-person programs to reach your goals.

Whether you want private schools or public universities, you will certainly be able to make your dreams come true with any of these ten colleges.

Take a look at our list to see where you can earn your Bachelors degree over the next four years.

1Yale University

Programs Offered:

Scholars who are looking for a prestigious, Ivy League college can look no further than Yale University.

Providing education in New Haven, Connecticut since 1701, Yale University is one of the most exceptional higher education facilities in the country.

Ranked at number 5 for Best National Universities, you can find a variety of majors and minors to choose from here.

Those who are seeking a medical career can find the Healthcare Administration Bachelors degree right online.

The Healthcare Administration degree from Yale is highly esteemed and can be hard to get into, but those who have the grades and know how will do well in this four year program.

Along the way, students will gain access to courses that will help their career like:

  • Microeconomics for Health Policy and Management
  • Social Justice and Health Equality
  • Biostatistics in Public Health
  • Sustainable Innovations

With this accredited degree program, students from all across the United States can have access to online education that will exceed expectations.

You could be one of the many alumni who have walked across the Yale halls to find their dream career, including:

  • Medical Director
  • Assisted Living Residence Administrator
  • Nursing Recruiter
  • Medical Records Manager


When you consider enrolling at Yale University, you may want to consider taking a virtual or in person tour of the campus to ensure that the school is right for you.

The next step is to find the admissions tab on the school’s website to begin your easy application.

First year freshman, returning students, and transfer students can all apply to Yale University.

It will cost $80 that is non-refundable to complete the application.

It is required to also supply the following information:

  • Recommendation from two teachers and one counselor
  • School report or transcript
  • SAT or ACT scores
  • Mid-year report

Keep an eye out for any admissions deadlines that occur throughout the year.

Decisions on admission will be posted online as well as emailed about one month after completing your application.


At Yale University, you will pay $64,700 per year for base tuition and with room and board that price goes up to $83,880.

It will take about four years to finish a Bachelors degree, so the total cost after graduation will be $258,800 and $335,200 depending on the amenities chosen.

There is also an optional $2,894 fee per year for health insurance.

Financial aid and scholarships are available as well for all students.

Contact Information

  • Address: P.O. Box 208241 New Haven, CT 06520
  • Phone: 203-432-4771
  • Website: www.yale.edu

2Charter Oak State College

Programs Offered:

New Britain, Connecticut offers the online university known as Charter Oak State College.

Established in 1973, Charter Oak State College has gone on to help over 16,000 alumni earn the degree they have always dreamed about.

With accreditation by the New England Commission of Higher Learning, you can rest assured that everything you learn here will be up to date and comprehensive.

One of the many Bachelors programs offered at Charter Oak State College is the Healthcare Administration degree.

Within this program, students will learn how to accommodate patients in healthcare facilities and understand medical terminology.

You will have the option to start when you want and take your classes at any time since this is a fully online program.

Check out some of the courses that you will be required to take along the way:

  • Healthcare Systems and Administration
  • Financial Accounting
  • Economics of Health and Healthcare
  • Leadership Practices

You will be required to complete a capstone project during your senior semester so that you can showcase all that you have learned.

Once you have completed all of the required courses, you will be ready to take on the world of Healthcare Administration in a role such as:

  • Data Scientist
  • Administrative Service Manager
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Dental Office Manager


Head the the Charter Oak State College website to begin the application.

It will cost $50, which is a non-refundable fee  in order to submit an application.

You will need to provide some important information along with your application, such as:

  • Official transcripts from high school or previous university
  • SAT or ACT scores

Military students are welcome to apply as well, there are a variety of ways to apply as a military student, whether you are active duty, a veteran, or even a military spouse.

Information about this and international students can be found on the website.


At Charter Oak State College, students pay per credit hour, and the amount is $319 for Connecticut students.

Full time students will pay $9,570 per year and $38,280 for a four year education.

Students who are not from Connecticut will pay $419 per credit hour, which means that a year of school will cost $12,570 and after graduation that total amounts to $50,280.

New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island residents will get the in-state tuition prices.

Some other fees that may occur include:

  • Technology fee – $75
  • Late fee – $70

Financial aid and scholarships are available for all students.

Contact Information

  • Address: 55 Paul Manafort Dr. New Britain, CT 06053
  • Phone: 860-515-3800
  • Website: www.charteroak.edu

3Quinnipiac University

Programs Offered:

You may be in search of a private school to gain your education, and you can do so by applying to Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut.

Nearly 6,000 students attend this quiet campus each year, and there are three locations to choose from.

Small class sizes will help you achieve the individualized attention needed to succeed in a variety of majors.

Those who are seeking a medical career can do so in the Healthcare Administration Bachelors degree offered here.

Within this program, you will gain skills to impact medical facilities and popular healthcare systems in courses such as:

  • Healthcare Analysis
  • Data Visualization
  • Healthcare Law and Ethics
  • Legal Aspects of Healthcare Delivery

This program will require four years of education, and once you graduate you will be able to complete any task in a healthcare facility office.

There are plenty of options for lifelong careers after earning a Bachelors degree in Healthcare Administration, which could include:

  • Ambulatory Care Director
  • Database Administrator
  • Outpatient Care Supervisor
  • Wellness Program Administrator


Military, transfer, first year freshman and even international students are welcome to apply to Quinnipiac University.

Freshman will want to fill out the first-year student application, and other students will need to find the appropriate application provided on the website.

Along with your application, you will want to provide the following paperwork:

  • High School transcripts
  • First marking period grades
  • SAT or ACT scores

Military applicants will need to provide some addition information:

  • Proof of military education where applicable
  • Transcripts from previous colleges where applicable
  • English proficiency exam for international students

Once you have filled out all of your information and submitted the documents, filling out a financial aid form is the next step.

Students will hear back between one and two weeks after submitting an application, so keep a look out in your email or mailbox.


First-year student living on campus will pay $69,360 which includes room and board.

Those who do not live on campus will pay $54,530 without the price of room and board added.

It take about four years to finish a Bachelors degree, which means the total cost of an on-campus living student will be about $277,440 after graduation.

Students who choose to live off campus will pay about $218,120 is total.

Contact Information

  • Address: 275 Mount Carmel Ave. Hamden, CT 06518
  • Phone: 203-582-8200
  • Website: www.qu.edu

4Albertus Magnus College

Programs Offered:

Another small school in New Haven, Connecticut goes by the name Albertus Magnus College.

This school is a Catholic centered university, where a diverse group of students can learn and grow at their own pace.

A small campus packs a big punch here, and students are welcome to join a multitude of programs, organizations, and clubs to fulfill their interests.

Students who want to take on the medical world will have access to the Healthcare Administration Bachelors degree, which is a four year commitment.

Students will learn through classroom time as well as experiential learning to understand how healthcare facilities run.

Within this program, there are a variety of courses to take that will provide knowledge in science and healthcare like:

  • Principles of Management
  • Business Ethics
  • Global Health
  • Healthcare Law

You will be required to take part in an internship at Albertus Magnus College, this way you will have access to hands-on knowledge to further your career after graduation.

Completing 120 credits will lead you toward a rewarding career in Healthcare Administration including:

  • Healthcare Consultant
  • Hospice Supervisor
  • Health Informatics Professional
  • Clinical Placement Coordinator


Head to the Albertus Magnus College website in order to fill out the application.

The first thing you will need to do is create an account, then you can submit your personal information.

An academic advisor will reach out to you within a week or two to let you know about the status of your application and any updates needed.

Once you have been accepted, you could take a campus tour, sign up for orientation and even enroll in classes if you have been accepted to the school.


Basic tuition at Albertus Magnus College is $42,570 per year.

Graduates will pay $170,280 after completing all of your classes, since it takes four years to finish a degree.

Room and board can vary at Albertus Magnus College, but typically is between $15,000 to $20,000 in additional costs per year.

Financial aid and scholarships are available to help you pay for school.

Contact Information

  • Address: 700 Prospect St. New Haven, CT 06511
  • Phone: 800-578-9160
  • Website: www.albertus.edu

5Sacred Heart University

Programs Offered:

Another Connecticut based school with a small campus but a big impact is Sacred Heart University in Fairfield.

This Catholic university was founded in 1963 and is considered one of the best colleges in the nation by U.S. News and World Report.

Considered one of the fastest growing private schools in the United States, students from all walks of life come here to better themselves.

When you are ready to begin your future, you can look into the Healthcare Administration Bachelors degree offers at Sacred Heart University.

This degree will require four years of your time and will lead you to become one of the best in the medical field to accommodate patients and understand healthcare.

Through the College of Health Professions, you will be provided comprehensive education in courses such as:

  • Health Management Information Systems
  • Healthcare Administration Practice
  • Human Grown and Development Across the Lifespan
  • Improving Healthcare Quality and Safety

Once you complete your Bachelors degree, you could move onto a Masters degree and complete that in a shorter amount of time at Sacred Heart University.

Whichever path you choose, you will be connected to great professors and interesting classmates with this program.

After you graduate, it is likely that you will procure a successful career in Healthcare Administration like:

  • Financial Manager
  • Database Administrator
  • Senior Care Staff
  • Patient Advocate


Go to the Secret Heart University website where you will find the application under the admissions tab.

It will cost $50 to submit your application, which is non-refundable.

All types of students are welcome at this university from military to transfer students, and even international learners.

Along with your application, please provide the following information:

  • High school transcript
  • Letter of recommendation
  • SAT or ACT scores

Transcripts from previous education may be necessary for transfer students to earn course credit.

Keep an eye out for deadlines as there are several every year.


Tuition per year at Sacred Heart University is $46,310.

Since it takes four years to complete a degree, that total comes out to be $185,240 upon graduation from Sacred Heart University.

Some other fees that may occur include:

  • Program fees – $500
  • Textbooks – $1,500
  • Health insurance – $2,599
  • Enrollment fee – $1,000

Students who choose to live on campus can also buy meal plans and pay for a room.

A room at Sacred Heart University costs between $5,865 and $6,365 per semester.

Meal plans range from $300 to $3,450 per semester.

Financial aid and scholarships are available for all students.

Contact Information

  • Address: 5151 Park Avenue Fairfield, CT 06825
  • Phone: 203-371-7999
  • Website: www.sacredheart.edu

6Southern New Hampshire University

Programs Offered:

The first out of state school on our list is a well-known online education system known as Southern New Hampshire University.

This means that while you won’t be earning your degree at a school with headquarters in Connecticut, you will be able to stay home and complete your degree.

This 100% virtual degree program will allow you to work or take care of your family while completing a degree.

Accredited with the Association of University Programs in Health Administration, you can rest assured that everything you learn here is exactly what you need to know to begin a wonderful career.

Students will have access to classes 24 hours a day, so you can get your work done at any time.

The classes that you will take will provide knowledge in areas such as:

  • Communication and Technologies
  • Healthcare Data Management
  • Healthcare IT Infrastructure
  • Network Management

You will be able to gain employment in Connecticut, New Hampshire, or anywhere else in the world once you graduate from Southern New Hampshire University.

This degree will lead you toward a successful path in Healthcare Administration in a role like:

  • Health Policy Analyst
  • Health Promotion Specialist
  • Medical Services Administrator
  • Community Health Manager


All you need to do to enroll at Southern New Hampshire University is find the admissions tab on the website.

You won’t even need to submit a payment for the application.

Fill out your personal information and include transcripts from high school and previous education in order to complete the application.

It is so simple that you can even choose the date in which you start your classes.

It should take about a week to hear back on whether you have been accepted at Southern New Hampshire University.


The average yearly tuition is $9,900 at Southern New Hampshire University.

This includes books and other fees, which will be $39,600 after four years of education.

Students in the military receive a discount and will pay $6,930 per year to attend.

It will cost military students $27,720 for four years of college.

Financial aid and scholarships are available for this school.

Contact Information

  • Address: 2500 North River Rd. Manchester, NH 03016
  • Phone: 800-915-7648
  • Website: www.snhu.edu

7Goldey-Beacom College

Programs Offered:

Head to Delaware, where you will find Goldey-Beacom College, a small, private co-ed university.

Founded in 1886, Goldey-Beacom College has been provided exceptional education in 48 different degree areas for over 100 years.

While this campus is only 24 acres, you will be immersed in intense education with diverse groups of people and professors.

Small classes and professors who have the highest degrees in their field will bring you success in any program you choose.

One of the great programs offered her is the Healthcare Administration Bachelors degree.

Providing education in four years, Goldey-Beacom College requires 120 credit hours to finish this program.

Along the way, you will take on general education courses as well as more specialized courses like:

  • Principles of Healthcare Management
  • Financial Management in Healthcare
  • Operations Management
  • Business Law

Students from Connecticut will need to move to Delaware in order to fulfill their requirements throughout this program.

Then, you can walk across the stage and earn your degree to find a wonderful career in Healthcare Administration such as:

  • Insurance Specialist
  • Financial Manager
  • Database Administrator
  • Clinical Nurse Manager


When you apply to Goldey-Beacom College, your application is weighed on a whole-person basis, not just what the advisor sees on the application.

Which means you will likely be contacted in order to set up an interview with an admissions advisor before enrolling.

If this sounds interesting to you, head to the website to fill out the easy and quick application.

Don’t forget to provide the following paperwork along with your application:

  • SAT or ACT scores
  • Transcripts from high school or previous education

Applying is free at Goldey-Beacom College, and they accept a wide variety of students from first year freshman, to transfer, and veteran students.


Goldey-Beacom College will cost $13,050 per year, you can rarely find a lower price at a great college.

This means that graduates will end up paying $52,200 in total after graduation.

Other fees that may apply include:

  • Room fee – $8,000
  • Meal plan – $3,600

Financial aid and scholarships are available through the school.

Contact Information

  • Address: 4701 Limestone Rd. Wilmington, DE 19808
  • Phone: 302-998-8814
  • Website: www.gbc.edu

8St. Joseph's College of Maine

Programs Offered:

It is time to head north and discover what Maine has to offer at St. Joseph’s College of Maine.

Located in Standish, Maine, students from around the world have access to quality education here.

With over 100 years of experience, St. Joseph’s College of Maine provides Catholic education to people from all walks of life.

There are over 40 majors to choose from here, and one of those is the Healthcare Administration Bachelors degree.

The wonderful thing about learning at St. Joseph’s College of Maine through the Healthcare Administration department is that you can do your education 100% online.

This means you won’t need to move from Connecticut in order to take part in the stellar education here.

Take your education into your own hands with this virtual degree, where you can learn in classes like:

  • Foundational Health Administration
  • Healthcare Systems
  • Human Resources
  • Ethics and Law

Students can complete this degree in as little as two years but many will take four years to finish their degree.

Once you have completed the required credits, you will be ready to find a lifelong career in Healthcare Administration, which may include titles such as:

  • Medical Records Specialist
  • Clinical Support Specialist
  • Hospital Director
  • Medical Claims Processor


When you are ready to further your education at St. Joseph’s College of Maine, head to the website for the school in order to fill out the application.

It should take about twenty minutes to complete the application process, and you should also include the following:

  • Transcripts from high school or previous education
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Financial aid paperwork

An academic advisor will contact you about an interview shortly after you submit your application.

Then, once you have enrolled, you will be ready for orientation and signing up for classes.


Every student who enrolls at St. Joseph’s College of Maine take out some form of financial aid.

Full time students pay $378 per credit hour, which totals about $11,340 per year.

A Bachelors degree at St. Joseph’s College of Maine takes about four years, so students typically pay between $34,020 and $56,700 upon graduation.

Military students will pay a discounted fee and should contact a counselor to talk more about it.

Contact Information

  • Address: 278 Whites Bridge Rd. Standish, ME 04084
  • Phone: 207-892-6766
  • Website: www.sjcme.edu

9Anna Maria College

Programs Offered:

In Paxton, Massachusetts, take a look at this lakeside university known as Anna Maria College.

With a 12 to 1 students to professor ratio, there are small classes to be had here, where you can gain the individualized education you prefer.

Though this school may be small you are just miles from Boston and other large cities to get the nightlife and tourist opportunities needed.

Choose from the online or in person degrees that are available at Anna Maria College, including the Healthcare Administration Bachelors degree.

Connecticut residents have the option to move to Massachusetts or stay home and learn online.

Either way, you will need to take four years to finish this degree, where you will learn about healthcare in courses such as:

  • Health Services Management
  • Business Ethics
  • Healthcare Law
  • Risk Management

This inclusive and comprehensive program will lead you toward a successful career in Healthcare Administration.

Both online and in person learning will give you enough knowledge to procure a career in Healthcare Administration like:

  • Medical Staff Director
  • Community Health Associate
  • Emergency Preparedness Administrator
  • Telehealth Program Manager


Anna Maria College has an easy online application process that will take about twenty to thirty minutes to complete.

Undergraduates can choose the appropriate application whether they are a first year freshman, transfer student, military student or even a returning learner.

In order to finish your application, you will need to create an account on the school’s website.

Then, you can fill out all of your personal information and include:

  • $25 non-refundable application fee
  • High school transcripts
  • Essay or personal statement

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and it may take a couple of weeks to hear back about the status of your enrollment.


At Anna Maria College, it costs $40,332 per year to earn your degree.

Since it will take four years to finish a Bachelors degree, the total amount a graduate pays is $161,328.

Room and board will be an additional $16,240 per year for those who choose to use these amenities.

This means that you will end up paying about $64,960 for room and board upon graduation.

Students can apply for financial aid and scholarships to help with the cost of college.

Contact Information

  • Address: 50 Sunset Ln. Paxton, MA 01612
  • Phone: 800-344-4586
  • Website: www.annamaria.edu

10Bryant and Stratton College

Programs Offered:

Bryant and Stratton College has locations all around the Eastern part of the United States.

With personalized education anywhere, you can choose both online or in-person options for the majority of degrees offered here.

Bryant and Stratton College has over 160 years of experiencing helping adults find their next step in focused career based education.

This private school provides accredited education in a variety of majors, including the Healthcare Administration Bachelors degree.

Whether you want an online education or choose to attend one of the campuses in New York, Ohio, Virginia, or Wisconsin is up to you.

No matter what you choose, this program will take four years to complete.

Along the way, you will be provided with education from knowledgeable professors in classes like:

  • Management Principles
  • Performance Management
  • Healthcare Finance
  • Long Term Care Management

Flexibility within courses will lead you toward a wonderful career in Healthcare Administration.

Take your future into your own hands once you graduate from Bryant and Stratton College and find your lifelong occupation:

  • Health Services Manager
  • Social and Community service Manager
  • Patient Services Representative
  • Medical Administrative Assistant


Head to the school’s website to finish this easy application, and don’t forget to submit your transcripts from high school or previous education if you are a transfer student.

You may want to consider taking a campus tour to ensure that this is the right school for you.

It may take a week or two, but an academic advisor will contact you about the next steps in the application process.

Military active duty and veterans are both welcome to enroll at Bryant and Stratton College.


Full time students who are earning a Bachelors degree will pay is $630 per hour.

This comes out to $18,900 per year.

Since it takes 120 credit hours to complete a Bachelors degree, graduates of Bryant and Stratton College will pay about $75,600 once they have finished their degree.

Other fees that may apply include:

  • Transportation – $340 per semester
  • Technology – $65 per semester
  • Room and Board – $4,600 per semester
  • Books and course material – $800 per semester

Financial aid and scholarships are available for all students.

Contact Information

Final Thoughts

Any one of these ten schools will lead you toward your rewarding career in Healthcare Administration.

Choose between online degrees or in-person learning in a variety of Connecticut based schools as well as colleges from around the country.

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